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10 Golden Rules for Creative Street Photography

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

Sitting in a corner of a famous place and watching people can keep you entertained for hours. You can see different behaviors, cultural stereotypes and encounters that are really amazing. This is exactly why Street Photography was created; To be able to record and capture these incredible and completely real feelings. Therefore, Street Photography tries to capture people's feelings, and this is not an easy task at all. In this article, we will introduce you to some Golden tricks and Rules for taking great Street photos.

1- Get closer to your subjects

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

Taking pictures of people from a distance is not a good thing and is even a little scary. Imagine you are walking down the Street and someone is photographing you from a distance. How will you feel? Therefore, it is better to approach your subjects directly so that you can record the range of their emotions. Being closer to the subjects makes the viewer have a more comprehensive view of the details of the photo. The more details are known, the more connection will be made with the photo. These details may include the reflection of the sun on the glass of the contact's glasses, the way the eyes glow, the strange expressions on their faces, or anything else. In fact, it is the details that make Street Photography special and beautiful. Finally, be sure to ask people for permission before taking a photo.

2- Streets are busier at night

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

The atmosphere of cities during the night is completely different from the day. The artificial light of the lights and boards gives you an amazing opportunity to take special and inspiring photos. Try to go and take pictures in the busiest and liveliest parts of the city. Car headlights are always a great subject, and if you can combine and use them with other subjects, you will definitely get interesting results. On the other hand, photographing different people who are living their nightlife can also be an interesting task. In other words, anything that shows the difference between life during the day and night can be a good subject for you.

3. Never leave home without a camera

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

When it comes to Street photography, no time better And there is no "golden hour". This makes this style of Photography completely special, unique and completely different from other Photography styles. When we think of Street photography, we have to keep in mind that there may always be something interesting happening and there is always a great moment to capture. Therefore, never leave the camera at home, as you may miss that great moment and great photo you have always expected.

4. Focus on Architecture

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

One of the special and exciting reasons for traveling is that every city is very unique. Each city usually has its own architecture and this can be a good subject for Street photography. Therefore, always try to portray the essence and inner identity of that city. This is true of many ancient European or Asian cities. Street Photography in these cities can be very interesting and full of subjects and situations. If you do your job well, the audience will feel completely in that environment. Photographing people is always fun and enjoyable, but don't forget the buildings. These are the buildings that give new life and spirit to the city.

To create an attractive and special photo, you do not always have to capture a personal portrait or a special framing with strange views. Choosing the right focal length and capturing a bokeh image (with a blurred background) can always create a very attractive combination. Patterns and colors in urban areas can be combined to create colorful and beautiful effects.

5. People do not necessarily have to be present in Street Photography

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

Although Street Photography is more about people and people, it is not necessary that one or more people are always present in your photo. Street Photography is about life, and sometimes you really don't need people in the middle of your photo frame.

The goal of this style of Photography is to capture special and engaging moments. There is no set rule for how to shoot Street Photography without the presence of different people, but the goal is to capture a certain meaning and specificity through the photo.

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It does not matter where you live. But if you live in a relatively secluded area, it's a good idea to think about this idea a little more. It is really a misconception that many photographers always try to include people in their Street photos. Sometimes the scene of your progress is so fascinating that including a stranger in it may hurt your work even worse. Some people think that these are the people who make a photo a "street photo". But this is not the case. The people in the photo really need to add something to your frame and photo. Merely meaningless presence has no advantage.

6. You do not always have to photograph people's faces

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

Another misconception about Street Photography is that it is necessary to photograph people's faces and never to photograph their post. Although people's faces are one of the most powerful tools for expressing emotions, they do not always have to be the opposite of people's faces. This is especially true when your subject does not have attractive faces (not aesthetically pleasing, but in terms of conveying a sense to the photo).

Of course, you should keep in mind that losing a photo of a An attractive face due to wrong technique or fear does not include these items. If you feel that his face is attractive for photography, you should record it. But this should not cause you to ignore certain body postures, handles, clothes or other existing elements and limit yourself to photographing the face. These are sometimes the most fascinating parts of Street photography. In these special situations, it may be best to shoot completely close to the subject from a shorter distance so that the details are captured with better accuracy and quality.

7. Street Photography has nothing to do with luck

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

Some people think that Street Photography is a chance and it is not possible to capture the right moment and subject without luck. The fact is that as a photographer, you have to take your chances. Hundreds of thousands of "lucky" situations happen to everyone during the day and we may not pay attention to them. The difference between a successful Street photographer and one is that they capture and capture these moments well.

Photography requires that you look for these special moments and wait for them. The more experience you have, the more situations you will feel around you. But the reality is that there are no more situations, but you can better identify them.

8. Do not always shoot in Manual mode!

For Street Photography there is no need to always Shoot in Manual mode. We recommend that you do not limit yourself to this rule, as you make Photography unreasonably difficult for yourself. Proper camera tuning can be a major concern and take a lot of time. Imagine you are dealing with a good subject, but first you have to adjust the ISO with ambient light and aperture! Part of your focus will always be on these topics and will make you miss the potential subjects around you.

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We recommend that you set the camera to aperture-priority mode. A value of F/8 can be interesting. For ISO, 400 is often enough. Leave the setting of the shutter speed to the camera itself. However, while many people recommend using the F/8 aperture for Street photography, do not limit yourself to anything. Choose any setting you feel is best in this scene.

9. Be in the picture

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

It is not true that a photographer should be invisible in Street photography. It is not possible to photograph a person from a relatively close distance without the person noticing your presence. If you are shooting in very crowded cities, this may be possible, but in smaller and more secluded cities, you will definitely notice. What's wrong with looking at you or the camera? This theme can often add a special charm to a photo. In any case, do not limit yourself to this issue and have no fear of breaking this rule.

10. Do not limit yourself to prime lens

BingMag.com 10 <b>Golden</b> <b>Rules</b> for <b>Creative</b> <b>Street</b> Photography

There is an unwritten rule in the world of Street Photography that says you have to use prime lenses to do this. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length. After using it for a while, you may find that this focal length is not to your liking. You have no choice but to change the camera. This trial and error route can take several months and cause you a lot of financial loss. So why limit yourself to using a prime lens in the first place? We recommend that you start with zoom lenses. After gaining some experience, you will easily find your own style and interest in Street photography. Sometimes you have to feel and experience some things for yourself to find out what is best for you.

Sources: Skillshare, PetaPixel

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