Science and technology > Other Was the universe made by a mathematician?

A look at our world shows that many phenomena can only be described by mathematics, to the extent that some claim that the universe was created by a mathematician, but whether Can the world really be How does the brain store and remember information?

As most people get older, working memory capabilities decrease; In such a case, it will certainly become more difficult to do everyday tasks. In this regard, one of the key areas in the brain that is Ilan Musk says fake accounts must be specified to take over Twitter

Ilan Musk has reiterated his claim that fake accounts and bots make up more than 20% of Twitter users. He went on to say that the process of taking over Twitter will not progress until the task is cla See the amazing details of capturing the image of the supermassive hole in this video

Man's view of supermassive black holes, the mysterious giant objects at the center of most galaxies, is now becoming more accessible as technology advances. They released the central black hole of the From the duel of the elders to the black hole of the Milky Way; The best of science and technology

If you do not have the opportunity to follow the important news and events in the world of science and technology, you can find a selection of the most important news and the best articles and videos 19 free web-based tools for editing your photos and videos

The Picsart suite has created a website that hosts 19 image and video editing tools. You can use these tools for free in the form of drag-drop. There are many things you can do with these tools, such With this sound, feel yourself inside the central black hole of the Milky Way

This NASA video, based on the first image of the Milky Way's central black hole, captures several senses, and listening to its sound gives you another way to understand these massive objects. The strange gate on Mars is not made by extraterrestrial beings!

The NASA Curiosity rover image taken from the surface of the red planet on May 7 is not actually a hatch made by extraterrestrials. What is the secret of a strong bird's nest?

A bird does not go to any old, dry branches to build its nest, but always looks for materials with which it can build a strong and stable nest! "It's pretty confusing to me," says Hunter King, a physi The Chinese fire god is preparing to fight the winter of Mars

As the winter of Mars approaches, the Chinese astronaut Zhurang is also preparing for this cold season. Why is the USB-C market turmoil still in 2022?

The USB-C standard offers many benefits such as data transfer, video, audio and charging, but widespread turmoil in the USB-C market has resulted in exactly the same cables. In appearance, they have v Trump: Ilan will not buy the Twitter mask for such a 'ridiculous' amount

Donald Trump, in his recent speech on the purchase of Twitter by Ilan Musk, said that Tesla's CEO would not buy Twitter for such a ridiculous amount. How does Starlink satellite internet work?

Over the past few years, Starlink satellite internet has made a lot of noise, which can be used to access high-speed internet in different countries and regions. But is this internet activated in diff The Galaxy M22 has been updated to Android 12 and the One UI 4.1 user interface

Samsung has recently updated the Galaxy M22 to this One UI 4.1 operating system and user interface as part of the process of updating its phones to Android 12. p> 6 Mistakes to Keep in Mind When Applying for Telecommuting

Due to the increasing trend towards telecommuting and the growing demand for telecommuting, we have been researching this area at BingMag for some time. In the continuation of this process, in this ar Scientists grow plants on lunar soil for the first time

As a need to travel to other worlds, scientists have succeeded in growing plants for the first time in the moon's soil. From $ 45 million to $ 610 million; Ten major hacking attacks on cryptocurrencies in 2021

In 2021, we saw the loss of nearly $ 2 billion in digital currency space due to cyber attacks. It is interesting to know that the announced numbers are only reported for attacks, and in the meantime, The Galaxy M13 5G is one step closer to unveiling with FCC certification

According to the latest information released, the Samsung Galaxy M13 5G has appeared on the FCC certification website and it looks like we may see the introduction of this giant new smartphone soon. L Microsoft no longer supports these windows

Microsoft launches various products and services every year and stops supporting a series of them every year. In this article, we are dealing with the second case and we want to provide you with diffe There may be huge invisible walls in space

Scientists It is thought that a "fifth force" may exist in space. This force, which they believe is created by hypothetical particles called "symmetrons" or "symmetries", is the cause of invisible wal Travel to the Abyss Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way with this video

Scientists have for the first time been able to photograph the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, using the international collaboration of the Event Horoscope Telescope, and this video The human eye was first illuminated by the massive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way

After years of computational detection, it was finally announced minutes ago that the Event Horizon Telescope was able to see directly the incredible massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. A huge black hole in the heart of the Milky Way

A massive black hole called the Arc *, located at the heart of our Milky Way galaxy, is now more in the spotlight than ever. Sagittarius A, often abbreviated to Sgr A, is a very massive black hole at Ilan Mask's fortune has shrunk by $ 30 billion this week

He pointed to Chinese officials, but also said that due to quarantine in China, the delivery of some orders for Tesla cars may face restrictions in the short term. It should be noted that Tesla invest