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If you ask most camera owners why they use the filter on their camera lens? Most of them will tell you that this filter is for lens protection. Although filters protect the front glass surface of the What is Astronomical Landscape Photography? 8 tips for beginners

Astronomical Landscape Photography is a subset of night photography. This type of photography may be difficult for those who are new to photography, as they typically encounter a variety of obstacles 6 simple tricks to take better selfies

Social networks have played an important role in increasing the popularity of selfies, and now all kinds of smartphones use powerful selfie cameras. Due to the increase in features, there is no longer 9 Tips for Capturing Amazing Shadows in Street Photography

Capturing shadows in photos is one of the great ways to take attractive photos when taking street photos. The presence of shadows in the captured photos creates visual attractions and creates an extra How to take attractive photos of moving subjects?

Professional photography of moving subjects such as a running dog or children exercising is not an easy task. Many people encounter blurry and not-so-attractive photos when photographing these types o How to take an appetizing photo of food with a mobile phone? (The Pleasure of Photography - Part 8)

You can see one of the most important uses of smartphone cameras today when serving food. Food photography has been a popular feature on most social networks for several years, and most people who own How to create more beautiful images by editing photos on your mobile phone? (The Pleasure of Photography - Part 7)

Hesam Khamenehzadeh has selected two different photos from the pleasure of photography in the seventh part of the collection and edited them with a mobile phone so that you can get acquainted with the When should we shoot with the phone's camera flash? (The Pleasure of Photography - Part 6)

Light is the main component of the image in photography. It is by light that each scene finds dimension and color and the image is formed. Flashes have long been considered one of the main means of pr How to always take photos with natural colors? (The Pleasure of Photography - Part 5)

One of the most important characteristics of light in photography that should be paid special attention to is the White Balance or white balance of light that Hesam Khamenehzadeh has dealt with in the What is the use of multiple cameras in a mobile phone? (The Pleasure of Photography - Part 4)

Nowadays, having multiple cameras in a mobile phone is one of the attractive features. Photography enthusiasts will be able to capture unique and more beautiful photos of the scene in which they are u What are the main rules of composition in photography? (The Pleasure of Photography - Part 3)

Composition is known as a general concept in various arts such as music, literature, visual arts, cinema, etc., and it means how different elements are related to each other. The key impact of this on How to take more attractive photos by recognizing light? ‌ (Photography Pleasure - Part 2)

Knowing the light is one of the most important success factors in photography. Light plays a role not only as a factor for the brightness or opacity of the image, but also as the key parameter in dete How important is the phone model in mobile photography? (Photography Pleasure - Part 1)

Which smartphone is more suitable for mobile photography? Flagship or middle class? Phone with iOS or Android operating system? What does the number of phone cameras matter? Can you create attractive The best iPhone photo and photo editing apps

If you have just bought an iPhone, we have to say that due to the powerful camera used in the iPhone and having the phone in your pocket at all times You can do amazing things with this camera and tak 7 tips for taking eye-catching photos on rainy days

On a rainy day, perhaps the last thing you want to do is get out of the house and take a picture. But I must say that rain is a divine gift that creates attractive and creative photography opportuniti 7 tips for taking eye-catching photos on rainy days

On a rainy day, perhaps the last thing you want to do is get out of the house and take a picture. But I must say that rain is a divine gift that creates attractive and creative photography opportuniti 12 tips for taking more beautiful photos in the fall

We are now in the fall, a season for which many poets have written poetry, and some have even called him the king of the seasons. In the fall, everything takes on a different mood. The leaves of the t Why do selfies usually come out of the water strangely?

Taking selfies is very stressful. For a moment you think to yourself that you have a more or less human appearance and as soon as you take a picture you realize that everything is wrong. As you stand 9 tricks to take more eye-catching photos

Anyone can press the shutter button, but capturing stunning images requires real talent. Once you are familiar with the basic rules of exposure and the general idea of composition, it is time to take What is the difference between digital and optical zoom?

Zoom, like many other camera features, is a bit more sophisticated than what corporate advertising says. Some tech-savvy users will only encounter terms such as 10, 50, or even 100x zoom without knowi