Science and technology > Land and the environment The first surviving crab fossils from the dinosaur era have been discovered

Scientists have succeeded in finding a completely healthy fossil of a dinosaur crab that is more than 100 million years old. Once caught in the Cretaceous, a small crab came out of the water and lande The reason for the increase in earthquakes may be the change of quantum phase in the depths of the earth

Researchers have been able to extensively identify quantum phase transitions in Earth's mantle constituents, which could increase phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Climate change has diminished the planet Earth

New research by scientists shows that climate change has reduced the reflectivity of the planet Earth. A fossil of a Jurassic flying dragon has been discovered in Chile

According to a recent report in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, paleontologist Osvaldo Rojas, director of the Atacama Desert Museum of Natural History and Culture, discovered the fossils an New fossils of giant rhinos discovered in China; The largest terrestrial mammal in history

These giant species are in fact the latest relics of the giant animal discovered at the beginning of the last century. The fossils of this creature are much larger than today's rhinos and show that "g An ancient creature thought to be a small dinosaur is actually a lizard

The little creature that was caught in amber 99 million years ago and was previously thought to be the smallest dinosaur ever found is actually a very strange lizard. Over the past year, scientists ha A new species discovered in Australia could be the largest dinosaur on Earth

Scientists have discovered a new species of giant dinosaur that is the largest dinosaur species found in Australia and some of its fossils that are similar to specimens found in places Another, it cou Billions of Turks roamed the earth; A new report from paleontologists

Research A new study based on T.rex dinosaur studies over the past two decades provides a relatively accurate estimate of the population density of this important dinosaur species. Scientists turned spider webs into music and achieved amazing results

By translating the vibration of spider webs into interactive music, scientists were able to simulate their perception of the environment and take a step towards communicating with these close creature The Earth Hour World Event will be held tonight with the symbolic turning off of the lights

During the global event "Earth Hour 2021" tonight, people and landmarks around the world are supposed to symbolically turn off the lights. Changing the Earth's magnetic field can cause a widespread environmental crisis

Scientists say in a new study that changes in the Earth's magnetic field thousands of years ago may have caused a widespread environmental crisis, and its repetition could have more serious effects Ilan Mask's $ 100 Million Award for Outstanding Carbon Separation Technology

Ilan Musk plans to award $ 100 million for the best technology that can collect and separate carbon from polluting sources. Due to the widespread human use of fossil fuels and environmental pollution, The earth is spinning faster and faster

Studies show that the Earth is spinning faster than ever, and although planetary scientists are not worried, computer scientists say it could Create problems in the world of technology. The earth is spinning faster and faster

Scientists around the world point out that the Earth is just spinning faster around its axis; The fastest rotation ever recorded to move the Earth. Several scientists have reported on this unusual phe Scientists have discovered the remains of a missing geological plate

Scientists have studied the tectonics of the Earth's crustal plates and the boundary between them to find signs of a missing continental plate in the Earth's mantle. The plate tectonics, which is the Iran gets shorter by about 2 cm every year

According to geodesy experts, the convergence of the two Eurasian and Arabic tectonic plates that surround the country has caused Iran to be about 2 cm per year To be shortened and witness various ear Global warming has reduced northern ice to its lowest level in recent years

Scientists say that with rising temperatures in the North Sea and the melting of the Arctic Ocean's ice melting, its level is the second lowest in 40 years. The past has arrived. The issue is turning The efficiency of thin solar cells increases with the second layer

A group of researchers have proposed a way to increase the efficiency of thin solar cells that could lead to a significant improvement in these clean energy sources. Where on earth was your city in ancient times?

A new interactive map lets you see where your favorite city was millions of years ago on Earth. NASA research shows significant growth in glacier melting

These findings, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, help researchers identify potential risks of melting glaciers. For the communities below them, evaluate and better estimate the rate at The Earth's core is only 1 billion years old

This process helps to strengthen the outer liquid core rotation, which in turn creates the earth's magnetic field. And helps protect the planet from harmful cosmic rays. In other words, the inner core Scientists have proposed a new theory for the origin of water formation on Earth

In this study conducted by the French Center for Petrographic and Geochemical Research (Center de Recherches Petrographics et Geochimiques), a meteorite model called "Enstatite Chondrite" called chond Amazing view of space equipment from Hurricane Laura

While Hurricane Laura is rapidly affecting parts of the Americas, meteorological, geological, and other space-based satellites The phenomenon is being closely monitored. The unique bone structure of the dinosaurs bore their heavy weight

Some dinosaurs were so large that the ground shook under their feet as they walked. But how did they handle this heavy weight?