Science and technology > Land and the environment The International Space Station captured the Earth's clouds from a different perspective

NASA has released a spectacular image showing a different view of Earth's clouds, recorded from the International Space Station. In a promising experiment for humans, scientists have succeeded in reconstructing a frog's body

In an innovative way in the field of reconstructive medicine, researchers have succeeded in completely reconstructing the body of a frog with the possibility of restoring the sense of touch; A way to See the powerful eruption of an underwater volcano from the perspective of an Earth observation satellite

Volcano eruption On the island of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai as a spectacular explosion in views of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite or the Gaussian National Authority. The US Air How do you see the strangest eyes in the animal kingdom of the world?

When you look at the world from a particular perspective for a lifetime, you soon forget that there are many other different types of vision. . In fact, different creatures have evolved to have the be The depths of the earth are cooling faster than previously thought

Scientists have found that, like Mars and Mercury, Earth is cooling and inactivating much faster than previously thought. A massive 180-million-year-old sea dragon fossil has been discovered in Britain

Scientists have discovered the remains of a giant sea creature that lived in Britain 180 million years ago and is the largest and most complete fossil of this species found in Britain. The remains of The creation of modern man occurred 30,000 years earlier than previously thought

In a new study of the first human remains in East Africa, scientists have found that the emergence of the wise human species today is 30,000 years earlier than previously thought. It dates back to 230 The huge fossil of the British dragon attracted the attention of scientists

Scientists have discovered the remains of a giant sea creature that lived in Britain 180 million years ago and is the largest and most complete fossil of this species found in Britain. The remains of 10 Amazing Dinosaurs Discovered in 2021

On average, paleontologists have discovered more than 45 new dinosaur species each year since 2003. The speed of discovery is remarkable, and during this golden age of paleontology, scientists are cha Huge collection of rare and rare fossils found in Australia's dead heart

Scientists in the area known as the Dead Heart of Australia have found preserved fossils of thousands of plants, spiders and insects dating back to the Miocene. Arrives and tells of the continent's co Mysterious deep-sea structures may be reminiscent of our planet

According to new research, chemical remnants from the early days of our planet in the mantle may still exist near Earth's core. A discovery that would improve our understanding of the tectonic phenome 10 strange natural behaviors discovered in 2021 that you can not even imagine

Formation of simulated armies of bees, whales that teach each other battle methods, and an animal that survives by entering the quantum world are some of the strange behaviors. Nature is in the last y The Earth's black box will record our planet's death data

Our planet has undergone extensive climate change, and for this reason a group of researchers intend to build a black box of the earth to possibly destroy it. Keep intact. A healthy baby dinosaur fossil revealed the link between dinosaurs and birds

A healthy, unprecedented fossil of a baby dinosaur fully encased in its eggs reveals further signs of a link between dinosaurs and birds. The 70-million-year-old fossil preserves the embryonic skeleto For the first time, a multicellular organism entered quantum entanglement

Scientists have for the first time been able to insert a multicellular organism into quantum entanglement, and as the world's deadliest creature, Tardigrid came out of the experiment alive. The first millipede that really has 1000 feet was discovered!

Scientists have discovered for the first time a millipede that actually has 1000 feet! This species has been discovered in Australia and deep underground. The strange dinosaur tail discovered in Chile has confused scientists

Chilean paleontologists present their findings about a dinosaur discovered three years ago in Patagonia, Chile, which suggests a very unusual and surprising tail of researchers Why are celebrities named after living things?

In recent days, the naming of a fish named Ali Daei, a footballer named after the country, has made headlines. But this is not the first time that prominent Iranian personalities have been named after The first surviving crab fossils from the dinosaur era have been discovered

Scientists have succeeded in finding a completely healthy fossil of a dinosaur crab that is more than 100 million years old. Once caught in the Cretaceous, a small crab came out of the water and lande The reason for the increase in earthquakes may be the change of quantum phase in the depths of the earth

Researchers have been able to extensively identify quantum phase transitions in Earth's mantle constituents, which could increase phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Climate change has diminished the planet Earth

New research by scientists shows that climate change has reduced the reflectivity of the planet Earth. A fossil of a Jurassic flying dragon has been discovered in Chile

According to a recent report in the journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, paleontologist Osvaldo Rojas, director of the Atacama Desert Museum of Natural History and Culture, discovered the fossils an New fossils of giant rhinos discovered in China; The largest terrestrial mammal in history

These giant species are in fact the latest relics of the giant animal discovered at the beginning of the last century. The fossils of this creature are much larger than today's rhinos and show that "g An ancient creature thought to be a small dinosaur is actually a lizard

The little creature that was caught in amber 99 million years ago and was previously thought to be the smallest dinosaur ever found is actually a very strange lizard. Over the past year, scientists ha