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Finally, after introducing and reviewing the basic cryptocurrencies, we came to Dojquin; A meme that has a lot of margins and has attracted a lot of attention. DodgeQueen is a digital currency based o What is data mining and what are its uses?

In our world today, data is used more than you think. Proper data analysis can improve organizations' strategic decision-making and understanding of the market and their environment. Evaluating big da The big NFT issue; Why is the image of a monkey worth millions of dollars?

These days, it is unlikely that you will be in the news for tech news, and you will not see the word NFT at least once or twice; "Irreversible tokens" are a new trend in the tech world, with billions The atomic clock test confirmed Einstein's theory of general relativity on the smallest scale

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, with the help of a high-precision atomic clock, confirmed Einstein's general relativity and opened a new path for the evolution of fundamental physic How will Web 3.0 change Internet privacy?

Web 3.0 is the next generation of the Internet, so we can say that we have taken the first steps to enter it, and some of its features can be found in various technologies such as the world. Currency Everything you need to know about Cardano and ADA tokens

Cardano is a Proof of Stake blockchain project that has not yet reached its full potential. Cardano is a "third-generation" blockchain that seeks to solve problems inherent in scalability in second-ge The first legal marriage ceremony was held in Metavars

Metavars has not yet reached the maturity expected, but to this day we have heard a lot of news about what is happening there. For example, there were some rumors that Samsung wants to build an online Everything you need to know about Ramzarz Sheiba

The world of cryptocurrencies is very complex and many of these coins and tokens (we will discuss the difference between tokens and coins in a full article soon) have media and social They are strong Tim Cook's revenue in 2021 exceeded $ 98.7 million

According to a recently released US Securities and Exchange Commission statement, after ten years of managing the world's most valuable and profitable company, Exactly how much you can earn. For Tim C A look at the important events in the world of cryptocurrencies in 2021

At the end of 2021, we decided to take a brief look at the important developments that took place this year for the cryptocurrency industry. Last year may be considered a turning point in the short hi $ 12 billion in currency codes have been stolen in the past decade

Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency market have gone through ups and downs. Both technologies have become cutting-edge technologies that have revolu What is Web 3.0 and why is it important?

Web 3.0 technology is a new generation of Internet that will have significant changes compared to Web 2.0. Given that this technology has not yet reached the implementation phase and what we know abou Why has Zuckerberg already failed in the Metavars project?

Metavers was one of the hottest events of 2021; The idea that Mark Zuckerberg put forward at an event that coincided with the renaming of Facebook to Meta, to emphasize its importance. Many see Metawa Identify 7 key factors that affect the value of cryptocurrencies

What affects the value of a currency code? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the amount of demand for that currency code, and the belief that the higher the demand for that currency, the h One of the main options of quantum error-free computing is confusing behavior.

Uranium dithloride crystals are believed to host a rare form of "spin-triplet" superconductivity, but the results of this confusing experiment were published this week in Nature. (Nature) has been pub 5 important mechanisms in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies that you should know

Explaining blockchain technology, which is the basis of all cryptocurrencies, can sometimes be confusing and even difficult. Different currencies use different terms to describe the operation of this Blockchain versus traditional databases; Everything you need to know

To understand the difference between a blockchain and a traditional database, it is best to first know how each one is designed and maintained./p> Traditional Databases How was the color of 2022 created from the heart of the integration of human life with technology?

The color of 2022 is more than ever tied to innovation and the presence of technology in people's lives, and the Pantone Institute has for the first time produced a completely new color of the year. T Facebook was voted the worst company in 2021 in a poll

In a poll conducted by Yahoo Finance, Facebook (currently meta) was named the worst company in 2021. This site selects the best company of the year by conducting a poll every year, but this year, for What is WiFi 7 and how is it different from previous generations?

Most users do not pay attention to the equipment related to the Internet and wireless communications, and as a result, updating them is not a priority for them. For example, although Wi-Fi 6 routers w Google has threatened to fire unvaccinated employees

According to a press release issued by Google to its employees, if these people are not vaccinated, they will first be on unpaid leave and eventually from the company. They will be fired. According to Revealed documents reveal Huawei's role in spying on Chinese citizens

According to documents obtained by the Washington Post, Huawei is building technology infrastructure for concentration camps, retraining and surveillance systems in China's Xinjiang region. Has contri 5 Possible Ways to Scam in Blockchain Networks

Thus, while blockchain can determine the ownership history of an asset. And make it much easier to detect fraud, it can not completely prevent it. 8 software wallets suitable for storing currency passwords

If you are also active in the currency exchange market or intend to enter it, you may have a secure digital wallet for Think about saving your assets. Because cryptocurrencies are digital currencies t