Science and technology > Information technology Learn about the top 10 free training courses at Udemy

Udemy is one of the most well-known e-learning platforms in the world, offering more than 155,000 training courses. Courses in Yodemi are divided into two categories, free and paid. In this article, w Is satellite internet a threat to health and privacy?

In 2020, the Starlink project officially began its pilot program, and US home users were the first to have the opportunity to experience the company's satellite Internet. Given the number of registrat Starlink satellite internet will soon be available to all US users

The development of Starlink satellite internet has now entered a new phase, and after passing the pilot phase, its official service will soon begin throughout the United States. Apple under Tim Cook; What changes has Apple made over the past 10 years?

Tim Cook became CEO of Apple for 10 years. August 24, 2011 (September 2, 2011) Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple, and Tim Cook replaces him. Just six weeks later, Steve Jobs died. Needless to say, Co Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO 10 years ago on this day

Apple legend in 2009 He underwent liver transplant surgery, retired from Apple in January 2011, and everyone knew that Tim Cook, who had been an insider during his years at the company, was going to t 6G technology came one step closer to reality with LG's terahertz data transfer test

LG recently managed to successfully pass the 6G terahertz data transfer test from a distance of 100 meters. According to forecasts, this technology will not be publicly available until at least 2028. Top 5 sites to test internet speed

If you're curious about how fast your internet is, the only thing you need to know about your internet speed are sites that By referring to them, you can measure your internet speed. Who owns the internet?

Over the past two and a half decades, the Internet has evolved dramatically to become nothing more than a start-up. Trying to understand what the Internet is and how it works can be confusing. But who Three-dimensional video calling will be possible with Google's Starline project

One of the most exciting programs announced at the I/O 2021 conference is the Starline project, which Google is working on. The technology of video calling is three-dimensional and quasi-holographic. Google wants to build a useful quantum computer by 2029

Google has announced that by 209 it wants to build an efficient and useful quantum computer. The tech giant hopes the technology will be effective in solving a wide range of major problems, such as hu Facebook has confirmed the continued suspension of Donald Trump's account

Facebook's board approved the suspension of Donald Trump's account hours ago. However, the panel asked Facebook to make a final decision on the status of Donald Trump's account within the next six mon Donald Trump started a social network, which is just a blog

Former US President Donald Trump has finally unveiled his long-awaited social network, which is actually a simple WordPress blog. Mr. Trump was banned from Twitter after the congressional uprising, an Verizon sold Yahoo and AOL at a loss of about 50%

A few hours ago, it was announced that Verizon would transfer ownership of Yahoo and AOL to Apollo Global Management for $ 5 billion. Of course, after this sale, Verizon will still own about 10% of th Huawei enters the software market by following the example of Google

Huawei is facing a number of problems due to US sanctions, and according to a new report, the company is no longer among the top 5 mobile manufacturers in the world. . In addition to mobile market iss Google I / O 2021 is a virtual, free conference

After canceling Google's I/O conference last year, the company has now announced that it will hold the 2021 conference virtually free of charge. The Google I/O Conference, typically held in May, is th This year, too, there is no news of Google's April Fool's Day lie

Google is one of the companies that tells fascinating lies every year on the first of April. One of the most interesting of these lies was the paper version of Gmail, which allowed users to send their The weirdest conspiracy theories about 5G internet

More and more users living in developed countries of the world are accessing 5G internet. But like many important advances, the technology has developed a set of conspiracy theories that, for example, Donald Trump pardons former Google engineer

On his last day as President of the United States, Donald Trump pardoned many people, including the former Google engineer. Anthony Lewandowski was one of Google's automotive engineers, now known as W Scientists have taken another step towards building a quantum Internet network

Scientists are approaching the possibility of creating an incredibly fast and secure quantum Internet network, and have now been able to obtain quantum information with high reliability over distances What is Encryption? Everything you need to know about it

Encryption is a term that many users have encountered many times, but what exactly does it mean? As the name implies, in this process, various information is taken out of the original form and encrypt By the end of 2020, about 1 billion people will have access to 5G internet

Swedish company Ericsson, one of the most important manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, has published a report stating that the preparation speed of 5G networks is higher than expected and By the end of 2020, about 1 billion people will have access to 5G internet

Swedish company Ericsson, one of the most important manufacturers of telecommunications equipment, has published a report stating that the preparation speed of 5G networks is higher than expected and Apple tried to cover up the unauthorized use of firearms by paying bribes

Definitely a company the size and value of Apple needs a well-equipped and advanced security system; But not at the cost of circumventing the law! In the latest news scandal for the company, which has What is the difference between megabytes and megabytes?

Although megabytes and megabytes are the same words, they are actually different units of measurement. Here are the uses of these two units and explain the differences between them.