Science and technology > Car and transportation How long do electric car batteries last?

Electric cars use a large number of lithium-ion batteries that are similar to the batteries used in smartphones. But do the batteries of electric cars wear out very quickly, like the batteries in cell Testing of Scotland's first self-driving bus has begun

The UK launched the first fully autonomous bus test in Scotland as a first step in public transport. Hyundai Ionic became the 5th car of the year in the world

At the New York Auto Show, the 2022 Hyundai Ionic 5 won the World Car of the Year. This electric crossover has also won two other awards. Tesla cyber truck will be released in 2023

Ilan Musk announced this week at the opening ceremony of the Gigataxas plant that Tesla will finally start selling cyber trucks in 2023. A car that violates the laws of physics (with Persian subtitles)

According to the laws of physics, this is not possible. If you consider a boat floating on the sea, this boat moves only when the wind blows on its sails, and in this case, its speed will not be faste Ilan Mask officially inaugurated Tesla Gigafactory in Germany

CNBC had previously reported that Tesla had received a temporary permit to start commercial production at the plant in early March, It can produce 500,000 cars a year. The company initially hoped to s Mercedes-Benz showed off the attractive interior design of the 2023 EQS chassis

Mercedes-Benz shared its first look at the interior of the 2023 EQS chassis before its official introduction on April 19.> Volkswagen's beloved van returns to the streets with an electric heart

The popular microbus car is back! It has been about 75 years since the first Volkswagen Type 2 was introduced. A car that entered American history in the 1960s as a symbol of popular culture, and now Sony and Honda are working together to build an electric car

Sony and Honda are integrating their technologies and planning to create a new company to design and sell electric vehicles. The electric jeep was shown for the first time

The Jeep is very slowly moving towards electric, but now, much earlier than the promise of introducing the first electric car in 2023, it is showing images of an electric crossover While the Jeep will Nissan Joke 2022 Hybrid was introduced with a significant reduction in fuel consumption

Nissan has unveiled a fully hybrid version of the Joke for 2022 and claims that this car, thanks to advanced technology in urban conditions up to 80% of the time in state It is all-electric and reduce By ordering a test chip, Apple's car came closer to reality

According to reports about a test order of a proprietary chip from Apple, the production of the company's car is one step closer to reality. Jaguar and Land Rover receive Nvidia's nervous system

Tesla not only changed the way we look at all-electric cars, but also changed the boundaries of in-car entertainment. The German automakers followed suit, but perhaps did not do very well. Dubai Infinity Bridge officially opened

Dubai Infinity Bridge, which uses a different engineering and architectural design and is designed to reduce traffic and travel time in the city, officially opened today. A 19-year-old security researcher remotely controlled 25 Tesla vehicles

Imagine you are driving on the highway with a new Tesla and you can easily lift your feet off the pedals, as the "Autopilot driver-assistance" feature speeds you up. Keeps. But suddenly the car speake The Citroen C5 facelift was introduced with a more attractive appearance

Citron unveils new C5 Aircross facelift with attractive exterior changes and improved infotainment system. SkyDrive unveils single-seater flying car at CES 2022

At CES 2022, SkyDrive, an aviation technology startup in Tokyo with Toyota support, built its own ultra-lightweight, compact aircraft, the SD- 03, which completed the pilot flight test, unveiled. This Chevrolet unveils electric Silverado with impressive technical specifications

At CES 2022, Chevrolet unveiled the electric version of the 2024 Silverado pickup with impressive technical specifications. Biyamu unveiled global car color change technology

At CES 2022, Beamo unveiled a new technology that makes it possible to change the overall color of a car with the push of a button. Hyundai unveiled the AV pod modular car concept

Hyundai's vision for the future of transportation is a modular world. At CES 2022, the Korean automotive and robotics company introduced a series of concept transport vehicles and transportation robot John Deere unveiled the first self-propelled tractor to work on the farm

Farm work is now on the verge of a major transformation, and John Deere, as one of the oldest agricultural equipment companies, has unveiled the first self-propelled tractor with artificial intelligen Sony has announced the launch of the Sony Mobility unit in the field of electric vehicles

With the introduction of the transportation unit and the concept design of the Vision-S series cars, Sony intends to seriously focus on the electric vehicle and car industry. The attractive Chrysler Airflow electric crossover was unveiled at CES 2022

As it turns out, the old Chrysler brand is set to re-emerge, and for this reason at CES 2022, its electric car, the Chrysler Airflow Unveiled. How will mobile technology make your car smarter in 2022?

Since the advent of smartphones, people have been using them while driving. Although this tool is often to the detriment of drivers' attention to the road, recent advances in car-phone integration, on