Science and technology > Car and transportation The strange and spatial display of Tesla's cyber truck was revealed in a video

A video recently released of teasers shown at a Tesla show shows a cyber truck, a Tesla electric pickup truck, with various maneuvers such as a The car looks weird and spacious, it shows. Familiarity with Altium Drive technology, which is located in the heart of the Hummer Electric Monster

All this is possible thanks to a new technology from "General Motors" (GM). At the heart of this electric car is the latest technology from General Motors, which has been developing a platform called The iPhone maker has introduced its electric vehicles

While various reports continue to speculate about the possibility of Apple offering an electric car, now the closest options to the Apple car, officially by Foxconn is the largest iPhone maker. The world's first fully automatic train was launched in Germany

Siemens and the German National Railways (Deutsche Bahn) this week introduced the world's first driverless and fully automatic train in the city of Hamburg. "With automated rail operations, we can pro The Beamo M135i 2022 was unveiled with a new suspension and attractive colors

The M135i functional performance hatchback is now included in the 2022 version with upgrades including suspension and exhaust Which makes it even more optimistic for driving. The Honda Civic Si 2022 was unveiled to provide a better driving experience

Honda has unveiled the 2022 Civic Si, a symbol of cost-effective performance with a different engineering approach to improve the driving experience. The 2022 Formula One season will be even more exciting

Formula One racing in the 2022 season is set to mark a new beginning for the sport, and in addition to overcoming the corona epidemic, the rules change to see more exciting races. We will be. The Lexus LX 2022 was unveiled as a luxury version of the latest Land Cruiser

The third-generation Lexus LG finally retires after less than 14 years on the market, bringing a new version of this SUV with significant breakthroughs in all areas. Kia Forte 2022 was unveiled with a completely new look

Kia released a mid-range but complete upgrade for the K3 in the South Korean market in April, and now this compact sedan has similar updates to the American versions with The Forte brand will also rec Genesis topped the 2021 auto technology rankings

With the release of the US Automotive Technology Classification 2021 by the GD Institute. Power, Genesis came in first. Leaked photos of the new Mazda 2 show a similar appearance to the Toyota Yaris

As the leaked photos show, the next generation of the small Mazda 2 car to be launched in the 2023 model still looks similar. Toyota will have the Yaris. Ilan Mask announced Tesla breaking the record again

According to a report released on Saturday, most of Tesla's vehicles delivered about 96 percent, the newer Model 3 sedan. ) And the crossover was "Model Y". According to Tesla, 9,275 of the delivered Alfa Romeo Julia and Stelio 2022 were introduced with more standard equipment

Alfa Romeo offers the 2022 generation Julia sedan and crossover Stelio, but more equipment can be found even in the new standard models. Production of the first Mercedes-Benz electric truck will begin soon

Mercedes-Benz electric truck, after passing extensive tests, will soon enter the production phase. The new look of Acura Integra 2023 was shown in a teaser

After announcing the return of the Integra name, which took place last month during the Monterey 2021 Car Week, Acura has now revealed new details of this popular car. . Volvo unveiled its new logo with a focus on minimalist design

Volvo Automotive has unveiled its new logo to meet the needs of the day, while moving towards simplifying the visual identity of the company./p> London double decker buses become electric

With extensive efforts to reduce fossil pollutants and eliminate internal combustion engines, London's famous red double-decker buses are also moving towards electricity. Electric motors and battery p GM has stopped production of its most powerful internal combustion engine

Although GM still has a long way to go before its products become all-electric, it seems to be taking big steps in stopping production of its most powerful internal combustion engine. The field has be Volkswagen offers its life-saving electric car under the Scot brand

Rumors of a heavy-duty chassis from Volkswagen surfaced in late 2018 and then again in early 2020. Strange letters like T-Rug or Ruggdzz were guessed at the time, but now it seems that this model has When Toyota unveils the power of its new unmanned giant

"Born of Invincibility" is the title Toyota has chosen to introduce its latest UAV, the Tundra 2022. The previous one was unveiled to give the enthusiasts of the company's chassis, high-end and pickup Toyota Tundra 2022 was unveiled with an angry and powerful look

But having a 5.7-liter V8 engine with High fuel consumption, and older technology compared to the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500, led Toyota to redesign the Tundra in the 2022 manual. Now mounted on a new ch Toyota Tundra 2022's latest preview shows off its power and attractive color scheme

Aggressive design with large grille, although it may look like any other new pickup on the market, this is what the Toyota Tundra 2022 focuses on and is officially scheduled for September 19 (Septembe Apple is developing its own car

Following the failure of Apple talks with major automakers such as Hyundai, the tech giant has decided to develop its own car. The new face of the Volkswagen T-Roc crossover has been revealed

It was two years ago that a new version of the Volkswagen "T-Roc" was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, but apparently now this car The crossover is set to hit the market with a redesign.