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In 2011, Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S, an intelligent phenomenon And introduced a new one called Siri to the world; And this was the beginning of the historical era of smart assistants. After Siri, ot Robots against humans; Is the human race in danger?

Tesla recently talked about building a humanoid robot called "Teslabat"; A robot that is supposed to perform various tasks in the future. But is this an feasible idea? Even if this idea is possible, a 5 sports that benefit the most from artificial intelligence

In this article, we look at some examples of the use of artificial intelligence in five sports, including football, baseball, tennis, basketball and cricket. We will introduce some startups active in Google artificial intelligence reduces air pollution by controlling traffic lights

Traffic lights based on incorrect scheduling not only waste citizens' time, but also harm the environment and public health. A few hours ago, Google unveiled a number of software products whose main g Intel's Loihi2 processor makes the dream of making a chip similar to the human brain a reality

Intel announced a few hours ago that it has made significant progress in the field of neural or neuromorphic computing processors. The second-generation Loihi chip is about 10 times faster in processi Ilan Mask announced the production of a humanoid robot by Tesla

This robot is about the size of a skinny human, It weighs 125 pounds (56.6 kg). According to Mask, the Tesla Bot will be equipped with a display that replaces its face, allowing it to display informat How robots change human life; 5 widely used areas of robotics

Controllable machines from the distant past fascinated man. There are many questions about this. For example, where do robots come from and what did they do? What was the turning point of this science 6 interesting applications of artificial intelligence in sports

When Moneyball was released, no one thought it would become a reality in the next decade! What is deep learning and what does it have to do with machine learning?

Deep learning is a part of artificial intelligence that tries to imitate the function of the human brain in data processing as well as the patterns of the human mind for decision making. . Deep learni What is Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology and what are its applications?

Natural language processing technology, or NLP for short, is the interaction between human language and computer. This language is a common chapter between computer science, artificial intelligence an What is machine learning and why is it so important?

To learn a skill, we first acquire the knowledge we need, practice it carefully, and monitor our performance throughout the process. Finally, by doing these things, we will get better at the desired w What is artificial intelligence and what are its uses?

What is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence means simulating human intelligence in a machine programmed to think like a human and mimic his movements. This definition also applies to any 5 great dangers of artificial intelligence that are very close to us

Artificial intelligence has entered all kinds of industries and is playing an increasingly important role. With the amazing advancement of this technology, it is possible to dramatically improve many Google unveiled LaMDA artificial intelligence to improve human-computer communication

Google unveiled LaMDA technology tonight during its I/O event. This is an incredibly powerful AI that allows users to have a completely natural conversation with the machine. Microsoft bought artificial intelligence company Nuance for $ 19.7 billion

Microsoft recently announced that it will officially launch the large and well-known company Nuance, which is mainly active in the field of artificial intelligence, by paying a huge amount of $ 19.7 b What goes on behind the scenes of voice assistants and smart speakers?

The use of smart speakers has become very popular among users these days. Products that can interact with users by voice. But the problem is that when speakers record and respond to user voices, the s Apple bought most artificial intelligence companies from 2016 to 2020

Data released by GlobalData shows that Apple has overtaken competitors to take over companies in the field of artificial intelligence How did computers learn to write text like real humans?

Over the past few years we have seen many advances in language models. If we are not familiar with this phrase, we should say that linguistic modeling is in fact the prediction of the next words in a How do cat voice translator apps work?

If you own a cat, you have probably come across apps that claim to translate cat sounds. But do these cat voice translator apps really work? In answer to this question, we must say that this claim is 6 great achievements of artificial intelligence in 2020

Tens of thousands of articles and reports on artificial intelligence are published each year, but it takes some time for the potentials raised in each of these articles to make an impact. Put it clear 6 great achievements of artificial intelligence in 2020

Tens of thousands of articles and reports on artificial intelligence are published each year, but it takes some time for the potentials raised in each of these articles to make an impact. Put it clear Hyundai buys Boston Dynamics robotic research company

Hyundai has announced that the purchase process of the well-known robotics company Boston Dynamics is nearing completion. A purchase that could revolutionize the entry of robots into the world of day- Access to the Moscow Face Recognition System is available for a fee of $ 200

The Moscow face recognition system, which has access to more than 100,000 CCTV cameras, is set to launch. Has been available only to law enforcement agencies. It is not clear whether the seller gained Is it possible to hack Ilan Mask brain implants?

We are living in a very strange period of history. Technology has never been so razor-sharp, and we are probably the last generation of employees to work without a chip in our brains. NeuraLink Ilan M