Science and technology > Applications and software 7 ways to optimize and manage applications on your Samsung phone

In today's world, every tool and every task needs to be optimized and managed properly. To this end, we decided to explain in an article seven ways to manage and organize and actually optimize applica The Weather app on iOS 15 shows a rain map

Apple added new features to the iPhone with the release of the new iOS 15 operating system in September. One of the biggest changes in this version of iOS is the default Weather app. 8 tips for learning Microsoft Excel fast

Microsoft Excel software is one of the most feared software. In fact, one of the reasons why most people are so cautious when confronted with this software is that Excel software is a complex software Samsung has released the third beta version of One UI 4 for the Galaxy S21

The third beta version of One UI 4 for The Galaxy S21 series is coming out. The size of this version is 975 MB and it has the software version G998BXXU3ZUJG/G998BOXM3ZUJB/G998BXXU3ZUJB. In terms of ne 7 interesting things you can do with the Inspect Element tool

For someone unfamiliar with coding and has never used the Inspect Element tool, seeing all this complex code on one page is a bit strange. It seems. But if you are one of those people who have a histo What is biometrics and why is it used for authentication?

Technology has permeated almost every aspect of modern life, and with the digitalization of our world, it has become more difficult to protect sensitive information. Meanwhile, security measures such Top 5 apps for posting Instagram pictures and videos on Android and iOS

These days, Instagram has become the number one social network for users in many parts of the world. Despite the popularity of this Facebook subset, some important features are still missing in Instag Introducing 11 of the best free and useful Google Chrome extensions

Years ago, Microsoft decided to use its entire browser using Chromium. Rebuild. Chromium is an open source browser that is the basis of the Chrome browser. When Google first introduced Chrome in 2008, 150 million users use Huawei HarmonyOS

The Huawei Developers Conference was held a few days ago and the CEO of the company, Richard Yu, revealed some interesting details about the consumer gadgets section of the company. According to him, Instagram makes it easier for content creators to find sponsors

Instagram is working on new tools to make it easier for developers to monetize their services. The platform is working on a new feature store feature, first unveiled at the Creator Week event in June. Google is reducing the Play Store subscription fee from 30% to 15%

After a 15% reduction in Google Play Store fee in March, the company decided to make changes to its Play Store subscription fee that Include all developers of this store. At present, Google's subscrip 15 new things in Android 12 that you could not do before

Android 12 was finally officially released for Pixel phones a few days ago, and in the near future, the release process for other companies' phones will begin. In this version, we see several new feat Twitter announced the purchase of the Sphere chat app to increase communication between users

Twitter is always trying to increase communication between its users. According to CBNC, Twitter has bought the chat app Sphere for an unknown amount. Twitter's vice president of engineering, Nick Cal When will Android 12 be released for your phone?

Finally, two days ago, Google released the final version of Android 12 for pixel phones. Android 12 has several new features compared to the previous generation, which in addition to the change in the Trump will soon unveil his new social network called Truth Social

According to a press release from one of the companies of former US President Donald Trump, he intends to unveil his new social network called Truth Social, which Its goal, according to the company, i It was possible for some Windows 11 users to run Android apps

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, it indicated that it intended to add a variety of new features. One of these features is Windows 11 support for Android applications. After the release of the first Introduction of Xender application; Send the file in the blink of an eye

You may have had trouble sending large files. From low speed file transfer applications to malfunctions, these can be a problem if you do not have a good file transfer application. In this regard, we Instagram is testing longer stories

Instagram intends to test new features on its platform in order to increase the satisfaction of its users and as a move forward in publishing video content. Initially, Instagram decided to increase th Android 12 is available for Pixel phones

Android 12, which tonight with the introduction of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones for the first time integrated with a smart device, is now upgraded to Pixel phones It's available, and other devel Instagram allows you to publish shared posts and share likes

Instagram unveiled the Collabs feature hours ago, allowing users to share a regular post or Reel. It will also be possible to publish the post through the computer browser from Thursday. The Google Play Protect security shield was released as a standalone application

Google unveiled a service called PlayProtect during the I/O 2017 conference, whose main task is to ensure the security of Android phones with Play Store. Now, after 4 years, Google has quietly placed Introducing the Daily Yoga app; Yoga, meditation and fitness

Daily Yoga app is one of the best apps for fitness, yoga and meditation. As you know, yoga and meditation play an important role in health and a healthy life and can help you get fit, plan your mind a Apple will release macOS Monterey on November 3rd

A few hours ago, along with the unveiling of the M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets and the new generation MacBook Pro, Apple announced that macOS Monterey on October 25 ( 3 Aban) will be published for the ge Introducing HelloTalk application; Learn the language by talking and chatting

HelloTalk Learn Languages app is a free app for learning your favorite foreign language that makes learning a language very enjoyable and enjoyable for learners by speaking and chatting.