Science and technology > Aerospace The beating heart of the SLS rocket; Learn about NASA's new space engines

Pride and BMW, no matter how different, are similar in one thing: generating propulsion by converting fuel into energy. This is not limited to cars and applies to more than half of the world's engines Scientists have identified two massive black holes on the verge of a catastrophic collision

A new study, however, may reverse this trend, as researchers observed a supermassive black hole 9 billion light-years away. A close companion black hole orbits it, and as the orbit shrinks, the two bl The number of first helicopter flights on Mars has reached 20

The genius Martian helicopter, which has spent a year on the Red Planet, also successfully completed its twentieth flight in the Martian dilute atmosphere. Set a record. The mysterious deep-space radio signal sounds very familiar

A closer look at the mysterious collection of glowing flashes in the M81 galaxy 12 million light-years away, scientists have found that these fast, radioly bursts are surprisingly familiar. These repe Ilan Musk says SpaceX saves space station from threat of crash

Ilan Musk, in a brief response to the head of the Russian space agency who implicitly threatened the crash of the International Space Station, called SpaceX the savior of the station. The Chinese probe detected strange glass spheres on the surface of the moon

Chinese Yuto-2 astronaut who has been exploring the moon since 2019 has identified two strange glass spheres around the moon. Ilan Mask activated Starlink satellite internet access for Ukraine

Ilan Musk, CEO of SpaceX, tweeted on Saturday that the company's Starlink satellite internet service is now active in Ukraine and more terminals are on the way. The James Webb Telescope captured the first single image of a guiding star by adjusting the mirrors

The James Webb Space Telescope captured a single image of a target star for the first time as it advanced the fine-tuning of mirrors. Russia and the United States continue to cooperate on the space station despite tensions in Ukraine

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, tensions between the United States and Russia, especially on the ground, have intensified, raising concerns that these tensions may inevitably Expand to the long Scientists use black hole quantum computing to understand the holographic world

What happens inside a black hole? And how does what happens inside the black hole relate to the world outside it? This is a mystery that scientists have not been able to answer for decades. A secret t The astronaut portrayed the curiosity of moving clouds in the Martian atmosphere

A curious astronaut still exploring the Red Planet has released spectacular images of clouds moving in the Martian atmosphere. Researchers have found the key to designing an optical sail for interstellar travel

In two new studies under the Starshat project, researchers are close to implementing a light sail concept that can make space travel possible at a fraction of the speed of light. Launched into space i Airbus uses the A380 wide-body aircraft to test hydrogen fuel

Airbus plans to use the A380, the world's largest passenger jet, as a test platform for the development of hydrogen fuel engines. Airbus has confirmed previous rumors of a hydrogen propulsion test usi Looking at the dark side of an extrasolar planet revealed a rain of jewels

At night, an extrasolar planet is likely to host iron clouds, titanium rain, and jewels and winds against which Earth's hurricanes are considered a breeze. China has unveiled a giant missile similar to the SpaceX startup

China is developing a new generation of reusable launcher launchers for low-Earth orbit (LEO) missions and beyond with new technologies. One of these space transportation systems has a liquid methane- The James Webb Telescope provides a unique opportunity to identify interstellar guests

Scientists plan to learn more about interstellar objects that have entered the solar system in a project using the James Webb Space Telescope. The sun broke a record with a huge eruption

As solar activity increased, Europe's solar orbiter was able to capture a massive, record-breaking eruption called the solar eclipse. A year has passed since NASA's persistent exploration of the red planet by the rover

On the one year anniversary of the persistent rover on the surface of the Red Planet, this probe, with the end of the first planned scientific campaign, achieved many achievements, including new recor The first step in aligning the 18 main mirror sections of the James Webb Telescope has been completed

The James Webb Space Telescope has completed the first major step in the process of aligning the 18 sections of the main mirror with the star's image at the center of each section. Fireworks on the space station; The fire safety test goes into Earth orbit

The Cygnus cargo spacecraft, which is scheduled to be launched to the International Space Station tomorrow, will carry out a test to improve fire safety in Designed for lunar and Martian missions. Whi Scientists have discovered the first asteroid with three moons

"Electra is the first quadrilateral system to be discovered," wrote Anthony Berdeu of the National Institute for Astronomical Research in Thailand, the University of Lyon and the Sorbonne, in an artic The James Webb Space Telescope is locked on a guiding star

According to CSA, with good FGS performance so far, the tool will be used in the next step to help continuously align the 18 hexagonal sections of the main telescope mirror. will be. Last week, web en NASA's Insight probe has returned to normal after the end of the Martian storm

NASA's Mars Insight probe has removed the effects of a recent dust storm, possibly allowing the spacecraft to continue collecting scientific data for several more months. The InSight Surface entered S NASA's Chandra Space Telescope scientific operation was halted due to a camera problem

"Chandra X-ray Observatory" which has been studying the universe in X-ray spectrum since 1999 (February 1999), February 9 (February 10) with the problem of the power supply of the resolution camera to