Science and technology > Aerospace The genius successfully made its fourteenth flight after a two-week break on Mars

The genius Mars helicopter, which has now woken up for two weeks, successfully made its fourteenth flight despite the change of seasons and the thinning atmosphere of Mars. The Hubble Space Telescope captured spectacular details of the collision of two galaxies

In a new study, scientists point to Hubble as a collection of two distant galaxies that are a good environment for studying cosmic evolution. The group of two galaxies, 220 million light-years from Ea NASA has set a launch date for Artemis' first mission to the moon

As it turns out, there are still many weeks left until the start of NASA's Artemis mission to the moon because NASA is planning an unmanned mission to Artemis 1 ( Launch Artemis I in the second month The tallest rocket in history is being prepared for the first orbital test

Musk wrote on Twitter: "If all goes well, the Starship will make its first orbital launch attempt next month after approval by the Federal Aviation Administration."/p> NASA will use a variety of commercial spacecraft to send astronauts

NASA plans to deploy other commercial spacecraft to send astronauts, including to the space station, in addition to the SpaceX test spacecraft and the Boeing spacecraft in development. Internationally The US Senate instructed NASA to select the second company to build the moon lander

Following Jeff Bezos' complaint against NASA, the US Senate's largest committee, in a report on the latest budget bill, asked the agency to build a second company. Choose the moon lander. The most accurate map of the mysterious aurorae of Uranus was prepared

Scientists have for the first time mapped the entire uranus in the infrared to get a better understanding of the planet's mysterious aurorae. Hear the sound of diligent exploration of Mars

This astronaut is equipped with two dedicated commercial microphones, one on the chassis and the other in the supercomputer on the probe rig, so they can record different sounds from the Martian envir The secret of a strange dual galaxy was discovered in the image of Hubble

It focused on a strange dual galaxy known as Hamilton's Object. A pair of linear masses that did not match scientists' previous knowledge. Scientists now believe that these objects are in fact both im The solar arrays of NASA's Lucy spacecraft are not fully open

Lucy moves into Jupiter's orbit to study eight asteroids in a complex 12-year journey. The spacecraft has two large solar arrays with a total area of 51 square meters. Such large arrays are necessary Russian filmmakers returned to Earth from space filming

Actress Yulia Peresild and Klim Shipenko left for the space station on October 5 (October 13) on a Soyuz MS-19 mission. To capture scenes from "The Challenge." he does. With this launch, Russia regist Take a look at the unique experience of space travel that brought tears to William Shatner

Maybe we all really need to experience space travel, as William Shatner says, to have a different view of life. The veteran American actor, who flew into space a few days ago on a Blue Origin flight, NASA's Lucy's unique mission to explore eight asteroid fossils

Meeting close to 8 asteroids in a completely unknown area of space is a huge challenge, but it is exactly what Lucy's spacecraft did just minutes ago. NASA took a step in the right direction by launch The astronauts began their stay on the Chinese space station by connecting to WiFi

The Shenzhou spacecraft was launched from Jiuquan space base at 13 last night. After about 8 hours, it successfully launched an automatic operation at 06:56 today, Beijing local time (02:26 Tehran tim The Russian spacecraft once again accidentally rotated the space station

But according to NASA, these engines continued to work unexpectedly after the end of the test window, leading to a loss of control of the station. The International Space Station was at 05:13 Eastern China sent a second group of astronauts to its space station

China made its second manned mission this time with the first female astronaut on the central module of its new space station to take another step towards building this Shenzhou 13 spacecraft October Venus has never had an ocean

Venus itself formed 4.5 billion years ago with the sun, Earth and other objects in our solar system. Like young Earth, young Venus was probably covered in magma or molten rock. But before it rained, t The Hubble Space Telescope found signs of permanent water vapor on Jupiter's moon

Observations of the Hubble Space Telescope from Jupiter icy moon, Europe, show that water vapor is stable in its atmosphere, but surprisingly only in one The hemisphere is visible. Europa The fourth G The surface of the NASA Future Mission lunar mission will be built by Australia

As part of a partnership between the two space agencies, Australia will build a climber for a 2026 lunar mission. The astronaut is part of Australia's participation in NASA-led Artemis exploration pro An extrasolar planet like Jupiter was discovered around dead stars

Scientists have observed an extrasolar planet like Jupiter orbiting a dead star that once looked like the Sun. The James Webb Space Telescope arrived at the launch site by ship

Every space launch, however, requires careful planning and preparation, but for the Web, this process began about 15 years ago and eventually reached the port of Pariacabu ( Pariacabo) France is a tur Information was stored in an ancient meteorite before the formation of the solar system

Scientists use a new method of analysis to discover the mysterious origin of the grains of an ancient meteorite dating back to before the formation of the solar system and its information Interpret. The veteran American actor's historic trip to space was a success

Moments ago, the New Shepard spacecraft successfully returned to Earth from its short space trip to set a record for veteran American actor William Shatner. William Shatner prepares on the launch pad for a historic space trip

The New Shepard manned rocket and capsule set is now on the launch pad near the city of Van Horn in western Texas to take another big step. In the field of space travel.