Science and technology Apple removed a Quran app from the App Store at the request of Chinese officials

Apple, at the request of Chinese government officials, the popular "Quran Majeed" application, which is used to read and listen to Quranic verses, Removed from China App Store. The Chinese government TSMC will launch its 3nm chip in 2023

In August, Taiwanese company TSMC announced that it would delay the release of these 3-nanometer chips for a year due to the complexity of making the 3-nanometer chips. This means that the iPhones of 7 hidden features of Windows 11 that you must use

If you have just installed Windows 11, you are sure to come across some new features. In the meantime, there are a number of these hidden features and settings that will probably improve the experienc 10 Popular Mobile Phones in BingMag (October 15, 1400)

Some phone brands are more popular among users than other phones and experience better sales. In this weekly article, we will introduce you to the most popular phones among the users of BingMag online The astronauts began their stay on the Chinese space station by connecting to WiFi

The Shenzhou spacecraft was launched from Jiuquan space base at 13 last night. After about 8 hours, it successfully launched an automatic operation at 06:56 today, Beijing local time (02:26 Tehran tim At the Galaxy Unpack 2 event, Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 will be unveiled with new colors.

As it turns out, the Galaxy Unpacked 2 event is not going to be what we expected, with only the same new clamshells on the market (Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3) But it will be unveiled with new colors. The icons of some third-party apps are not displayed on the Apple Watch 7 Series

After the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 7, the first group of buyers of Apple's new generation of smartwatches finally received it. But according to some users, third-party apps on the Apple Wat The Russian spacecraft once again accidentally rotated the space station

But according to NASA, these engines continued to work unexpectedly after the end of the test window, leading to a loss of control of the station. The International Space Station was at 05:13 Eastern The European Union (EU) has denied Apple's claim that USB-C is harmful

The European Union proposed a plan last month that would force all gadget makers to use USB-C as the standard port Use charging in their products. This design is not a problem for Android product manu What products will Apple unveil at the October 17 event?

A few days ago, Apple announced that it will hold an event on October 18 to introduce its latest products. There is no sign of a new Apple product in the invitation, but thanks to reports and rumors, China sent a second group of astronauts to its space station

China made its second manned mission this time with the first female astronaut on the central module of its new space station to take another step towards building this Shenzhou 13 spacecraft October Venus has never had an ocean

Venus itself formed 4.5 billion years ago with the sun, Earth and other objects in our solar system. Like young Earth, young Venus was probably covered in magma or molten rock. But before it rained, t Apple overtook Xiaomi to become the second largest mobile phone market in the world

According to the latest report from Canalis, smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2021 decreased by 6% compared to the same period last year. This is while in the first quarter we saw a growth of Specifications and price of Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 and 11 Pro leaked

It was announced a few days ago that the Redmi 11 series phones will probably support 120 watts of charging speed, and one of the whistleblowers also announced that the Redmi phones with A customized How to hide information in video?

Hide Information The information is private or confidential so that no one can disclose or alter it. There are generally two techniques used to hide information, one of which is digital markup, which The Hubble Space Telescope found signs of permanent water vapor on Jupiter's moon

Observations of the Hubble Space Telescope from Jupiter icy moon, Europe, show that water vapor is stable in its atmosphere, but surprisingly only in one The hemisphere is visible. Europa The fourth G The mobile version of Google search engine is equipped with 'Infinite Scrolling' feature

Usually when you are looking for something, you do not go beyond the first Google results page. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. However, sometimes you need to go to the seco Is satellite internet a threat to health and privacy?

In 2020, the Starlink project officially began its pilot program, and US home users were the first to have the opportunity to experience the company's satellite Internet. Given the number of registrat Introducing the top 15 offline music players for Android

If you have already used several Android offline music streaming apps but none of them met your expectations, it is recommended that you Read the end because we want to introduce you to the top 15 off The surface of the NASA Future Mission lunar mission will be built by Australia

As part of a partnership between the two space agencies, Australia will build a climber for a 2026 lunar mission. The astronaut is part of Australia's participation in NASA-led Artemis exploration pro Microsoft takes LinkedIn out of China

Microsoft shut down LinkedIn in China about seven years after its launch. It will be easier to replace this platform, which is limited to jobs only. LinkedIn was the only American social network opera The third generation of AirPads will probably be unveiled on October 20

Apple was expected to unveil the third generation of AirPads at the iPhone 13 unveiling event, but this did not happen. Now it seems that we should see the unveiling of this small gadget at the upcomi Apple has released a report claiming that iOS is more secure than Android

When we talk about smartphone security, two names always come to mind; iOS and Android, which have always been in a never-ending battle in various fields since their unveiling. In terms of functionali The new display technology is likely to double the battery life of the phones

It looks like a new technology is set to be introduced in phone displays soon, which could double battery life.