The best cartoons in the world; Thoughtful, entertaining and colorful movies and series

Watching animation and cartoons is one of the best parts of childhood. Some of us adults have been lucky and seen some of the best animation in the history of cinema as a child. But some of us were li Introducing the movie reference book; Different from the usual anti-discrimination films movies and series

1962 is New York City for Black Freedom. Dr. Dan Shirley is a prominent black musician and pianist who has decided to make a dangerous move. He wants to give a concert in South America for eight weeks Top TED presentations; Internal stroke physical health

When Jill Bolte Taylor says she experienced an "internal stroke" Has spoken of a real event. The Harvard researcher experiences a stroke at the age of 37 in which one of the blood vessels in his brain The best laptops in the market (Nowruz 95) other

In this article, we want to introduce you to 5 of the best laptops of 1394. Of course, in addition to the models mentioned below, there are other products that are among the best; But either they do n Manual Controls; Which mobile phone is suitable for photography? other

In the previous sections of this article, you will learn about choosing the right mobile phone for photography with important hardware factors such as megapixels, aperture size, autofocus technology, 10 Detective Movies You Must See During the Eid Holiday movies and series

Detective films can generally be classified as a subset of crime films or trailers. Films that focus on an unsolved crime (often the subject of a robbery, murder, or kidnapping) and at the same time h A sequel that was not meant to be a sequel! movies and series

The second part of the "Frozen" animation managed to conquer the box office last year. After its initial release six years ago, it was conceivable that Disney would consider making a sequel. In recent Introducing the parasite film; Strange smell from class distance movies and series

It was the most important film of 2019 that made history. For the first time in the history of cinema, South Korea was nominated for an Academy Award for "Parasite" and not only won the award for Best Astronomers have heard of the largest cosmic event since the Big Bang aerospace

According to researchers, we have received a detected signal from a very old collision between two black holes. The collision created a new black hole of unprecedented proportions that falls into a ne TCL introduced two Android tablets, a fully wireless headphone and a smartwatch mobile and gadget

TCL today introduced a number of attractive gadgets at the start of IFA 2020, including a pair of tablets, a fully wireless headphone and a smartwatch . The number of SpaceX internet satellites reached more than 700 aerospace

SpaceX managed to successfully launch another set of Starlink satellites with the Falcon 9 rocket to increase the number of active satellites in this series to more than 700 missions. Top TED presentations; Your body language expresses yourself mental health

If you are one of those people who are constantly holding hands and chest, you will find a solution for this habit by watching the video of Amy Cuddy's speech. Amy Cady is a social scientist who has c Top TED Lectures; The incredible secret of having a happy life mental health

"Dan Gilbert" surprises you with his 20-minute speech. He proves in a completely scientific way that people do not know how to live happily. Some people believe that the cause of their misery is not a Shutter response, continuous shooting and optical image stabilization; Which mobile phone is suitable for photography? other

As we said, since choosing the right phone for Anyone who intends to take mobile photography seriously is very important. Pay for photography. So far in the previous sections we have examined importan The most entertaining films of the 21st century movies and series

As modern human habits change, the number of superficial films that seem to be constantly exaggerating and sometimes even seeming silly is increasing. And more and more, making such films became commo You say; Which hero has the best action sequences? movies and series

Action movies always have their own big fans. Movies that raise our adrenaline and make us heroes. Action movies are among the best sellers all over the world, even if they are not of remarkable quali Classic nose; Exciting, funny and complex movies and series

Scrooge comedies were the product of the Great Depression and the Great Depression, comedies that were supposed to give people hope for life. Full of events and dialogue and often based on class diffe The Vivo phone can change the color of its back panel mobile and gadget

Recently, a video was released in which we see the color of the back panel of a phone change. The revealer who released the video said that the back panel is made of electrochromic glass that can chan Fujifilm comes with a 50mm F / 1.0 lens to break the record in the world without mirrors! other

It was a year ago that Fuji announced the development of a 50mm lens with f/1.0. Now today, this lens was officially introduced and its price was announced. The Fujifilm XF 50mm F1.0 R WR, the full na One UI 2.5 update released for Galaxy S10 series phones applications and software

As expected, the One UI 2.5 UI update, which was supposed to be available for Samsung 10 Series flagships, will be available today for the Galaxy S10 family Available. Top TED Lectures; Keep your goals to yourself! mental health

In this short video, Derek Sivers asks you not to share the important goals of your life with others from now on. But why does he think so? Is not man a social being? "When you define your goal for ot The best tablets in the market (Nowruz 95) other

It may seem easy to choose and buy the best tablet on the market, but choosing the best tablet that It will be a little difficult to suit your needs, tastes and circumstances. One of the main factors Why do we move the clock forward first in the spring? mental health

Every year on the first of Farvardin, we Iranians move time forward one hour and at the end of September instead We will return first. Of course, we are not alone, and this is done in many countries. Box Office of the Week; Sales of films under the influence of Corona movies and series

Concerns about the Covid virus 19 and the rising prevalence of the corona virus are also affecting the world box office. This week, total box office sales totaled just over $ 50 million. There has bee