Ten applications of artificial intelligence in marketing; This is the future other

With the advancement of artificial intelligence many technologies belonging to the science-fiction stories of the era Our adolescence has become a reality and has even come to the aid of marketers. Th 10 iconic lovely characters that established Oscar Isaac as a star movies and series

When Isaac plays a hero, there is a shadow in his inner light that makes him completely believable to the viewers. Most of his roles are not perfect. From co-pilot Poe Damron in Star Wars: The Force A 13 tricks to have a warm and lovely autumn decoration home and life

Today in this article from BingMag 13 we want to introduce the autumn decorations that make you feel warm. . Checking and testing the sound of Mota'pour oud; Reminiscent of rich Arabic music music

The oud of the Arabic version of the Iranian instrument is relevant and is one of the most popular among Arabic musical instruments. One of the most important features of this instrument is its reason 10 Bold Science Fiction Movies Worth Watching Again movies and series

Science fiction movies have always thrilled viewers with their big and bold look at the impossible. Classics like 2001: Space Odyssey are brilliant, but they are not necessarily movies that fans will Huawei will use the exclusive 4G version of Snapdragon 898 mobile and gadget

At the September event, Huawei CEO Huawei announced that the company's smartphone business was facing major challenges and buying Huawei 5G smartphones are tough right now. But he emphasized that Huaw 10 series like 'Composite Game' that are about survival movies and series

Netflix Composite Game is a Korean drama series that fascinates viewers not only with its stunning visual and action-packed features, but also with its interpretations of human ethics. He does it hims The UAE Hope probe captured spring on Mars aerospace

The UAE Space Agency has released new and interesting data from the Omid probe mission, some of which show the spring season on Mars. 9 Bad behaviors that cause others to resent and distance themselves from you mental health

One of the most difficult questions you may be asked is "Are you a lovable person?" Is being with you pleasant, energizing, and soothing? Why did the re-collaboration of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to write the screenplay take so long? movies and series

The actors have appeared in each other's films many times over the years, but this is the first project written by the two since the 1997 film Will Hunting (in which they also starred together), for w 7 Features That Folding Phones Need to Succeed mobile and gadget

Folding phones have received a lot of attention over the past two years and now many companies want to try their luck in this field. But one important question is when will such phones become ubiquito AMD will soon solve the problem of slowing down Advisor processors in Windows 11 applications and software

A few days ago, it was reported that systems with consulting processors were having problems installing Windows 11. AMD, however, recently confirmed the news and announced that it is looking for a sol Top 10 films directed by Clint Eastwood under the pretext of screening the film Cry Machu movies and series

An actor who in the fifties went through a path in less important films by playing less important roles, which may have resulted in forgetfulness. Known for his height of one meter and one hundred and Battle Royale mobile game Final Fantasy VII will be released next month game news

Until last year, we might have jokingly talked about the idea of a fantasy finale in a Battle Royale game, but the current trend in the video game industry has surprised us once again. And this idea i Sony has announced a possible partnership with TSMC to address the global chip shortage mobile and gadget

Trying to solve the global chip shortage problem may lead to unexpected collaboration between different companies. According to Reuters, Sony and TSMC are considering setting up a joint chip plant in Download beautiful and eye-catching Windows 11 wallpapers applications and software

Windows 11, which has just been officially released, uses very good, beautiful and eye-catching wallpapers that you can download in this article. Windows 11 has at least 18 beautiful wallpapers, all m Which foods are recommended for weight loss and muscle building before exercise? diet and nutrition

The best food before exercise depends on the type of exercise you do and your goals for exercising. For example, protein-rich foods may be the best choice for building muscle and doing endurance train Oscar 2022 forecast; Will veteran Judy Dench win or young Jesse Buckley? movies and series

The competition for Best Supporting Actress at the 2022 Oscars will most likely not be appealing to many audiences, as many well-known figures do not compete in it. But for those who are hopeful about Previous generation Apple Watch cables do not support 7 Series fast charging mobile and gadget

Apple has been pre-selling the new generation of Apple Watch since Friday, and this generation of Apple Watch has not changed significantly from its predecessor. It seems that the previous generation How Much Money Do Biggest Streamers Make From Twitch? game news

As you probably know, the Twitch site has recently been hacked by an anonymous hacker, and various important data from it have been leaked to the Internet. Has been shared. Far Cry 6 reviews and scores released; The same as the usual Far Cry game news

A few days ago, the latest adventure in the Far Cry 6 game series, Far Cry 6, was released. That's why critics are looking at Ubisoft's new creation to say where the new episode of this free-to-play a Ghost Recon Frontline free Battle Royale game introduced; Watch the game trailer game news

Ubisoft recently introduced Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Frontline game for consoles and personal computers. This is a first-person shooter-shooter (PVP) game in the Battle Royale genre. Google may support Pixel 6 for 5 years mobile and gadget

Authoritative sources released information this week about the performance and camera of the Google Pixel 6 Series, but the most important information among them is that the company Google has officia