Engel won the 2019 Los Angeles Critics Association Award movies and series

It seems that critics of the hometown of Hollywood, Los Angeles, are not afraid to watch movies with subtitles! The film "Angle" by Bong Joon Ho from South Korea won the 2019 Los Angeles Critics Assoc A spectacular view captured by the Russian astronaut of aurora borealis and strange lights aerospace

"Ivan Vagner", a Russian astronaut who is currently a resident of the International Space Station, has a spectacular view from above and from the space station's point of view. Internationally registe Sugli became the big winner of the 2019 European Film Awards movies and series

Winners of the 2019 European Film Awards have been announced. The European Film Awards ended with the great victory of Yorgos Lantimos' "Minion", while great old filmmakers such as Roman Polanski, Pe New US sanctions and the future of Huawei phones mobile and gadget

Last Monday, the US Secretary of Commerce announced that any company that wants To provide its chips to Huawei, if it uses any American technology, it must obtain a license from the US government to d The third part of To the Moon will be released next year game news

If you are constantly following the world of independent games, you must be familiar with the To the Moon collection. The first part of this series was released for the first time in 2011 and was able Microsoft has no plans to produce proprietary games for the xCloud project game news

According to Microsoft, the company currently has no plans to produce titles for the xCloud project. Battleborn is coming to an end game news

Gearbox Studio officially announces the death of its protagonist shooting game, albeit before the funeral There is little time left. Compare Galaxy Note 20 camera with S20 Plus, iPhone 11 Pro and Note 20 Ultra mobile and gadget

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra on August 15 this year. In terms of processing power, there is no difference between the two products, but features such as body material, battery What is the secret of a successful startup? mental health

Silicon Valley In the eyes of many, it is where a lot of innovators go to get rich. Of course, there is no doubt that many of the world's most successful companies are located in this region. But it m Biodegradable implants can facilitate bone grafting physical health

With this material, the bone of another part of the patient's body no longer needs to be removed for transplantation. Introducing 12 job skills training sites mental health

Business is thriving in all areas with a staggering trend. George Miller will soon begin production on a new installment of Crazy Max movies and series

George Miller announced in an interview that the making of the Mad Max: Fury Road sequel has begun. Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler talk about cinema and Netflix and acting movies and series

Brad Pitt, who starred in Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," and Adam Sandler, "Shaved Jewelry," for Variety Studio chat "Actor against actor" sat facing each other. In the actor-ver Real Money is one of the best New Yorker 2019 movies movies and series

The New Yorker critic Richard Brody chose his favorite films from 2019 and the movie Pig made by Mani Haghighi alongside films like "The Irish Man" was included in Scorsese and other popular films. State of Decay 2 will come to Steam game news

Exclusive State of Decay 2 game, with titles such as Gears 5 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and while in-house Microsoft studio games (Microsoft Game Studios) will be available in Valve's digi Release date for Detroit: Become Human has been announced for PC game news

Quantum Dream game development studio has announced the release date of Detroit: Become Human for PC. This game is scheduled to be released on December 12 of this year (corresponding to December 12) The new Guilty Gear: Strive will be released next year game news

It's been a few months since we heard about the next part of the Guilty Gear series; A number that, according to its creators, is supposed to change everything in this collection. Although we have see Unboxing the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 smart wristband other

In this video made by Mr. Mahdi Sedighi to participate in the 100 Seconds Unboxing Contest (BingMag Weekly Unboxing Contest), Xiaomi Smart Wristband Unboxing You will see Mi Band 3 Apple has released the second beta version of macOS Big Sur mobile and gadget

After the release of the fifth beta version of iOS 14, iPadOS14 and tvOS 14, Apple released the second beta version of macOS Big Sur Published public form. With the release of this version, users who Rolls-Royce is expanding its collaboration in the field of ultrasonic aviation aerospace

Rolls-Royce and Reaction Engineers for the development of high-speed aircraft propulsion systems (ultrasonic and supersonic) in the field of gas engines and aeronautical aeronautics for general and mi Guide to buying the right monitor for the game (Fall 94) other

We assume that you have spent millions of tomans for your gaming computer and there is no money left in your pocket. . Now, if we want to ask the exact specifications of your computer system, you will Success Tips from a Marathon Champion mental health

"Meb Keflezighi" after fleeing Eritrea to Italy with his family, in He eventually immigrated to the United States, and the first thing that caught his attention was seeing people running. But for what Which is more worth buying? Surface Book or Surface Pro 4 other

Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 have high prices and many can not buy both of these products together . If you have trouble buying these two products and you do not know which product is more suitable 'Twin Peaks: Return'; The best film of the last decade according to Kaye Do Cinema magazine movies and series

Kaye Do Cinema Magazine Season 3 of Twin Peaks: Twin Peaks: The Return as Best Picture The last decade has chosen.