The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have a sapphire cover and a titanium body mobile and gadget

It seems that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro smartwatch is going to be marketed with a sapphire protective glass and titanium body. Prepare yourself to increase the price of Samsung products (all companies) mobile and gadget

It looks like Samsung intends to significantly increase the price of its electronics products in the near future. Why is the USB-C market turmoil still in 2022? other

The USB-C standard offers many benefits such as data transfer, video, audio and charging, but widespread turmoil in the USB-C market has resulted in exactly the same cables. In appearance, they have v Nearly 900,000 old apps will be removed from the Play Store soon mobile and gadget

It looks like Google wants to remove some 900,000 apps that are out of date and have not been updated for a long time. . Trump: Ilan will not buy the Twitter mask for such a 'ridiculous' amount other

Donald Trump, in his recent speech on the purchase of Twitter by Ilan Musk, said that Tesla's CEO would not buy Twitter for such a ridiculous amount. How does Starlink satellite internet work? other

Over the past few years, Starlink satellite internet has made a lot of noise, which can be used to access high-speed internet in different countries and regions. But is this internet activated in diff The unpublished Pixel Watch made headlines; The processor of this smartwatch is from four years ago! mobile and gadget

It seems that the Pixel Watch is not at all the smartwatch we expect because its processor is made by Samsung four years ago. The Galaxy M22 has been updated to Android 12 and the One UI 4.1 user interface other

Samsung has recently updated the Galaxy M22 to this One UI 4.1 operating system and user interface as part of the process of updating its phones to Android 12. p> How to customize the settings panel of Samsung phones? applications and software

The Quick Settings panel on Samsung Galaxy phones gives you instant access to some of the most used features. As you know, every Android phone has a notification panel, or what Samsung calls the quick Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 2022 unveiled with Snapdragon 720G and Android 12 mobile and gadget

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite in 2020. A tablet that, due to its very reasonable price, was able to attract the positive opinion of many users. In this regard, the Korean company decided to 6 Mistakes to Keep in Mind When Applying for Telecommuting other

Due to the increasing trend towards telecommuting and the growing demand for telecommuting, we have been researching this area at BingMag for some time. In the continuation of this process, in this ar Get acquainted with the top 11 Android widgets applications and software

In this article, we want to introduce you to the top 11 Android widgets in different categories so that you can use them to the maximum potential of your Android device. . Widgets have been part of th Why should 2022 mobile phones last at least 5 years? mobile and gadget

If you have just bought a new mobile phone, you probably want to use it for a long time. These days, the hardware of new mobile phones has improved significantly and therefore must last for years. Ove The release of the two games Starfield and Redfal has been postponed to 2023 game news

Bethesda recently announced that the much-anticipated Redfall and Starfield games will be released late in the first half of 2023. Apple is testing iPhones with a USB-C port mobile and gadget

A few days ago, a well-known whistleblower announced that the iPhone 15 with a USB-C port will hit the market next year. Now Bloomberg News also reports that Apple is testing iPhones with a USB-C port Scientists grow plants on lunar soil for the first time other

As a need to travel to other worlds, scientists have succeeded in growing plants for the first time in the moon's soil. Why does computer RAM show half its speed? mobile and gadget

You have just assembled a new system and are excited to test it; But while checking the system, you will notice that the computer RAM shows half its real speed. Does that mean your system has a proble 13 Shocking statistics on gender discrimination and inequality worldwide mental health

Although man today has witnessed many advances in the expression of his civic aspirations, the general public is still as it should be from the depths of gender inequality prevailing in the world. Tod 5 ways to make coffee more nutritious with vitamins and antioxidants diet and nutrition

Most of us forget to take the vitamins we need every day, but drinking a cup of coffee is an option we would never get used to. We do not forget. For many people who like to drink coffee, the day does The most important symptoms of a blood clot that you should never ignore physical health

When you are injured, the blood starts to clot to stop the bleeding. These types of clots, which actually save your life, disappear or heal after the wound has healed. But blood clots are not always g Introducing 2 new books in the field of personal development from Milkan Publications books

Milkan Publishing was founded by Majid Parhizgari in 2014. The first book to reach the bookstore under the name of Milkan to reach the reader was "The Mysterious Library", by Haruki Murakami and trans Top 10 games in the Call of Duty series; A pioneer in cinematic storytelling and online experience most

Call of Duty has a long history in the world of video games. In general, many titles of this collection have been published and choosing the best one is really difficult. In the meantime, other side g 13 Interesting Facts About Framasoft Studio; Creator of Dark Souls and Bloodborne other

It's hard to imagine what FaramSoft Studio was like before the Dark Souls series was released. In fact, it seems that today, when someone mentions this developer, everyone immediately starts imagining Learn about some of the new features and mechanics of Saints Row game news

Reconstruction of the Saints Row game was introduced at the Gamescom 2021 event. This game has a lot of changes compared to the previous titles in this series, and for this reason, some fans were not