5 brilliant plans by Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones and 5 times that brought luck movies and series

When it comes to the smartest characters in Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister is one of those characters who should be at the top. For many episodes of the series, he seemed the smartest man in all of Kasper; 5 tips about this nostalgic movie that does not fit with reason movies and series

This always happens. You go back and watch one of your favorite childhood movies from years or even decades ago, and along with the onslaught of nostalgic memories, you have questions that you can't s The story of a real fairy fairy in the form of a video game (game showcase: others Brothers A Tale of Two Sons) other

Once upon a time, in a distant land, there were two brothers whose father had fallen ill. They took their father to the village doctor. The doctor glanced at his distraught father and realized that he The iPhone SE 3 will probably be the last Apple phone with an LCD display mobile and gadget

Apple's iPhone SE 3 is expected to be introduced in the future. Recent reports have revealed new information about the third generation of SE iPhones, and news about this phone has been published on t Manicure at home and all the photofuns you need to know fashion and beauty

One of the most popular cosmetics is manicure and nail care. You do not need to pay for this and you may prefer not to go to beauty salons in the current situation. With the right tools and a little p Listen to the top 7 pieces of music from the 2021 movies so far movies and series

In this article, we have selected the best film music of 2021 so far, and one of the best of each film, from "Corolla" ( We have prepared Cruella to listen to "No Time to Die". 10 superheroes who are introduced in the movie Immortals and the powers and skills of each movies and series

Marvel Immortals introduces ten new superheroes to the Marvel movie world. Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore has previously described the heroes and their roles in the film. Jack Kirby's immortal cre Introducing 7 books whose main characters are animals books

Books allow us to experience a feeling that has never happened to us before. Each book is a mirror of the narrative that helps you see and feel it from the characters' point of view. They pay. In some The best phones of 2021 for photography and filming mobile and gadget

Nowadays, because the camera is on all phones by default, everyone is familiar with the camera and the photography process. Although every smartphone maker in the world uses a camera in their phone, t Instagram is testing longer stories applications and software

Instagram intends to test new features on its platform in order to increase the satisfaction of its users and as a move forward in publishing video content. Initially, Instagram decided to increase th The most accurate map of the mysterious aurorae of Uranus was prepared aerospace

Scientists have for the first time mapped the entire uranus in the infrared to get a better understanding of the planet's mysterious aurorae. behavioral economy; Science that explains the reason for human decisions mental health

Behavioral economics, based on the principles and rules of psychology, explains why people deviate from taking logical and correct actions when making decisions. But traditional economics believes tha Preview of Fortza Horizon 5; The best experience in any style of driving preview

Fortza game series can be considered the best game in the field of driving. This series has always attracted the attention of driving enthusiasts with its great attention to detail and environment. Th Apple's 27-inch iMac will probably be introduced in early 2022 with a mini-LED display mobile and gadget

A well-known whistleblower named Ross Young has announced that Apple plans to unveil a 27-inch iMac in early 2022. It is said that the new generation of Imec display is based on mini-LED technology, w Facebook is changing its name to focus on building MetaVers mobile and gadget

Facebook currently has more than 10,000 employees working on products such as AR glasses. "Users will see in the next few years that Facebook will grow from a company that was often known as a social All Marvel characters that can travel in multiple worlds movies and series

The new phase program of Marvel Cinematic World has a special focus on multi-worlds and in this article with all the Marvel characters that have been introduced so far and the ability to travel betwee Hear the sound of diligent exploration of Mars aerospace

This astronaut is equipped with two dedicated commercial microphones, one on the chassis and the other in the supercomputer on the probe rig, so they can record different sounds from the Martian envir Xiaomi introduces the Redmi Note 11 series on November 27th mobile and gadget

Xiaomi announced a few hours ago that the Redmi Note 11 series handsets will be officially introduced on October 28 (November 6) in China. The company has also released several promotional posters tha Amazing Animals 3; Five Dumbledore Secrets That Must Be Answered movies and series

We have been away from the world of Wonderland animals for a long time, but in less than a year compared to the second film and finally with the release of the next film of Wonderful Animals in In Apr Comparison of MacBook Pro specifications from 2019 until now mobile and gadget

Apple unveiled its new 14.2.2 and 16.2 inch laptops, the MacBook Pro 14 and 16, two nights ago. . But these laptops are not at all similar to last year's MacBook Pro in terms of hardware power, and ha Disney postpones release of 5 Marvel movies and removes 2 movies from release list movies and series

There have been no major changes to the release date of the 4 films yet, with Disney announcing a delay in the release of five Marvel movies scheduled for years 1 and.. Pixel 6 phones receive only 3 years of important Android updates mobile and gadget

Some time ago, whistleblowers and some sites announced that the Pixel 6 series phones will benefit from a 5-year update. But after the unveiling of these phones, it became clear that Google has only g Live broadcast of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Ceremony other

Following Apple's launch of the new MacBooks, as well as Google's launch of the flagship Pixel 6, it's Samsung's turn today. The Galaxy Unpack Part 2 live event will focus on the unveiling of new colo