Despite all the rumors, the iPhone 14 may be unveiled sooner than expected mobile and gadget

Although in the last few days, all the rumors about the unveiling of the iPhone 14 series have pointed to a delay in their release, but it seems that it will finally be sooner than expected. We will b Motorola Razr 2022 and X30 Pro will be introduced on August 20 mobile and gadget

Motorola will introduce the new generation of its folding smartphone, the Razer 2022, and its flagship phone X30 Pro on August 20 (August 11). These two smartphones were supposed to be unveiled in Chi New real images of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 have been revealed mobile and gadget

There are only two days left until the unveiling of the new series of Samsung folding phones, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Fans and lovers of folding smartphones are all waiting for the introd Apple is preparing a pre-recorded iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 event mobile and gadget

According to Bloomberg news reporter Mark Gorman, Apple has started recording its virtual event for September; where the company is expected to unveil the new series of flagship phones, iPhone 14, App Get to know 10 online flashcard making sites applications and software

Nowadays, with the use of technology, there are different methods for learning various materials that people can use according to their learning habits. One of the most effective, simple and practical Midjorin Creative artificial intelligence that revolutionizes the world of art artificial intelligence and robotics

Artificial intelligence finds new aspects in human life day by day and now it has the ability to create attractive artistic images inspired by human written instructions. A process that an artificial iPhone 14 Pro and 4 attractive features that make it more valuable than the standard model mobile and gadget

Although the standard model of the iPhone has always been appreciated by users and won the title of the best-selling iPhone, this year the iPhone 14 Pro has a lot to say. LG Ultra Tab tablet with Snapdragon 680 was unveiled mobile and gadget

After a long time, LG company unveiled its new tablet named Ultra Tab with very good features and reasonable price. As you probably know, this Korean giant said goodbye to the smartphone market a few WhatsApp is working on new security features applications and software

According to the latest beta versions of WhatsApp, this popular messenger is working on several new security features to make this issue even more important and necessary. Remind users. The two featur OLED vs. Mini-LED monitors; Which technology will be available in the future? mobile and gadget

Many of today's monitors, although they are modern, use LCD panels, which are basically no different from the same screens that were released several years ago. This is definitely not the future we ar 8 emotional sequences of horror movies; shedding tears while shaking with fear movies and series

The best horror movies often use the most effective methods to engage the viewer's heart and soul with a multitude of emotions. What makes horror more effective in these films is the ability to evoke Qasimkhani Pact; Trying to get back to the heyday movies and series

These days, if you watch TV series on the home network, you must have heard the name "Once upon a time Mars". This series is the second directorial experience of Peyman Ghasemkhani in the last three y Why is it better to buy mechanical keyboards for gaming? mobile and gadget

In this article, we examine 5 reasons that show that buying and using mechanical keyboards for gaming purposes can be one of the best and most logical things that gamers can do. Taking advantage of th How to prepare bulgur and chickpea salad; A new and interesting taste cooking training

A delicious appetizer not only increases your appetite for the main course, but also makes your dinner table look more attractive at parties. In this article from BingMag video cooking tutorial series Top 8 movies based on Greek myths; From 'Troy' to 'Clash of the Titans' movies and series

Ancient Greek mythology has inspired the stories of numerous spectacular movies and series for decades. From the huge movie "Battle of the Titans" to the best-selling "Percy Jackson" franchise, which Shahab Hosseini's collaboration with the director of the acclaimed movie 'Ghulam' movies and series

Shahab Hosseini, who received the best actor award from the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 for his multi-layered and complex performance in the film "The Salesman" by Asghar Farhadi. is to play a role i Redmi K50 Extreme Edition will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor under the display mobile and gadget

It seems that the Redmi company is going to unveil the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition smartphone in China this month. The Redmi K50 series includes three Redmi K50, K50 Pro and K50 Gaming models in the Chi 4 reasons why you should watch the 'Sandman' series movies and series

The Sandman series is one of the high-profile and expected series for many TV audiences, especially science-fiction fans. This year, it has just been broadcast on Netflix. The "Sandman" series is base 9 interesting facts about the character Plankton in 'SpongeBob' that you didn't know movies and series

Plankton is mostly remembered for his tireless efforts to steal Mr. Crab's burger formula and the bland food he tries to sell. He is the main anti-hero of the popular cartoon series "SpongeBob". While How does the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way swallow stellar gas? other

The common idea is that the stellar gases around a black hole are slowly attracted towards it and fall into it, but this view about the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way may be a 12 uses of baby powder that have nothing to do with children! home and life

Baby powder is one of the products that can be found in the homes of all people who have small children and babies. You may be surprised, but this powder has many uses other than preventing baby's fee New movies and series of 'Harry Potter' world; Examining three possible storylines movies and series

Harry Potter is one of the most important franchises in the field of cinema, which despite being almost a long time old, continues to be welcomed by more fans day by day. However, after the release of The hidden use of hats and mirrors in the 'West World' series movies and series

The second season of "Westworld" changed everything by revealing the truth behind the Delos Park hats. Now, in the fourth season, a similar thing has happened to the mirrors, and "West World" has once All NASA astronauts are eligible to travel to the moon other

As NASA slowly prepares to select the crew for the second Artemis mission to the moon, the agency's top astronaut announced that all of NASA's astronauts, not just a subset It was previously announced