See the first iPhone with a USB-C port thanks to a student manipulation mobile and gadget

Although there have been many rumors over the years about the possibility of iPhones using the USB-C port, Apple has not yet implemented this feature. But a robotics engineering student has created th 15 delicious snacks to maintain energy and vitality throughout the day diet and nutrition

This popcorn is made with Ranch spice and therefore has a different taste. You only get 65 calories by eating this snack, so you do not need to feel guilty after eating it. If you also want to eat a d 6 seasons of the soprano series from the worst to the best other

Choosing a Popular Season Among the Seasons of the Sopranos Series is like choosing one of our children and saying that we love him more than the others. Each of these chapters has its own enduring an Midnight Ceremony Series; The most important unanswered questions, story holes and confusing elements movies and series

Mike Flanagan's Netflix miniseries examined many philosophical questions at midnight and left several story lines unanswered. p> Specifications of the second generation of Google Pixel Stand were leaked mobile and gadget

Possible specifications of Google Pixel Stand Charger are shared on virtual pages. It seems that this charger will be marketed with a 23-watt charging power and the ability to charge wearable gadgets. Exynos chips are likely to make their way to more Samsung phones mobile and gadget

Samsung launches its flagship phones in two models equipped with Snapdragon and Exynos chips. Qualcomm-based chip models will hit the Chinese and American markets, and users living in other parts of t 10 characters that Marvel sues its creators to protect their rights! movies and series

Marvel seeks to sue the creators of several prominent Marvel movie characters to protect their rights. Since Iron Man's success in 2008, Marvel Studios has been slowly creating a large franchise of in Sturgeon Law; 90% of everything is disposable mental health

Sturgeon's law is actually a proverb that says "ninety percent of everything is worthless." The proverb was coined by Theodore Sturgeon, an American writer and literary critic. 5 great James Bond villains who saved the bad movies of this franchise movies and series

The 007 and James Bond franchises are known for their tough characters, and each new film is carefully judged by fans in terms of its villainous character. . The James Bond series has memorable and si 7 books with autumn weather to read on the long nights ahead books

Although reading books does not know the season, it can not be denied the pleasure of reading books on long and cold autumn nights. Especially if the books you are reading have an autumn mood. With au Apple released iOS 15.0.2 with photo bug fixes and security updates applications and software

Apple today released the second version of the iOS 15 update. Apple's iOS 15.0.2 release comes a week and a half after iOS 15.0.1, and this update completely fixes the issues seen in the previous vers The last duel; Everything we know about Ridley Scott's epic and vengeful film movies and series

A knight is forced to continue his trial to fight for justice when his wife is raped by his friend. This film is the story of the last legal duel in the history of France. The Last Duel is an epic his The use of Google 50 mobile services has been officially confirmed mobile and gadget

It was announced months ago that by the end of this year, Google's mobile services will be available on the company's handsets. Now, according to the official Honor account on Twitter, the Honor 50, w What do we expect from the unveiling of the Google Pixel 6? mobile and gadget

Finally, after months of waiting, Google recently announced that the company's latest handsets will be officially unveiled on October 19 (October 27). With the exception of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro 15 useful dietary supplements to treat high blood pressure diet and nutrition

More than 30% of the world's population suffers from "high blood pressure" or "hypertension". Hypertension is the leading cause of heart disease and premature death. The design and specifications of the Xiaomi Black Shark 4S display have been revealed mobile and gadget

Black Shark is one of the most famous companies active in the field of gaming smartphone production and has an extremely good performance. For example, the price of the company's latest gaming phone m Instagram is testing the service's definitive notification capability applications and software

One week after the 6-hour shutdown of Facebook services, Instagram says it is testing notifications in the Activity feed about service outage issues or other issues Technical notifications. James Bond defeats Venom with authority (Box Office of the Week) movies and series

"There is no time to die" as the twenty-fifth film of Agent 007 by overtaking "Venom 2" managed to reach the top of the box office table this week From the magic of Kingdam Hearts to the return of Metal Gear; The best video games other

If you do not have the opportunity to read important news and articles of the game and game industry, you can find a collection of the most important news and the best articles and videos of the game A new video of the design of the iPhone 14 Pro has been released mobile and gadget

You may recall images released from the iPhone 14 Pro Max by an information whistleblower named Jon Prosser. Last month, the man posted images that he said were related to renderings of the iPhone 14 Kia Forte 2022 was unveiled with a completely new look car and transportation

Kia released a mid-range but complete upgrade for the K3 in the South Korean market in April, and now this compact sedan has similar updates to the American versions with The Forte brand will also rec From the alarm of high sugar to strange events in sleep; The best of lifestyle other

If you do not have the opportunity to read health and lifestyle articles, you can find a collection of the best articles and videos related to health, fashion and beauty, lifestyle and Find cooking le 10 Sonic masterpiece moves in video games other

It was three decades ago that Sonic, this blue hedgehog, was first introduced to the world of video games. Sonic's first appearance was on the Mega Drive console, and at a time when the rivalry betwee A strange blue light was seen over Europe from the International Space Station aerospace

Late last week, when astronauts on the International Space Station were working as usual, they saw a strange blue light over Europe for a reason. It was scientifically interesting.