The best exercises that you can do even in the smallest apartments sports and travel

Exercising at home has become very popular these days and many people are exercising and burning fat in their homes and apartments compared to the past. Therefore, this is not a strange topic and many The top 10 Pixar animations chosen by Guardian writers movies and series

To coincide with the world release of Lightyear, about one of Toy Story's most beloved animated characters, The Guardian asked its writers to share the best of Pixar. choose and write about them. Sinc Sony: A new game in the inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper series is not in development game news

While there are rumors that Sucker Punch Productions or other PlayStation studios are developing new games from the infamous and Sly Cooper series. However, Soccer Punch Studio has officially denied t How to put shortcuts to sites on the Windows desktop? applications and software

By creating shortcuts to sites in the desktop environment, you can go to your desired sites with just two clicks. There are three different methods for this, and we will discuss all three methods belo 10 brilliant films that blurred the border between cinema and theater movies and series

Cinema and theater have always been closely related historically, and the influence of theatrical genres on filmmaking in terms of aesthetics and genre is undeniable. Melodrama and vaudeville original Hugh Jackman to co-star with Ryan Reynolds in 'Deadpool 3'? movies and series

The long-time Wolverine actor said goodbye to the role by ditching his adamantium claws in 2017, but Hugh Jackman may be joining Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3 To co-star? Inter Milan will be exclusive to eFootball game news

According to Konami's official announcement, the Inter Milan football team will be exclusively present in the company's eFootball game from July 2024, and other football games have the right to use Th Is it better to wear white or black clothes on hot days? fashion and beauty

We have always heard that wearing white clothes makes the body cooler on hot days, and on the contrary, if we wear black clothes, we feel more heat than usual. But we have never found the reason for t Jurassic Park movies from worst to best movies and series

Jurassic Park's global popularity is no secret. The first installment of the 1993 franchise was a major cinematic event that became the highest-grossing film of all time with an astounding $914 millio 12 games that have the most beautiful 2D graphics most

The next time you have free time, think deeply about the evolution of the graphic style of video games; How much effort went into making Mario look like a real human, instead of looking like a triangu How did Pixar betray its beliefs and creative character? movies and series

Pixar was the brainchild of some of the most creative minds of the 90s; For example, the late Steve Jobs, who dreamed about technology, became a major shareholder in Pixar when he invested in the comp Finally, it was time to meet the spectacular comet discovered by the Hubble telescope other

One of the most distant active comets ever seen, will reach its closest distance to Earth on July 14 (July 24), and although for observation It's very faint to the naked eye, but you can watch a live Give up the phones and live a little, says the inventor of the phone mobile and gadget

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the world's first mobile phone, said in an interview with the BBC Breakfast program that people should cut down on smartphones and live a little. Do men also suffer from postpartum depression?! mental health

When it comes to postpartum depression, women's problems and challenges are always discussed, but until now, no one has mentioned the possibility of men suffering from it. This type of depression is n 'Bride of Frankenstein'; The movie that changed the direction of the horror genre forever movies and series

Universal Studios' classic monsters that are world famous have stood the test of time for nearly 100 years. During its short two-decade run, these films became a model for the horror genre and served 13 actors who played the role of Queen Elizabeth movies and series

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne. He, who has now recorded the longest period of ruling a country in his name, has been ruling England and the count The first expansion pack of Stranger of Paradise was introduced; Watch its trailer game news

If you enjoyed the RPG and Souls-like elements of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, there is good news for you. The Team Ninja studio has recently unveiled the first expansion pack of this g NASA has set the launch window for the first return trip to the moon other

After a relatively successful test of the space launch system preparing for a trip to the moon, NASA has now announced the possible launch window of the Artemis 1 rocket. WhatsApp iOS will soon let you hide your online status and last visited applications and software

WhatsApp wants to soon add a feature to its iOS application, thanks to which you can hide your last visit and online status from others. 'One Piece', 'Bleach' and 'Naruto'; Where do these three famous anime end? movies and series

In the mid-2000s, three anime reached the peak of popularity worldwide. All three animes were adapted from Shonen Jump mangas. At that time, when these three anime were at the peak of success and popu Sega is looking to make movies and series based on the Persona series game news

According to the latest published reports, it seems that Sega is looking to make more movies and series based on video games, and this time it will be the games of the Atlus company ( Atlus) is eyeing 7 tips to maintain healthy skin and hair while swimming sports and travel

Swimming is a great exercise for weight loss and fitness, and it's also a very fun and engaging physical activity. The popularity of this sport multiplies in the summer and everyone goes to the swimmi Xbox Series X was introduced with the design of Thor's hammer game news

Microsoft has recently unveiled a new design for the Xbox Series X console for fans of this company's consoles and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why do astronomers seek to discover the most distant galaxies? other

In the past months, an international team of astronomers introduced a galaxy called HD1 to the world, which, if confirmed, would be the most distant astronomical object discovered.