Facebook took the first step towards integrating Instagram and Messenger applications and software

Facebook has long intended to integrate the messaging part of its apps like WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger for a limited time. Now it looks like the company has taken the first step in doing so. 7 browser add-ons that reveal site tracking applications and software

As soon as you enter the Internet, your tracking is likely to begin and it is usually not easy to detect them. Fortunately, there are various plug-ins for browsers that can provide us with a lot of i Choose your shirt from 75 different sizes! fashion and beauty

From ancient times, when buying a shirt or T-shirt, we always had to choose between three sizes: small, medium and large. In most cases, the clothes we bought did not fit our bodies perfectly. Online Surgeons listen to music during the operation physical health

New research has shown that if surgeons listen to their favorite music during surgery, their techniques They are progressing and performing their operations more accurately. Box office; A disgusting love came to the cinemas movies and series

Last week, Universal was able to reach the top of the box office. What happened at the same time last year; But this time their winner was an animation. Abominable was the best-selling film, and Focu Critics unanimously praised the 'Irish man' movies and series

Last week, after a long wait, Martin Scorsese's latest film "The Irishman" was finally screened at the 2019 New York Film Festival. The title of the opening film was released and soon the critique of If you're going to buy just one thing this week, buy The Man Named Oh books

The book "A Man Called Ove" which is one of the best-selling and popular books in all parts of the world, with a short time between its globalization in Iran He also found his place and was able to e Tehran book market bestsellers; Good-selling romances books

This week, with about ten days left until the start of the book fair, audiences have welcomed the novels that have already been on the bestseller list many times before. All three of this week's best Ubisoft games become animation game news

According to the Hollywood Reporter website, the French company "Ubisoft" intends to make TV series inspired by its games. Ubisoft has previously aired four seasons of the successful Rabbids Invasion Xbox: Those with gameplay play more game news

Subscribers to the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass service buy more games, and more genres than before they joined the service The big ear of the earth is seriously damaged aerospace

After the cable of the giant Arsibo radio telescope strangely fell into the main plate of the telescope and damaged it, the telescope suddenly stopped working. Scientists and experts are now estimati GM is setting up 2,700 car charging stations to compete with Tesla car and transportation

General Motors plans to partner with EVgo to establish 2,700 new charging stations focusing on major cities. These stations will be built in 40 cities over the next five years. How the brain eliminates bad memories physical health

The brain gives amazing warnings. From loud noises to dangerous odors or in the face of attackers, they trigger electrical impulses in our emotional nerve cells to activate the movement and fear part A robot that delivers medicine directly to the brain physical health

Researchers have developed a new device that can enter the body and deliver the necessary drugs directly to the brain. Developed in collaboration with researchers at the Universities of Washington an A look at the collaborations of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro under the pretext of the release of 'Irish Man' movies and series

Martin Scorsese's new film "Irish Man" has been screened at the New York Film Festival since yesterday, causing a great deal of excitement among critics and audiences. has brought. Most critics have Book market bestsellers; A story of the most unlucky people in the world in 'Running Sand' books

The book market has changed a lot since before the New Year holidays compared to before the holidays. Novels at this time are on the list of bestsellers of the week that are not very new and have bee PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 game trailer

There are two or three weeks left until the release of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 . Rockstar Games has also released a trailer for this version, which shows the game's amazing graphics. Car production in the UK halved; The end of the automobile era on the island car and transportation

The UK is one of the most important car manufacturing bases in Europe and in addition to the prominent brands such as McLaren, Jaguar, Land Rover and Mini, others Automakers such as Honda have also s Gaming Headset Buying Guide (Summer 94) other

Headphones have a very large world, and only if you are fully aware of your needs can you make this world smaller and smaller so that you can finally Make a choice. Today we are going to make some of Apple movies screened in cinemas before being released on Apple TV Plus movies and series

According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal in On Friday, Apple movies will likely be released in theaters a few weeks before the release of the Apple TV Plus. [Update] Spring and Book; BingMag Mag Reading Challenge Gifts were sent books

Update April 17, 1996: Gifts for participants in the challenge BingMag Reading Book Posted. Hitman's studio is working on a whole new game game news

IO Interactive game studio wants to work with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is working on a brand new game for consoles and PC. This is the second time since Hitman that they have worked tog Arian 5 missile was successfully launched to place 3 important cargoes aerospace

Finally, after weeks of delays due to technical and bad weather conditions, the European Arian 5 rocket was launched this morning with two satellites and a spacecraft. Put another important thing in Top DSLR cameras equipped with APS-C image sensor other

Although full-frame DSLRs are steadily becoming cheaper, DSLRs equipped with APS-C image sensors are still very popular. APS-C image sensors with dimensions of about 22x15 mm are smaller than full-fra