Nowruz 99 release films were identified; Mehrjui laminate goes on the screen movies and series

The names of the films released on Nowruz 99 have been determined. Mohsen Amiryousefi, Chairman of this year's Show Guild Council, announced the names of Nowruz 99 films earlier than ever on March 26, Films about infectious diseases; Public panic movies and series

With the arrival of the corona virus in our country and the infection of some citizens, in the virtual networks, various videos of people suffering from corona and health conditions and safety tips an Berlin Festival 2020; A cinematic adaptation of the life of an isolated painter movies and series

Hidden Away was one of the first films to be screened in the early days of the 2020 Berlin Film Festival. Toyota's Lunar Cruiser will be the first car under pressure on the moon aerospace

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has chosen the name of its spacecraft prototype; Lunar Cruiser. Where on earth was your city in ancient times? land and the environment

A new interactive map lets you see where your favorite city was millions of years ago on Earth. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G clamshell phone mobile and gadget

After a long wait, Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G clamshell in the second part of its Unpack ceremony. We choose to be like ourselves; Even if we are depressed mental health

It is true that human beings are attracted to people with opposite qualities and spirits. But when choosing a partner, people usually choose people who are similar in various aspects such as height, w Body odor bothers us less mental health

A group of researchers in a new study have shown the body odor of those with whom we are somehow close and We feel kinship, it does not bother us as much as the smell of strangers' bodies. How much pe Why does insomnia affect our mood? mental health

Usually when we do not sleep well at night, the next day we feel bad and bored. Scientists have long thought that sleep and mood are related. However, they know nothing about the molecular origin of t The Berlin Film Festival 2020 started with the screening of 'My Salinger Year' movies and series

The Berlin Film Festival 2020 opened last Thursday with the release of the movie "My Salinger Year". The non-competition film belongs to the Special Screening category and is directed by Philippe Fall Trust your nose; Lessons that the rich can learn from parasitic films movies and series

Bong Joon Ho, a wild and Oscar-winning wild comedy film, offers many useful insights into how the rich can Avoid being hunted by the poorer poor. Many believe that "Engel"'s screenplay has many holes, From Hazarpa to Motarb; The formula for the success of popular comedies movies and series

Motarb movie has managed to become the best-selling work in the history of Iranian cinema by breaking the record of Hazarpa movie. Although Motarab broke the sales record of Hazarpa, Hazarpa is still ZTE Axon 20 introduced; The first phone with a camera under the screen mobile and gadget

The selfie camera has been a major obstacle in trying to integrate the display. To achieve this, the screen cut was smaller and the screen hole and pop-up and rotating cameras were used, but now after The iPhone 11 became the best-selling phone of the first half of 2020 mobile and gadget

In the first half of 2020, many powerful and affordable handsets hit the market, but none of them could perform close to the small flagship in terms of sales. Apple has the iPhone 11 and it became the Live unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (the ceremony is over) mobile and gadget

Samsung that less than a month ago at the Galaxy UNPACKED 2020 flagship phones The new Galaxy Note series was unveiled, now with an invitation on its website, it has announced that Why do our eyes manipulate reality? mental health

vision machine When we want to jump through an opening or from Going up the hill manipulates the actual size or distance of the trail. This allows us to make decisions about where to go based on our Iofit, a shoe that acts like a sports coach other

New sneakers produced to help improve the quality of athletes' workouts, improve performance and reduce injuries . Box Office of the Week; A movie for older gamers movies and series

Sonic The Hedgehog series of games has conquered the game world since the early nineties, and now a film based on the same franchise That means Sonic the Hedgehog is the box office winner this week. Pinocchio; What do we know about the actors in Del Toro's new film? movies and series

Pinocchio is a new stop-motion animation made by Guillermo del Toro. The Mexican director took a break after receiving the Academy Award for Best Picture for his film "Shape of Water" and then went on Sonic the Hedgehog; Audience welcome and mediocre evaluation of critics movies and series

Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which has been released in cinemas in the United States and other parts of the world since last weekend, has sold more than the initial expectations of experts. It continues Space cameras aerospace

Images captured on space missions are one of the most fascinating parts of these projects for people. Scenes that cannot be photographed from the ground, and we can see them with the help of spacecraf NASA research shows significant growth in glacier melting land and the environment

These findings, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, help researchers identify potential risks of melting glaciers. For the communities below them, evaluate and better estimate the rate at Apple will soon unveil two models of the Apple Watch and the new generation iPad Air mobile and gadget

The latest Bloomberg News report mentions the latest Apple products that will be introduced soon. Apart from the iPhone 12 family, we should expect the introduction of two Apple Watch models and a new