7 miraculous ways to clean a burnt pot home and life

The pot is left on the stove and you forgot to turn it off? Distraction usually leads to one thing and that is burning the pot! What do you do when your pots burn? Are you thinking of throwing away th Does the ending of BioShock Infinite make sense? A philosophical look at this issue other

Zachary Hale Comstock (Zachary Hale Comstock) is a self-proclaimed prophet, a religious fanatic, and a racist man who found his "heir" in a city suspended in the sky called Columbia has closed. This h 9 equipment that you must have before going fishing shopping Guide

Fishing is a great hobby to spend time with family and friends in silence. Fishing is a relaxing opportunity to get away from the city, relax, and maybe (if you're lucky!) catch a fish for dinner. If What is philophobia and how can it be treated? mental health

In this article, we ask BingMag about Let's talk about Philophobia, its causes, symptoms and how to treat this annoying phobia. 10 memorable sub-stages of The Witcher 3; The thin line between good and evil most

The Witcher 3 is famous for its rich world full of monsters, quests, combat and great visuals. When the game was released in 2015 and we played it, we saw some of the most interesting side quests that The first look at Electronic Arts Skate game; Gameplay teaser has been released game news

Electronic Arts recently reminded fans of its Skate video game series who are still waiting for Skate 4 that the developers are still working on the game, and by the way, a trailer also published with 5 anime that Shakespeare lovers must see movies and series

At first glance, William Shakespeare and anime might not be a good combination. But the fact is that we have a lot of good anime that either adapted from this most famous playwright in history, or dev 'Irma Vap' miniseries; The most complex production in the history of HBO movies and series

Film is the most haunted form of art; The ghosts of past films and actors, like thought and imagination, each inform a new film, and sometimes the remake of a film or series can be like exorcism, a wa 10 Things Fans Hate About Billy Butcher's 'Boys' Character movies and series

The character of Billy Butcher in the series "The Boys" (The Boys) is a stunningly imposing character that we watch well in the third season as he tries to overthrow Making the superheroes of the stor 4 features of smartphones whose importance is lower than expected mobile and gadget

Users who are somewhat familiar with the technical specifications of phones, usually pay special attention to the list of these specifications when buying. Although the hardware specifications of smar The difference between science and pseudoscience from Richard Feynman's point of view other

With the expansion of social networks and people's lack of interest in reading reliable books and articles, unfortunately, information with the label of science is passed around among people, and most Why does Samsung ignore its most loyal customers? mobile and gadget

Attracting the trust and loyalty of users is not something that every company can do. But we don't know why Samsung, now that it has gained this loyalty and attention, does not care about it and negle Xiaomi 12S Ultra was unveiled with a 1-inch camera sensor mobile and gadget

At the unveiling ceremony of the latest Xiaomi phones, the company unveiled the most important member of this family, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. The most important and attractive feature of this phone is t What is the menu key on the keyboard and how to change its function? mobile and gadget

Many users do not know about the menu key on their computer keyboard. On full-size keyboards, you can see the menu key next to the control key on the right. This key actually works as the right mouse Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro were introduced with Leica cameras mobile and gadget

As expected, Xiaomi finally unveiled the 12S series phones. The two Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro phones use a 1.28-inch camera sensor, which, although it is considered a large sensor, has less to say compar Huawei unveiled two phones, Nova 10 and Nova 10 Pro mobile and gadget

A few hours ago, Huawei unveiled two phones, Nova 10 and Nova 10 Pro, in China. These two mid-range phones have attractive features, which we will talk about their specifications and prices below. It Embraer aircraft reached an unprecedented level of environmental friendliness car and transportation

With the successful flight test of sustainable aviation fuel, the Embraer aircraft achieved an unprecedented level of carbon dioxide emission reduction and environmental friendliness. The design of Hyundai Ioniq 6 has reduced the force of air resistance to the lowest level car and transportation

A presentation of Hyundai Ioniq 6 shows that this company has minimized the air resistance force (Drag) in it with the unique design of this electric car. When will Apple unveil AirPods 4, AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max 2? mobile and gadget

Apple is going to unveil products such as AirPods 4, AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Max 2 in the future, but we don't know when exactly this will happen. As a result, we decided to take a look at the rumor 10 different films about the resistance and occupation of France in World War II movies and series

In 1980, when Francois Truffaut released The Last Metro, there were relatively few films about the French resistance. Since the wounds of the Second World War were still fresh and unhealed, giving up The Galaxy S22 Ultra has sold more than any other Note phone mobile and gadget

According to the statistics released by the famous whistleblower, Ice Universe, apparently the Galaxy S22 Ultra has managed to sell more than any other phone in the Note series. Today the earth reaches the farthest distance from the sun other

Today, Monday, July 4 (July 13), the Earth will reach the farthest distance from the Sun this year. A phenomenon that occurs due to the non-circular nature of the Earth's orbit. 5 horror movies that have poor endings movies and series

The ending of a horror movie should be shocking, somewhat believable for the audience and realistic for the story. No one likes a confusing ending to any movie they've watched for two hours, so someti Mars rover's anemometer was damaged by a pebble impact other

While NASA's Perseverance rover is on its second science mission, the wind has gotten in the way, lifting pebbles from the surface of Mars into one of the instruments. Its science was damaged.