Lenovo Hilo will be the first phone with a Snapdragon 8 generation 1 Plus processor mobile and gadget

Currently, the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 processor is the most powerful model among the processors made for Android phones. But apparently Qualcomm is also building the Plus model, as the first phon Black Holes and Dragons (Part 2): Aboliths other

Desktop role-playing games did not succeed in becoming widespread in Iranian culture, but their legacy, namely role-playing video games, made up for this unpopularity, and today role-playing games , B 9 points that you should pay attention to before buying a suitable rice cooker shopping Guide

Are you interested in buying a rice cooker that is easy to use and at the same time surprises you every time with a golden threat? If so, then this comprehensive guide is the right choice for you. In Hawkeye and Kate Bishop came to Fortnite game news

The presence of popular characters in Battle Royale Fortnite has long been a common occurrence. Now, in the latest collaboration between Epic Games and famous brands, the characters of Hawkeye and Kat Apple expects to reach a historic record in the fourth quarter of 2021 mobile and gadget

Apple will report its fourth quarter earnings results for 2021 on Thursday, and this quarter could be the best Apple quarter in the company's history. According to Yahoo Finance, Wall Street analysts India is looking to develop a native operating system to compete with iOS and Android mobile and gadget

India's Ministry of Information Technology has announced that it is looking to develop a native operating system that will compete with Android and iOS. The statement said that Android and iOS are pla Introducing the best fighting games for mobile (Android and iOS) other

Finding the best fighting games for Android and iOS may not be so easy. But fortunately, in this article, we will introduce the top 15 titles in this genre so that you can have a pleasant experience o 10 weird shortcut keys in Windows applications and software

Can you imagine using five keyboard buttons as a shortcut key in Windows? . No wonder, because there are some weird Windows shortcuts that we need to look at from zero to one hundred. Windows has a wi See the leaked images of Samsung 2022 flagship tablets mobile and gadget

The little child of Samsung's future Galaxy Tab S8 family may have a hard time convincing iPad owners to replace their tablets, but according to Android fans Pictures released by Ivan Blass show that Does eating just one meal a day help with health and weight loss? diet and nutrition

If you are looking for a diet that will help you stay healthy and gain weight, you have probably come across this suggestion from those around you. It is said to try intermittent fasting (intermittent Nvidia may cancel ARM acquisition mobile and gadget

Nvidia reports that a number of It has told its partners that it does not expect the deal to be finalized. On the other hand, the current owner of ARM apparently intends to put it on the stock market Former Meizu CEO: Apple is working on an 8K augmented reality headset mobile and gadget

However, this is in line with our previous reports that Apple was working on its first augmented reality headset, which is apparently coming soon. Goes to market. Initially, it was thought that the he What is premenstrual disorder (PMMD) and who gets it? physical health

Today at BingMag we want to talk about this disorder and its causes. 12 comedy films of 2022 that we are waiting to see movies and series

There are many comedy films to be released during 2022. Works from various genres, from science fiction to abstract and legal dramas, will be screened in cinemas in 2022 with a touch of humor and come Apple's iMac Pro will likely use a powerful 12-core chip mobile and gadget

In recent months, there have been many rumors and rumors about the redesign of the iMac Pro, and it was expected that this product will be equipped with one of the M1 Pro or Apple M1 Max chips. Be. Ho The Microsoft Surface Duo has finally got Android 11 mobile and gadget

After a long wait, Microsoft finally released the Android 11 operating system for its 2019 clamshell phone, the Surface Duo. Technical specifications of Lenovo Ligen Y90 fully revealed; 18 GB of RAM approved mobile and gadget

Lenovo intends to unveil the Liden Y90 as its latest gaming phone soon. In this regard, we have recently witnessed the disclosure of the full technical specifications of this product. Lenovo Ligen Y90 From 'soul hunters' to 'home alone'; Is nostalgia destroying cinema? movies and series

Ghostbusters: Afterlife's new film is a clear example of the obsession that has befallen Hollywood: sending audiences into the back alleys of memories. In this article, Jack King of the BBC raises the Marvel Cinematic World; 10 bad things that happened to Spider-Man movies and series

Spider-Man: No Way Home It added to Peter's pain and suffering and put him in the most difficult situations of his life. Now, with the completion of the first trilogy of the Marvel Cinematic franchise Diamondity 9000 defeats Snapdragon 8 Generation 1 and Exynos 2200 at Geekbench mobile and gadget

Advanced and new chips from MediaTek, Qualcomm and Samsung were recently introduced and we see some new handsets using the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 processor. We have not yet seen the actual perfor The universal model of Redmi Note 11 comes with a 90 Hz AMOLED display and stereo speaker mobile and gadget

Redmi plans to unveil the Redmi Note 11 series phones for the global market soon, but apparently the specifications of these phones will be different from the models offered in China. Redmi, which is 17 fascinating ideas for having a beautiful home library home and life

Although we may be in the digital age, no technology can match the feeling of having a good book in your hands. While public and academic libraries are often large and magnificent, home libraries are Zuckerberg: Meta is building the world's fastest artificial intelligence supercomputer mobile and gadget

Meta (formerly Facebook) has completed the first phase of building an artificial intelligence supercomputer. It is said that by the end of this year, the process of building this supercomputer will be 9 big series that will return to television in 2022 movies and series

We have good TV series in 2022. Despite the slowdown in the production of many TV series in 2020, we saw many new and exciting series in 2021.