Samsung unveils the astronomically priced W22 5G clamshell mobile and gadget

However, some new and unique features can be seen in this clamshell phone. The W22 5G comes in a body with a black color combination and gold color. W22 5G support for the dedicated S Pen stand with i How to prepare a delicious and colorful vegetable crumb, with all the tricks to fit cooking training

Qarameh Sabzi is one of the most popular Iranian stews, which is not an exaggeration to say that it is world famous. There are a variety of recipes for this wonderful dish, and the ingredients are sli The new Saints Row trailer shows its new city; First look at the gameplay game news

After the introduction of the new episode of Saints Row a few months ago, we now see a new and more complete display of the gameplay of this work. This new show, shared by Game Informer, gives us a ne The OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition smartwatch will be introduced soon mobile and gadget

A few months ago, news about the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition was published in cyberspace. Now, however, reports suggest that OnePlus will soon unveil the smartwatch. The Indian branch of the co The James Webb Space Telescope arrived at the launch site by ship aerospace

Every space launch, however, requires careful planning and preparation, but for the Web, this process began about 15 years ago and eventually reached the port of Pariacabu ( Pariacabo) France is a tur 4 Japanese philosophical concepts that give you mind control mental health

Japan has a rich and famous culture and philosophy. The teachings of Japanese philosophy can affect all aspects of our lives and lead to betterment. One of the lessons that Japanese philosophy teaches Qualcomm teased Google over the tensor chipset mobile and gadget

As you probably know, the Pixel 6 series phones will be launched for the first time without Qualcomm chipset and instead with Google Tensor's proprietary chipset. In this regard, Qualcomm's Twitter ac What are the new features of Windows 11 widgets? applications and software

Widgets are a new feature that Microsoft has added to Windows 11. In fact, these gadgets are designed to display a variety of information. Examples include weather, news, sports results, stocks, traff Computers incompatible with Windows 11 have received the update unexpectedly mobile and gadget

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 11, it soon became clear that a large portion of computers could not install the operating system. The most important limitation of this new version is the processors, Next year, Reilmi will unveil a smartphone with a charging speed of 125 watts mobile and gadget

In July last year, Riley officially unveiled its 125 watt UltraDart fast charging technology. But the Chinese company has not yet launched any smartphone with this new technology. No information is av How to prepare 23 stylish proteins for building muscle and relieving hunger after exercise sports and travel

Are you looking to gain lean muscle? Do you get very hungry after exercising? If so, be sure to try homemade protein shakes. Protein chic works wonders in reducing hunger after exercise and building m 10 most influential Walt Disney characters in history movies and series

These characters are not necessarily They are not the main characters of the animation and sometimes they even have a small role, but they have an undeniable effect not only on the course of the story Information was stored in an ancient meteorite before the formation of the solar system aerospace

Scientists use a new method of analysis to discover the mysterious origin of the grains of an ancient meteorite dating back to before the formation of the solar system and its information Interpret. Live Instagram was equipped with the ability to schedule and practice mode mobile and gadget

Instagram last night announced the introduction of two new features for fans of the ability to hold live on this social network. One feature allows users to schedule a live up to 90 days in advance an Samsung wants to release Android 12 for its phones by the end of this year applications and software

Android has 12 weird unveilings. Although this update is technically available now, users will not be able to experience it for several weeks, and even Google Pixels will have access to it in a few we AMD unveils RX 6600 graphics for $ 329 mobile and gadget

AMD recently unveiled one of its most valuable mid-range graphics cards, the RX 6600 with high processing power and priced at just $ 329. Will Gavin's character die at the end of The Green Knight? movies and series

He may or may not be beheaded at the end of the Green Knight movie in which the two Patel plays Gavin, but in the end the most important thing This is the path he has taken. Why is the army of thieves different from the army of the dead? movies and series

The first preview of the Netflix Thieves Army movie has been released, which is different from the Dead Army movie. There seems to be a good reason for this distinction. What effects does Immortals have on Marvel's storyline? movies and series

The movie Immortals will have a wave effect throughout the fourth phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Producer Nate Moore has sarcastically said that the film, thanks to its story and powerful charact 9 advantages of iPhone and iOS over Android and Android phones in 2021 mobile and gadget

Earlier in another article, we reviewed the 10 advantages of Android and Android phones over iOS and iPhone phones and said that for these reasons, buying a phone Android and their preference for iPho First look at Jade Raymond's Haven studio; What is their exclusive game for PlayStation? game news

There are only a few studio executives in the industry with a reputation similar to that of Jade Raymond. If you're a big fan of Assassin's Creed, you probably know him, because he was the producer of Warhammerology (Part 7): Tyranides other

If you are a gamer, you have probably heard of Warhammer 40K and maybe even Play popular and acclaimed games like the Dawn of War strategy series set in the Warhammer 40,000 world. But the problem is Familiarity with Persian smart assistants; Everything you need to know artificial intelligence and robotics

In 2011, Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S, an intelligent phenomenon And introduced a new one called Siri to the world; And this was the beginning of the historical era of smart assistants. After Siri, ot Acer's new laptop displays 3D content without glasses mobile and gadget

Acer unveiled hours before the ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition laptop that, thanks to its two dedicated cameras, advanced software and a stereoscopic display, can display 3D content Acer has also devel