Top 12 films of mother and son in the history of cinema movies and series

Each family member's relationship with each other has its own emotional path and unique form. The mother-daughter relationship, father-daughter relationship, father-son relationship, mother-son relati Dead Devil Horror Movie Criticism; Is it ridiculous or scary? movies and series

The movie "Evil Dead" belongs to a movement in the art world called "Camp". The Persian equivalent can be considered an unfamiliar phrase such as "unkindness" or "deliberate/ironic perversion". Kamp's 3 powerful features of Android flagships that are not present in iPhone 13 mobile and gadget

Another thing that is going to be unveiled in the future is the best policy to make small changes to the current appearance of the iPhone, which has already worked well. The iPhone 13 ranks higher in the DxOMark category than the iPhone 12 Pro mobile and gadget

Some time ago, the DxOMark site published the results of a review of the iPhone 13 Pro camera, ranking it higher than the iPhone 12 Pro. Now, the experts of this site have also checked the iPhone 13 c What is vitamin poisoning and how can it be prevented? physical health

Vitamins are essential for good health. But the body only needs a small amount of vitamins, which most people can usually get with their diet. Excessive consumption of vitamins leads to "hypervitamino Predicting the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2022; جولانگاه جوان‌ترها movies and series

The Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor will be, this year, more than in previous years, a hotbed of young people and anonymous actors, actors who have worked in cinema for many years. The fingers What you need to know about the China Bloc other

A blockchain to which some sources have distributed Distributed Ledger technology Technology) is said to be a technology that, through the use of decentralization and hash encryption, makes the histor All about NFT; A scam or a way to support artists? e-commerce

NFTs have been around for a year or two. Many artists and content creators have tried to sell their products to collectors as part of this new phenomenon. But what is NFT? How does this system work an 5 films directed by Warren Beatty, a movie star in the new Hollywood era movies and series

His limited filmmaking period is really weird, and those five films are enough to explore The record of a filmmaker is confusing because at first glance it may not be possible to guess that these work 8 Amazing Benefits of Tangerine; Delicious autumn fruit diet and nutrition

Tangerine is a member of a citrus family called mandarin orange and is second only to citrus in terms of area under cultivation after oranges. Tangerines are orange like oranges, but in some varieties 13 evil characters in the animations of the last decade movies and series

Disney has long been the king of great animated villains. From Oscars in The Lion King cartoon to Malficent, Disney has a full range of negative animated characters. However, more animation studios, f 25 Famous Dogs Animations and Comics; From Zombe to Bushog movies and series

In this article, we have listed 25 famous dogs from popular animation and comic strips. Some of these dogs were beautiful, while others were cunning and deceptive, and you wondered if they were delibe Check and test the sound of Bajlavand fiddle model 80Tar_k; Eye-catching and pleasant music

The first thing that attracts attention about this instrument is its beauty. Bajlavand fiddle is perfect in appearance and has a good manufacturing industry. The box comes with it and is well sewn and NASA's suicide mission prepares to deal with a dual asteroid aerospace

NASA's various space mission, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART for short, is scheduled for November 23 at 7:20 p.m. Launched at 2:50 a.m. Iran time. How to distract. Previous NASA maneuve Apple has filed a lawsuit against Epic Games applications and software

Apple has a strict rule in its App Store that does not allow developers to use the payment gateway. They are in applications or games. Of course, this is just one example of Apple's strictures, as the What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others mental health

Pygmalion Effect is a condition in which a person's performance is influenced by the expectations of others. In other words, a higher level of expectations of others from man leads to his better perfo 10 anime heroes who become assassins; Humanitarian killers movies and series

Rarely do anime fans look at their favorite heroes with a killer eye. But these two concepts, especially in the world of anime, are not as different as they seem. Heroes usually kill in self-defense, 10 Popular Mobile Phones in BingMag (October 6, 1400) mobile and gadget

Some phone brands are more popular among users than other phones and experience better sales. In this weekly article, we will introduce you to the most popular phones among the users of BingMag online Phone battery capacity against charging speed; Which is more important? mobile and gadget

Overall, an ideal phone battery does not attract attention at all and you forget about it. This means that the user should not worry about such a thing at all. Given that the phone's battery charging 10 Disney characters that deserve a love story movies and series

We all know many Disney characters who have sweet love stories. In this article, we have named 10 other Disney characters that deserve a love story. Recorded in the history of his studio. Hundreds of 10 engaging movies that only took place in one location movies and series

One of the greatest pleasures of cinema - which is completely unique to this medium and can not be found in any other medium of art - the ability to transport the spectator to the world It is an epic Starlink satellite internet will soon be available to all US users information technology

The development of Starlink satellite internet has now entered a new phase, and after passing the pilot phase, its official service will soon begin throughout the United States. The metal replica of the Galaxy S22 Ultra confirms the rumors of the S Pen position mobile and gadget

Recently, renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra series were released. These pictures showed a very interesting design on the back cover of this phone. In addition, there have been rumors about th 7 films and series adapted in 2021 that are expected to become more popular than their novels movies and series

Some of the best movies and TV series are based on stories and novels, and this has become the norm in Hollywood. Adaptation of literary masterpieces from the past to the present in various genres of