Trailer News GreedFall game sequel introduced; Watch the trailer

Nacon and Spiders Studios have just introduced the Gridfall sequel to The Dying World for consoles and PCs. "We are very excited to announce the new Spiders studio game, GreedFall 2," Nikon CEO Alan F Critique of the film 'Boy from Heaven'; A sophisticated espionage trailer in the Egyptian religious space (Cannes Film Festival 2022)

"Boy from Heaven", the latest film by Egyptian-Swedish director Tariq Saleh, is one of the entries in the competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival 2022. Top 9 Espionage Drama Films Based on True Stories of World War II

"Operation Minsmith", directed by John Madden and starring Colin Firth, Matthew McFadden and Kelly MacDonald, tells the unique historical events that take place in Occurred during the "Operation Minsm The historical strategy game The Valiant was introduced; Watch the trailer

THQ Nordic and KITE Games Studios have just introduced The Valiant for consoles and PCs. A team strategy piece set in thirteenth-century Europe and the Middle East. The movie trailer for Multiversus is great with Warner Bros. characters

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for the game Multiversus. This game is something similar to Super Smash Bros. and all the characters have a cartoon mode. The interesting thing is that many cha Mobile version of Apex Legends game released; Watch the gameplay trailer

Apex Legends is one of the most popular Battle Royale style titles. Now this game will be released for the mobile platform soon. According to the game developers, the mobile version of Apex Legends is 13 behind-the-scenes stories from the movie 'Joker' that you probably do not know

There are very few people in the world who do not know the character of the Joker. This clown, whose life and mental problems have led him to crime, has emerged from the heart of comic books. We first 10 Important Lessons Marvel's Cinematic World Can Learn from Matt Reeves' Batman

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) managed to do what most of the world's leading franchises only dreamed of; Attracting audiences and critics to very well-made and exciting superhero works at the same t Will 'Jurassic World: Domination' end the Jurassic franchise?

Chris Pert thinks "Jurassic Park: Dominance" will end the Jurassic Park franchise, but it seems unlikely that this franchise will go far enough. Say hello to the end of the movie. From animations like 'Sonic the Hedgehog' to the riddles of the 'Knight of the Moon' series; The best of art and cinema

If you do not have the opportunity to read important literary, artistic and cinematic news and articles, you can find a collection of the most important news and the best articles and videos in the wo Criticism of the new Batman movie; I am the shadow and revenge!

Now that all superhero movie fans, Robert Pattinson fans and those who have seen the movies of the day are watching the new "Batman" more comfortably and away from the atmosphere It can be written abo Do not wait for the release of Allen Wake 2 any time soon; New game designs have been released

Ramdi Studio attracted a lot of comments with the introduction of Alan Wake 2 during the Game Awards ceremony last year, despite the news silence since then. has done. However, Sam Lake, as the studio From Call of Duty Highlights to Alden Ring Narrative Analysis; The best video games

If you do not have the opportunity to read the important news and articles of the game and game industry, you can find a collection of the most important news and the best articles and videos of the g Zenless Zone Zero game was introduced by the creator of Gonshin Impact; Watch the trailer

miHoYo Studio, the creator of Gonshin Impact, has introduced a new role-playing action game called Zenless Zone Zero. This is a post-apocalyptic urban fantasy in which you play the role of one of the 7 Popular Actors Robert De Niro; From Marlon Brando to James Dean

The most important part of De Niro's career, according to many critics, has been his ongoing collaborations with Scorsese; Collaborations that have led to the birth of films such as Taxi Driver, The I The creator of League of Legends sued the Legends mobile game for copyright infringement

Riot Games, the developer of the famous MOBA game League of Legends from ByteDance Shanghai Moonton Technology LTD, the developer of Mobile Legends, has sued for copyright infringement. Top 30 story twists in 21st century cinema

The story revolves around the moment we see Norman Bates with a knife, dressed in his mother's clothes, screaming madly, shining under a lamp, and shocked. we will be. The turn of the story is when we Excerpts from 'Top Gun: Maverick'; A better sequel than the original movie

The first reviews of "Top Gun: Maverick" have been released, praising the highly anticipated Tom Cruise sequel for its thrilling action scenes and compelling story. The original film, directed by Tony 8 films similar to 'Firefighter' that were made about powerful children

Stephen King's latest film, which is actually being considered as a remake of an old film called "Firefighter", has caused quite a stir. Slowly The movie "Firefighter", which hit theaters on Friday, M The release of the two games Starfield and Redfal has been postponed to 2023

Bethesda recently announced that the much-anticipated Redfall and Starfield games will be released late in the first half of 2023. Learn about some of the new features and mechanics of Saints Row

Reconstruction of the Saints Row game was introduced at the Gamescom 2021 event. This game has a lot of changes compared to the previous titles in this series, and for this reason, some fans were not Electronic Arts unveiled the new Lord of the Rings game for mobile

Recently, Electronic Arts and Capital Games released a new, free game, The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth. Mobile introduced. Developed in collaboration with Middle-earth Enterprises and in The Knights of Gotham will not be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

"Gotham Knights" is the latest Batman game developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game was originally intended for both eighth-generation consoles and ninth-consoles and PCs, but now The Gotham Knights are arguably different from the Batman games; Watch the new gameplay trailer

As the first modern Batman game to be played in multiplayer and with others, "Gotham Knights" is currently the friendliest game Batman that we have seen during this time. However, as the new trailer o