Scientists News How does the brain store and remember information?

As most people get older, working memory capabilities decrease; In such a case, it will certainly become more difficult to do everyday tasks. In this regard, one of the key areas in the brain that is 16 Misconceptions About Introverts That You Should Forget

Studies show that half of the world's population is introverted, but misconceptions about this type of personality have developed and there is no understanding of it. . Introversion and extroversion a From the duel of the elders to the black hole of the Milky Way; The best of science and technology

If you do not have the opportunity to follow the important news and events in the world of science and technology, you can find a selection of the most important news and the best articles and videos Top 9 Chris Hamsworth Top Characters Who Thor is not one of them

Now everyone, young and old, knows who Thor is, and even if they have not seen his film, they are familiar with this character. The good news is that Chris Hamsworth will soon be starring again in his 8 films similar to 'Firefighter' that were made about powerful children

Stephen King's latest film, which is actually being considered as a remake of an old film called "Firefighter", has caused quite a stir. Slowly The movie "Firefighter", which hit theaters on Friday, M Scientists grow plants on lunar soil for the first time

As a need to travel to other worlds, scientists have succeeded in growing plants for the first time in the moon's soil. There may be huge invisible walls in space

Scientists It is thought that a "fifth force" may exist in space. This force, which they believe is created by hypothetical particles called "symmetrons" or "symmetries", is the cause of invisible wal Travel to the Abyss Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way with this video

Scientists have for the first time been able to photograph the massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, using the international collaboration of the Event Horoscope Telescope, and this video The human eye was first illuminated by the massive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way

After years of computational detection, it was finally announced minutes ago that the Event Horizon Telescope was able to see directly the incredible massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. How do bacteria help build a home on Mars?

Bacteria on Earth are promoting a variety of activities, and now a group of researchers are suggesting that they could be used on Mars, and even with their help at home and Man-made habitat. NASA found evidence of the massive eruption of Tonga volcano in space

When the Tonga volcano erupted on January 15, 2022, shock waves, sound barriers and tsunamis swept across the world. Followed. Scientists now find that the volcano's effects have even reached space. T James Webb Telescope Provides Stunning Demonstration of Deep Universe Observation

The James Webb Space Telescope, which has completed its alignment operation, has captured impressive images of the depths of the universe, a significant improvement over previous telescopes. Shows. The strongest earthquake recorded shook the planet Mars

An earthquake measuring 4 on the Richter scale on May 4 was recorded by the InSight surface, easily breaking the previous record of 4.2 on the Richter scale. Which was identified in August last year, It is time to pay serious attention to reproduction in space

Various space experiments and researches have been done so far, but an important issue has still been largely neglected. Now that the human species is seriously considering extraterrestrial habitat, i At the heart of the James Webb Telescope, what happens before it is fully operational?

The most expensive and powerful space observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, is at least ready for the historic moment of the full launch of scientific activity, but two months before that exper Hear the sound of stars being swallowed by a black hole

The gravitational pull of a black hole is so strong that even light cannot escape it. These objects are often surrounded by masses of very hot gas and dust, known as accretion tablets, which, when fed Scientists have received the latest information from the largest earthquakes

While NASA's Insight landing seismometer recorded the strongest earthquakes in recent months, scientists have obtained new information about the structure of Mars by studying its data./p> Gravitational waves in space-time have sent a black hole deep into space

Scientists have detected strong gravitational waves from the merger of two black holes in space-time, causing the resulting black hole to launch at breakneck speed. Sound travels on Mars at two different speeds

Scientists have recently discovered that unlike Earth, Mars has two speeds of sound, and sound waves behave differently at different frequencies. A new cover for mirrors that will increase human knowledge from the universe many times over

With the advancement of technology, materials scientists have developed a new coating for gravitational wave detection mirrors that multiplies the correct reception of gravitational waves.> Scientists are concerned about alien microbes in NASA Martian samples

NASA is planning to bring Martian rocks to Earth, and even the space agency has polled people about its plan to retrieve specimens collected by the "Perseverance" astronaut. Things we do not yet know about the history of water, air and rocks on Venus

Even at the LPSC, which usually focuses on the moon, Mars, asteroids, and comets, This year, a whole day of lectures were devoted to the planet Venus. But why is Earth's sister so in the spotlight the Top 9 Benedict Cumberbatch roles; From 'Dr. Strange' to 'Dog Power'

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those actors who can be completely different from other actors in terms of personality, accent and characteristics, and in addition, he always tries to be the best. Pres The building blocks of life may have reached Earth by meteorites

For the first time, scientists have discovered all the major building blocks of DNA that mysterious previous discoveries have failed to detect in meteorites. . This suggests that cosmic collisions may