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BingMag.com 6 best-selling novels from Cheshmeh and Sales publications

Every person who has read a book has passed through Cheshmeh and Sales Publications at least once. Cheshmeh and Sales Publishing is one of the largest and most active institutions in the field of book

BingMag.com What happens to your body if you only eat salad daily?

When it comes to healthy and wholesome foods, we all probably only think about salads. There are many types of salads and they are known as one of the best and healthiest foods. This is not surprising

BingMag.com How to prepare delicious gilani stuffed fish with local vegetables

Northern Iran Due to its proximity to the sea and the wonderful climate for growing a variety of vegetables and summer vegetables, there is a wide variety of food and some of the most delicious Irania

BingMag.com 12 of the most delicious Gilani dishes that you must try

Let's start with some delicious Gilani food: p> 1. Cal Kebab Gilani, a combination of unique flavors

BingMag.com 9 useful foods and 3 harmful foods for asthmatics

Diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and unsaturated fats with one or more double bonds (especially a type of omega-3 fatty acid called eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA) that Contains small amounts of added

BingMag.com How to prepare special onion paste; Simple and delicious

Delmeh is one of those very tasty and popular dishes for us Iranians. Regardless of the taste of this food, perhaps one of the reasons for its attractiveness is that by making the internal contents, w

BingMag.com No prior appointment; Backwardness at its peak! (Fajr Festival)

Custom film is not necessarily meant to be a bad work that offends the audience's consciousness. Of course, "without prior appointment" does not follow this sentence. It is one of those custom-made fi

BingMag.com Delicious and unique way of preparing Gilani kebab

The extraordinary variety and deliciousness of Gilani food is the main thing that all of us Iranians are aware of. In addition to the main dishes of this region from the north, of which we have taught

BingMag.com How to prepare 28 delicious and nutritious smoothies for children

Smoothie is a very nutritious drink made with healthy ingredients including various fruits and vegetables, making it a great choice as a snack. It is considered for children. If your child does not ea

BingMag.com How to prepare pasta salad with ham; Unique and easy

Pasta salad or pasta salad is a delicious appetizer that is prepared all over the world in different ways. This salad, which is very easy to prepare, can be a complete and delicious meal, especially f

BingMag.com How to prepare Kashani original sumac shafteh

Shafteh Sumaq is a traditional food of Kashan that is prepared with meat. In this dish, minced meat is combined with other raw materials and cooked in the form of small meatballs in sumac water and it

BingMag.com What should Yalda's dinner table have? (With decorating method)

Many Iranians celebrate Yalda night, which is the last day of autumn and the longest night of the year. In the old days, family members would gather around a chair, grandfather would read the Shahname

BingMag.com How to prepare nardoni chicken; Delicious and authentic northern stew for Yalda night

One of the foods that can be prepared in autumn and winter is nardoni chicken or pomegranate chicken. This food is actually a kind of stew that is served with pilaf and originally belongs to the north

BingMag.com How to set a beautiful and creative table for Yalda night?

We arrived on the 30th of Azar and the night of Yalda, and surely today your whole mind is busy spending a beautiful and pleasant night with your family. You must have made a lot of preparations for s

BingMag.com How to prepare a delicious pomegranate and green apple salad with a special sauce

It is the bold combinations of different foods that turn a simple lettuce salad into a surprising and extremely delicious salad. A good salad is made by combining fresh ingredients with a delicious sa

BingMag.com From Yalda night salad to improving communication with the child; The best of lifestyle

If you do not have the opportunity to read health and lifestyle articles, you can find a selection of the best articles and videos related to health, fashion and beauty, lifestyle and Find cooking les

BingMag.com The best attractions of Tehran for sightseeing on Yalda night

Where should I go on Yalda night? You may be asking yourself this question as Yalda Night approaches. If you are in Tehran on Yalda night and you are looking for an attractive place to walk or gathe

BingMag.com What should we put on the Yalda night table? (With decorating method)

Many Iranians celebrate Yalda night, which is the last day of autumn and the longest night of the year. In the old days, family members would gather around a chair, grandfather would read the Shahname

BingMag.com How to receive Yalda night guests and multi-day guests?

Hospitality and proper etiquette are very important for us Iranians and there are certain sensitivities about it. Yalda night is near and on this night, many of us go to a party or a guest will come t

BingMag.com How to prepare cheese and pomegranate balls; Different and Yaldai snacks

If you are looking for a delicious and different food with pomegranate, you have come to the right place. Cheese and pomegranate balls are a delicious snack that is prepared from a combination of crea

BingMag.com How to prepare 12 delicious and hearty pomegranate dishes for Yalda night

Pomegranate is considered one of the healthiest fruits on earth. This fruit contains many plant compounds, vitamins and minerals, among which we can name fiber, protein, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K a

BingMag.com The most spectacular places in Iran to spend Yalda night

We want to combine Mag Yalda and Safar in BingMag and make Yalda night in nature to make a memorable night Let's celebrate beautiful. So join us to introduce you to attractive places to celebrate Yald

BingMag.com How to prepare pomegranate cake mousse; The best dessert for Yalda night

To enjoy the longest night of the year as much as possible, a variety of delicious dishes are the best choice, especially those prepared with pomegranate, the most delicious fruit of the cold season.

BingMag.com How to prepare Yalda pomegranate and walnut meatballs; Yalda night special dinner

If you are looking for a delicious and special meal for this year's Yalda dinner, in this video we will teach you how to prepare Yalda pomegranate and walnut meatballs. In other tutorials from BingMag