Playstation News PlayStation has published a great gaming dictionary for learning idioms

There are many interesting items in this list. For example you can say sentences like; See Nob, Git Gud and more. Sentences that we all either used or were addressed by. Of course, there are old ones Top 25 Ruglake games; Another chance to win

The phrase "Rogue", which is derived from one of the classic games of the 80's called Rogue, is controversial. Ruglake games are known for a number of common features, such as: Konami plans for Silent Hill revealed; Several games are under construction

According to the latest reports, several games from the Silent Hill series are being developed in various studios. These are said to include a remake, a sequel, and a series of story-driven series. Th Details of new Dethlop update updated; Added shooting mode

One of the best games of 2021 was Arkin Studios' Deathloop shooting game, which was praised by many critics for its gameplay, artistic style and interesting idea. Motivated the players. Since then, ga Fortune-telling will be available soon; An Xbox and Switch version is on the way

Mediatonic Studios recently announced that Fallout Guys will be released on June 21, 2022 (June 31, 1401) at the same time as the PlayStation 5, Xbox The series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Epic Sto It was possible to experience Resident Evil 7 and 8 with a computer virtual reality headset

Although 2022 has suffered from a shortage of virtual reality games so far, the materialist community has made up for this shortfall with a wealth of new and extraordinary material. . External disk drives are likely to be available for the Xbox S Series

Currently only flagship consoles have an optical drive. This means that the 5-disc PlayStation console and the Xbox X-Series can play games from disk. One of Microsoft's most popular consoles, however Sony CFO: The Gimps method hurts the quality of our games

The company's new PlayStation Plus subscription service will start this summer and will include a library of hundreds of games. However, unlike Microsoft's Gimps service, PlayStation's in-house studio Sony has unveiled a preliminary list of new PlayStation Plus games

As we approach the launch date of the new PlayStation Plus service, PlayStation has decided to make a preliminary list of some of the games in the second and third levels of this shared service. Alden Ring became the best-selling game of the year in the United States after passing Call of Duty Vanguard

According to the latest statistics, Alden Ring's sales have surpassed those of Call of Duty: Vanguard in the United States, making it the best-selling game of the last 12 months. This country has chan A remake of the Ellen Wake game will be released for the Nintendo Switch

Ellen Wake was released in 2010 only for the Xbox 360 console. This game was written by Sam Lake and has an interesting story. The method of presenting the story is partial and has a serial mode. Howe The Honor Play 30 5G budget phone was introduced at a price of $ 162

Honor Company just very quietly unveiled its new smartphone called Honor Play 30 5G. This smartphone has many similarities in design with the iPhone 13. But we must note that the similarity of this ph Tekken 3 changed fighting games forever; 25th anniversary of the game

Even if you are not a big fan of fighting games, the Tekken game series, especially the third part, is one of those works whose name you may have heard many times. It is eaten and even most of you who Pictures of the unannounced Silent Hill game were leaked

Images have recently been shared by a popular source and appear to be related to the new version of the Silent Hill series. Top 10 games in the Call of Duty series; A pioneer in cinematic storytelling and online experience

Call of Duty has a long history in the world of video games. In general, many titles of this collection have been published and choosing the best one is really difficult. In the meantime, other side g 13 Interesting Facts About Framasoft Studio; Creator of Dark Souls and Bloodborne

It's hard to imagine what FaramSoft Studio was like before the Dark Souls series was released. In fact, it seems that today, when someone mentions this developer, everyone immediately starts imagining 15 Important Tips to Know About Elite Sniper 5

For years, Rebellion Studios has been releasing new versions of the Sniper Elite shooting series. The studio is now back with the fifth version of the series and has taken a step forward in many ways. Sales of the switch console reached 107 million units

Nintendo has just released its recent fiscal year report, which shows us that the Nintendo Switch console has been generally successful as of March 31, 2022. To sell 107.65 million units. Total sales Top 20 Magic Systems in Video Game History

I think we all agree that magic is great, right? Swords, archers, and rifles are great, too, but they seldom have a strong connection to game worldliness, while magic is in most cases part of game wor Take a look at the Polydite handheld console; Innovative and lovely console

We almost forgot to wait for the Playdate console. The console was first introduced in 2019 by Firewatch and the publisher of the Untitled Goose Game, Panic, but was followed by several consecutive de Sales of the PlayStation 5 exceeded 19.3 million units; Shortages continue

Sony has finally released its financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, which shows that game sales are 3.1% higher than Last year, it rose to 2.7 trillion yen ($ 20.7 billion). The Knights of Gotham will not be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

"Gotham Knights" is the latest Batman game developed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game was originally intended for both eighth-generation consoles and ninth-consoles and PCs, but now The Gotham Knights are arguably different from the Batman games; Watch the new gameplay trailer

As the first modern Batman game to be played in multiplayer and with others, "Gotham Knights" is currently the friendliest game Batman that we have seen during this time. However, as the new trailer o Watch the 13-minute Gotham Knights gameplay featuring Nightwing and Red Hood

A new gameplay trailer for "Gotham Knights" has been released, which focuses entirely on the characters "Nightwing" and "Red Hood". In this 13-minute trailer, we can see the gameplay capabilities of t