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BingMag.com 'Outdoor Night' movie reviews; The inflammatory story of the Prime Minister's hostage-taking (Cannes Film Festival 2022)

Cannes Film Festival 2022 starts on Tuesday this week. While the films of the competition section are going through their usual process and so far we have witnessed the screening of two films from the

BingMag.com Sony unveils AirBads LinkBuds S; The smallest and lightest airbags in the world

Following the introduction of the WH-1000XM5 headset as the successor to the XM4 headset, Sony has now decided to unveil a powerful Airbus called the LinkBuds S.>

BingMag.com Graphic settings in human language: Get acquainted with the terms and get the best quality

Both Nvidia and AMD give you the tools to choose the best graphics settings for the games installed on your system, and both They have established a good balance between quality and performance. In sh

BingMag.com Top 9 horror movies about nature in which our environment becomes our enemy

It is quite true that we have a duty to take more care of the earth. Because if we do not do this and continue to use our environment as before, we may face the consequences of our actions. Maybe now

BingMag.com 8 books of poetry published by Third Edition; Romance for woman and homeland

One of the companies active in the field of book publishing is Third Publishing, which has been officially operating since 1996 under the management of Mohammad Ali Jafaria. Jafaria tried several time

BingMag.com The Chinese fire god is preparing to fight the winter of Mars

As the winter of Mars approaches, the Chinese astronaut Zhurang is also preparing for this cold season.

BingMag.com Explain the ending of 'The Northern Man' in full detail

"The Northern Man", written and directed by Robert Eggers, is a scary drama whose main character wants nothing but revenge. The film is full of Scandinavian mythological elements and is based on the V

BingMag.com Why is Final Fantasy Church 7 an unforgettable remake? (And how to check it)

Maybe Cloud Streif should have lost his life after the battle of Airbuster. Here we are faced with a fall of three hundred meters from Mako 5 reactor and there are many steel beams and pipes in the wa

BingMag.com 15 Important Tips to Know About Elite Sniper 5

For years, Rebellion Studios has been releasing new versions of the Sniper Elite shooting series. The studio is now back with the fifth version of the series and has taken a step forward in many ways.

BingMag.com 10 board games that should be turned into video games

Before video games, there were board games. Board games have remained popular to this day; From classic games like chess and clues to newer games like Arkham Horror or Twilight Imperium. There has lon

BingMag.com The moon's soil can be used to produce oxygen and fuel

A group of researchers by examining the latest samples brought from the moon to Earth, found that the moon's soil is a favorable factor for oxygen production and fuel and sustainable human survival in

BingMag.com BingMag Online Book Fair; Opportunity for local bookstores

Another concern of book lovers is that holding an online book fair is the life of bookstores. Endangers the place. But this idea is also wrong for two reasons. First, local bookstores can also attend

BingMag.com What if Hawkai died instead of Quicksilver in the Age of Ultran?

QuickSilver died at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, but if Hawkai had died in his place, Marvel's cinematic world would have looked completely different.

BingMag.com James Webb Telescope Provides Stunning Demonstration of Deep Universe Observation

The James Webb Space Telescope, which has completed its alignment operation, has captured impressive images of the depths of the universe, a significant improvement over previous telescopes. Shows.

BingMag.com Guide to buying the best laptop from 50 to 75 million tomans (May 1401)

In the guide to buying the best high-end and powerful laptop from 50 to 75 million Tomans, BingMag Meg in May 1401, gives you some laptops suitable for different tastes and functions. We have introduc

BingMag.com The missing heroes of Marvel Cinematic Universe in the final battle of the 'Final Game' and the answer to where they were at that time

The greatest heroes of Marvel's cinematic world came together in the final battle of "Avengers: The Final Game" against Tanus (Josh Brolin), but there were also several absent characters. Who could ap

BingMag.com What effect does poor parental posture have on their health?

The birth miracle for most people is a reminder of the indescribable and undeniable joy of parenthood. Accepting the responsibility of educating and caring for a small and vulnerable creature and turn

BingMag.com 13 important points that you should know before buying different types of design and graphic tablets

In the past, painting was impossible without a painting kit! But with the advent of the digital age, anything has become possible, and design tablets have given artists more leeway. Although you can h

BingMag.com Bukhara Cultural and Literary Magazine; A quarter of a century of purposeful activity

Bukhara Magazine is a cultural and literary bi-monthly magazine that has been published since August 1998. The managing director is the owner and editor-in-chief of Ali Dehbashi, who was previously th

BingMag.com Chief of SpaceX: Humans will go to Mars by the end of this decade

According to SpaceX, a manned mission to Mars could happen sooner than you think, even by the end of this decade. Gwynne Shotwell, chief executive and chief operating officer of SpaceX, recently told

BingMag.com At the heart of the James Webb Telescope, what happens before it is fully operational?

The most expensive and powerful space observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, is at least ready for the historic moment of the full launch of scientific activity, but two months before that exper

BingMag.com 10 Popular Laptops in BingMag (May 18, 1401)

To buy a laptop, users are faced with different brands and options that naturally have to be purchased based on their needs and price budget. In this weekly drawing, we are going to take a brief look

BingMag.com Introducing 5 biographical books published by Cheshmeh Publishing

Cheshmeh Publishing House started its activity in 1985 and is currently one of the most prestigious and leading publications in Iran. Hassan Kayaian is the founder and director of Cheshmeh Publishing,

BingMag.com A new episode in the Mafia games series is under construction

What the company did not mention in its statement is that Matthew Urban, CEO Hangar 13 chief of operations has also left the studio. In fact, these changes occurred when the studio went back from buil