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BingMag.com The Hubble Space Telescope made the most accurate measurement of the universe's expansion rate

According to an article in the Astrophysical Journal, researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope have estimated the rate of expansion of the universe. 73 km/s is 1 megaparsec with a positive or nega

BingMag.com 20 behaviors you should have with a narcissist after the end

There is an old saying that "the best revenge is to live well." In fact, this proverb is only true when the person you want to take revenge on is a narcissist. Because they really can not accept that

BingMag.com 10 actors who won an Oscar for the wrong film

If Will Smith at the 94th Academy Awards, the ceremony in which he won the Best Actor award, he would not have made that extraordinary move. And he did not ruin his entire career, the Oscar he receive

BingMag.com Top 30 story twists in 21st century cinema

The story revolves around the moment we see Norman Bates with a knife, dressed in his mother's clothes, screaming madly, shining under a lamp, and shocked. we will be. The turn of the story is when we

BingMag.com 19 should and should not use mirrors in home interior decoration

Using mirrors in home decoration has many benefits more than creating a space to study style and appearance. In addition, the mirror creates a glow, increases natural light and makes the house look bi

BingMag.com Top 10 neo-noir films of the 90's from worst to best

With a change in the use of colors, but with the same unstable soundtracks, seductive women and ordinary men who Trapped in a web of crime, where fate seems to reach a violent and horrific end, noir's

BingMag.com A complete guide to choosing and buying suitable men's and women's sports shoes

Exercising with the wrong shoes can do a lot of damage to your body. Especially if you want to do exercises like running for a long time and every day. Foot pain, back pain, runner knee syndrome and a

BingMag.com 6 Mistakes to Keep in Mind When Applying for Telecommuting

Due to the increasing trend towards telecommuting and the growing demand for telecommuting, we have been researching this area at BingMag for some time. In the continuation of this process, in this ar

BingMag.com Samsung showcases its foldable screens

At Display Week 2022, Samsung unveiled its foldable screens, all of which have an OLED panel.

BingMag.com Top 20 Magic Systems in Video Game History

I think we all agree that magic is great, right? Swords, archers, and rifles are great, too, but they seldom have a strong connection to game worldliness, while magic is in most cases part of game wor

BingMag.com How do we give up being a victim and achieve our goals?

Are you one of those people who is trapped in the victim mentality? Ask yourself, when bad things happen, do you take responsibility for them or blame others and the world around you? If your answer i

BingMag.com 12 great nutrients to increase concentration

Do you have trouble concentrating on what you're doing? Do you think that your memory is less than in the past? One of the most important things you can do to help ease the way is to eat a healthy, ba

BingMag.com Separation etiquette; How to end all kinds of emotional relationships in a healthy way?

Ending an emotional relationship and separating is not an easy task for anyone. Even in the case of short-term and shallow relationships. In fact, the difficulty is exacerbated when the other person i

BingMag.com 18 examples of the worst decoration ideas that you should never use!

Changing home decor based on the trends of the day is not a difficult task, it just requires a little research and time. We have all changed our home decor in different periods and we have always enjo

BingMag.com 6 ways to strengthen children's unique abilities

One of the best aspects of being a parent is watching children grow and become small creatures with limited abilities into capable people with ideas, interests, and desires. And it has special and uni

BingMag.com Dumbledore's Mysteries is full of story holes and confusing mistakes

"Amazing Beasts: The Dumbledore Secrets", 3 years after the release of the latest Wizarding World movie, saved the Harry Potter series from a serious recession, but It is full of story holes and vario

BingMag.com What is emotional release and how can it be dealt with?

Social relationships affect quality of life in different ways. People who have a successful social life usually have more stable and stable mental health. However, the inability to express emotions pr

BingMag.com 25 cinematic gaps in famous movies; From 'Batman' to 'Titanic'

In the Hollywood movie industry, with all the huge investments and long list of filmmakers, with all the effort that each member of the production team has, the slightest responsibility The most impor

BingMag.com 15 Unique Benefits Of Horticulture For Physical And Mental Health That You May Not Be Aware Of!

Since the Corona head was found, many people have become homeless and have not been able to enjoy outdoor activities. Fathers, mothers and children had to spend their time with home entertainment and

BingMag.com Activision: World War II is the reason for the defeat of Call of Duty Vanguard

The latest version of Call of Duty, Vanguard, did not get off to a good start and did not meet Activision's expectations. Earlier this year, it was reported that the game had sold 36% less than its pr

BingMag.com Introducing 5 biographical books published by Cheshmeh Publishing

Cheshmeh Publishing House started its activity in 1985 and is currently one of the most prestigious and leading publications in Iran. Hassan Kayaian is the founder and director of Cheshmeh Publishing,

BingMag.com 'Knight of the Moon' series; Add nightmares to popular superhero stories

"Moon Knight" once again proved that a series that is made a decade after the creation of Marvel's cinematic world can also bring classic ideas and concepts. Change and redefine. The fifth part of the