Forbidden News Top 10 films by Reza Attaran; Comedy and Drama Star (Portrait of an Actor)

Reza Attaran is back in the cinema again and this could be good news for those who are interested in this actor. Although Attaran is not as busy as before, his films can still be seen and sold well. R Sony has unveiled a preliminary list of new PlayStation Plus games

As we approach the launch date of the new PlayStation Plus service, PlayStation has decided to make a preliminary list of some of the games in the second and third levels of this shared service. Orhan Pamuk; An author from Istanbul with a worldwide reputation

Orhan Pamuk is one of Turkey's most prominent novelists and the first winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. He is a controversial and censored author, yet he has received more than 15 prestigious l Dumbledore's Mysteries is full of story holes and confusing mistakes

"Amazing Beasts: The Dumbledore Secrets", 3 years after the release of the latest Wizarding World movie, saved the Harry Potter series from a serious recession, but It is full of story holes and vario Top 25 Adapted Films from Classic Plays

Suspension professor Alfred Hitchcock says that if a filmmaker in a period of decline wants to make a successful film, he must look for a successful play. Hollywood does not have that view in the 21st Jet Lee's 'Shaolin Temple' martial arts action movie rating from worst to best

Jet Li, a famous Hong Kong action star before entering English-language Hollywood movies, practiced martial arts at the age of eight as a modern wushu student. started. Beijing-born Lee represented Ch Switch Sports comes to replicate the success of the Wii; UK weekly sales chart

According to the latest statistics, the Nintendo Switch Sports game easily topped the weekly game sales chart in the UK in the first week of its release. Introducing 5 biographical books published by Cheshmeh Publishing

Cheshmeh Publishing House started its activity in 1985 and is currently one of the most prestigious and leading publications in Iran. Hassan Kayaian is the founder and director of Cheshmeh Publishing, Hear the sound of stars being swallowed by a black hole

The gravitational pull of a black hole is so strong that even light cannot escape it. These objects are often surrounded by masses of very hot gas and dust, known as accretion tablets, which, when fed Watch the top 10 dance sequences of the animations

Music and dance are undoubtedly integral elements of animation. From pop and classical melodies and calm and tango dances in early animations such as "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" to hip-hop and 7 spells presented in the Marvel cinematic world; Which one is more powerful?

Since you witnessed the expansion of Marvel's cinematic world in Phase 4, you know very well that there are already several types of magic presented in this cinematic world that address They are not w Intermassive black holes grow by continuously swallowing the stars of dense clusters

The universe is very complex and amazing. In a new example, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found medium-mass black holes that grow as thousands of stars separate and consume in more than a dozen How do today's horror movies deal with the real's damage to women's lives?

Horror genre is one of the most popular cinematic genres and its popularity will continue in the future. The outbreak of two world wars, natural disasters and the recent deadly outbreak of the Corona The creator of Final Fantasy returns to his world; Sakaguchi anecdotes in Final Fantasy 14

When Hironobu Sakaguchi first wanted to experience Final Fantasy 14, he knew what he was going to get involved with. An avid gamer himself, he once forced members of the Final Fantasy 14 game developm 3 winners and 3 losers of Nowruz 1401 screening

Nowruz screening is always one of the hopes of Iranian cinema. Usually, a combination of different genres are screened on Nowruz to cover all tastes and attract a large audience. But the Nowruz 1401 r PS5 games return to the top of the sales chart; The peak of Horizon and Gran Turismo

According to the latest statistics, the increase in PlayStation 5 inventory in the market has led to an increase in sales of the console's exclusive games such as Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden Thinking brains; Top 15 puzzle style mobile games for Android and iOS

In this article, we will introduce 15 mobile puzzle games for Android and iOS that if you love difficult challenges, they will definitely keep you satisfied. Thinking brains; Top 15 puzzle style mobile games for Android and iOS

In this article, we will introduce 15 mobile puzzle games for Android and iOS that if you love difficult challenges, they will definitely keep you satisfied. Scientists have discovered the first generation of macromassive black holes

Scientists have identified a distant object with properties between galaxies and quasars, which is the first generation of supermassive black holes. Horizon Forbiden West's story sets the stage for the third part

By the time Horizon Forbidden West was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 console, we could have guessed that Horizon was set to become a major franchise for the PlayStation 4 Be. While it has not 15 breathtaking series based on real crimes

2022 was a year in which a plethora of crime series were made based on true stories. From "Pam and Tommy" to "Fake Anna" as well as series like "Joe vs. Carol" and "About Pam" were all fascinating cri 6 key points to increase the life of the AirPad

Airpads are not cheap not only in Iran but all over the world. Therefore, if we buy them, we should go for ways to increase the life of the AirPad as much as possible. AirPads can be one of the most u An image of Red Dead Redemption 2 won the best virtual photo of the year

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting sections of this year 's London Games Festival is the Best Virtual Photographer of the Year. In this section, an image of Red Dead Redemption 2 was selected as Everything you need to know about melatonin intake while breastfeeding

Undoubtedly, motherhood is a shocking experience, as no one else will be able to evaluate it the way it did before the birth of their child. Slowly Of course, experiencing the sweet feeling of motherh