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BingMag.com Will 'Jurassic World: Domination' end the Jurassic franchise?

Chris Pert thinks "Jurassic Park: Dominance" will end the Jurassic Park franchise, but it seems unlikely that this franchise will go far enough. Say hello to the end of the movie.

BingMag.com 12 key points to consider when choosing a book for your child

Reading books to a child plays an important role in the development of his personality and skills. Choosing a good book for your child is the first step you need to take to get your child to read. The

BingMag.com Why has Hollywood brought Tom Cruise and the rest of his veteran stars back to the big screen?

Imagine you went into a coma at the beginning of the century and just woke up today. What year is it? Take a look at the movies that have been released and you will see that Keanu Reeves has a new "ma

BingMag.com 10 popular characters of Ice Age animations

In the early 2000s, significant changes took place in the animation industry, and hand-drawn designs gradually gave way to three-dimensional modeling. The Toy Story and Shrek series are known as the p

BingMag.com Black Holes and Dragons (Part 9): Gelatinous Cubes

Desktop role-playing games did not succeed in becoming widespread in Iranian culture, but their legacy, namely role-playing video games, made up for this unpopularity, and today role-playing games , B

BingMag.com its end of World; What is the place of Final Fantasy 7 in resurrection literature?

At any time while playing Final Fantasy 7 Remix you can not lift your head and look at the blue sky of the day. Each of the four parts of the game that take place during the day takes place under the

BingMag.com Top 10 films whose important part of the story takes place in museums

Museums in movies are a kind of port, and the travelers of these ports are people who are hiding or passing; Tourists looking for exotic goods that can only be found in museums. Statements, thieves, m

BingMag.com Secrets of Pixar's works that referred to the studio's next animations

Pixar has many rules for its animations, one of the most popular of which is to include some secrets in some of the company's animations that announce the making of the next animations.

BingMag.com 13 Top Cinema Dragons; From Cisu in 'Raya and the Last Dragon' to Smag in 'The Hobbit'

Dragon is a creature that lives in myths and is derived from the imagination of humans, but its importance can not be denied in cultures around the world because almost every culture in The world has

BingMag.com The dinosaur foot discovered probably survived the day the massive asteroid hit Earth

Scientists claim that a dinosaur foot perfectly discovered in North Dakota may be a reminder of the time when a huge asteroid hit Earth And ended the era of non-flying dinosaurs. However, not all expe

BingMag.com How did scientists finally complete the puzzle of the human genome?

When the Human Genome Project announced in 2003 that they had completed the first human genome, it was an important achievement because it was the first DNA design of human life. opened. But with one

BingMag.com From Star Wars to Marvel; The best movie marathons for the holidays

Nowruz holiday has always been the best opportunity to watch a movie for hours without worrying about work and usual worries. For the past three years, despite the epidemics and bans and social distan

BingMag.com Introducing the Nowruz game: Horizon Forbidden West

Although Nowruz, like in recent years, has lost a bit of its special atmosphere for various reasons, but the New Year is on its way and there is still a little bit of its taste left, and in addition,

BingMag.com 11 dinosaur movies that Jurassic Park is not one of them

Dinosaurs are really attractive to us. These extinct giant reptiles allow us to give wings to our imaginations and sometimes cause fear and apprehension.

BingMag.com Capcom unveiled Exoprimal online action game

The game is set in 2040. The Earth is in poor condition and the dinosaurs suddenly return to it. This is where people turn to Aibius. The company has a special technology that can detect where dinosau

BingMag.com Pixar's top 10 sad animations from worst to best

Animation lovers and fans of Pixar Studios, who are familiar with its style, usually expect a certain level of sadness from their films, although these films guarantee In addition to sadness, they als

BingMag.com Why has the much-criticized digital revolution been good for cinema?

In 1993, digital technology was transforming cinema; But now there is a threat to destroy it. Signs of this were there 28 years ago. The best-selling film of the year was "Jurassic Park," in which its

BingMag.com Top 10 Strange Weapons in Video Games

Guns are plentiful in video games, and anyone who decides to eliminate the forces of darkness and evil must have a gun. Whether it is the most advanced firearm or an ordinary sword, the presence of we

BingMag.com 15 movies that we are waiting to see in the spring of 2022

Less than two months left until spring. According to the Gregorian calendar, spring begins on March 20 each year and lasts until June 20. After the Corona outbreak and its aftermath died down last yea

BingMag.com Trailer analysis of 'Dr. Strange 2'; 26 points and secrets of the story

The trailer for "Dr. Strange in a Multi-World Madness" reveals exciting details about the story and characters of the film. The multi-world theme is becoming increasingly prominent in Marvel's cinemat

BingMag.com Analysis of the movie trailer of 'Jurassic World: Territory'; 8 points from different stories and dinosaurs

The trailer for "Jurassic World: Territory" shows a transformed world in which dinosaurs change the Earth's ecological system and threaten humanity. The director, Colin Trevor, has always emphasized t

BingMag.com Critique of the animation 'Buck Wild's Ice Age Adventures'; Extinction of popular characters

The last episode of the "Ice Age" animated series was really disappointing, with the removal of almost all previous famous voice actors and the replacement of similar artists and the absence of popula

BingMag.com Ranking the films of the 'Ice Age' animated series from the worst to the best

The "Ice Age" franchise has been in production for about 20 years anyway, which has led to the rating of "Ice Age" films from The worst is not easy at best.

BingMag.com From the Ice Age to Poirot; 5 foreign movies and series that you should see in February 2014

In this article, we have introduced the best Bahman 1400 movies and series that you should not miss watching.