Curved News The OnePlus Ace Racing Edition was unveiled with a 120 Hz display

This Chinese company, like other companies active in the field of technology, has a more powerful presence in The global market for smart products is preparing to continue last year's growing trend th 19 should and should not use mirrors in home interior decoration

Using mirrors in home decoration has many benefits more than creating a space to study style and appearance. In addition, the mirror creates a glow, increases natural light and makes the house look bi Stroller Buying Guide; Types, features and advantages and disadvantages of each

Despite having a baby or toddler, it is more or less difficult not to leave the house for two years. This is especially true during the spring seasons, summer vacations, and fall road trips. A strolle The human eye was first illuminated by the massive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way

After years of computational detection, it was finally announced minutes ago that the Event Horizon Telescope was able to see directly the incredible massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Google has released a teaser for the Pixel tablet with a tensor chip

Google also released a teaser of the Pixel tablet during its I/O event; The product, called the Pixel tablet, will use a tensor chip. Comparison of appearance and technical specifications of Galaxy S22 Ultra with ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

ZTE announced Axon The 40 Ultra will officially enter the global market. This way, many users in the world will have access to this product, and this means that maybe someone will even hesitate in cho The rendering of the Nokia N73 announces its five-camera system

Although Nokia occasionally quietly introduces its new mid-range handsets, it has been a while since any flagship smartphones have been launched. Has not marketed. Earlier it was rumored that the comp 13 important points that you should know before buying different types of design and graphic tablets

In the past, painting was impossible without a painting kit! But with the advent of the digital age, anything has become possible, and design tablets have given artists more leeway. Although you can h The Vivo X80 series has officially entered the global market

The Vivo X80 series was first available in the Chinese market, but From the very beginning, whispers were heard about their release to the world market, until finally it happened today, and one of the The Google Pixel 7 Pro frame renders show its design

According to reports, Google plans to unveil the Pixel 7 series phones in the second half of this year. Some time ago, a number of renderings attributed to the Google Pixel 7 Pro were released, which The official image of the ZTE Axon 40 shows the camera under the improved display

It seems that ZTE intends to use more advanced camera technology under the display in the much-anticipated Axon 40, leaving less trace of itself on the display. ZTE was the first company to officially See the first renderings of the Samsung Galaxy A04s

At the moment, we can consider the Galaxy A33 and A53 as the most attractive new Samsung interfaces. But Samsung is one of the companies that unveils a large number of mid-range and low-end phones eve The replica of the iPhone 14 Pro shows very small margins on the screen

Leaked CAD renders of the iPhone 14 Pro show that the phone will have very few margins around its display compared to the previous generation. The Pixel 6 Pro was supposed to be introduced to users with a face recognition sensor

The flagship series of Google Pixel 6 can be considered as one of the best series of Android smartphones, which with its features such as Google's tensor processor, was able to get the opinion of many If the Galaxy S22 did not have this defect, it could be the most flawless flagship of the year

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22 series earlier this year. Very powerful flagships, equipped and full of features and capabilities of hardware and software that made them sell well. But in various revi The release date of the Poko Watch smartwatch has been announced

It seems that Poco is also going to join the ranks of companies that produce smart gadgets in addition to smartphones, because it is said that the company The Chinese want to unveil their first smartw The new Pixel Watch rendering will probably be the final design of this product

The Google Store website for users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan has undergone changes that focus more on the company's smartphones and smartwatches. have. Obviously, th OnePlus Rolling Watch, which mistakenly appeared on the OnePlus site, will be announced soon

OnePlus, which intends to have one of the best years of its presence in the smart products market in 2022, is working hard on its new products, which include gadgets. It also becomes wearable. In Sept 5 features we would love to see in the Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Last year, Xiaomi unveiled the May 11 Ultra, which received a lot of attention. Given that the Xiaomi 12 Pro has not made a lot of noise, many users are waiting for the introduction of the Xiaomi 12 U Nosferatu is 100 years old; It's still scary

It was exactly one hundred years ago, in March 1922, that Berlin cinemagoers went to see Friedrich Wilhelm Morenau's film "Nosferatu" and watched it. That Kenneth Erlock suddenly rises in the coffin. The official renders of the Motorola Edge 30 were leaked

Last month, Motorola's plans and goals for this year were revealed by whistleblowers, revealing that the Chinese company intends to end 2022 with the introduction of 19 devices. To send. Apart from th A blood pressure sensor will not be added to the Apple Watch until at least 2024

As you probably know, Apple is working on various new features for its next generation of smartwatches, one of which is a blood pressure sensor. And the addition of this sensor for users can be very u Full technical specifications of Xiaomi 12 Lite were revealed

Xiaomi plans to unveil the 12 Lite as its flagship economic phone soon, and in this regard, we have recently witnessed the disclosure of its complete technical specifications. The Xiaomi 12 Series is Comprehensive guide to buying a phone; Everything you need to know before choosing a phone

Buying a new phone, especially for those who do not know much about it, can be a daunting process. There are currently several phones on the market offered by different companies, each of which target