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Women's scarf code 165; Beautiful silk item for fashionable ladies

One of the main trends of 2021 is scarves. Inspired by the 50's and 60's, this fashionable fashion trend has returned to the fashion world dramatically. Due to this global trend, this year we mostly saw scarves in women's street styles in Iran. That's why in this week's inbox video, we take a look at a women's scarf. A silk design with floral patterns or intricate patterns or a scarf with bold colors and simple capital letters can be your choice. You can style the scarf with different models, for example, you can knit the fabric under the chin, hang it from behind, wrap it around your neck or attach it to your bag.

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The women's scarf that we have chosen for this video can be ordered in two colors, blue and purple, and its exact size is 106 by 106 cm. This scarf has a special and attractive design and is suitable for four seasons.

This scarf is made of handmade Mami silk. Suitable for four seasons. Mami silk, while soft, has a strong texture and does not wrinkle quickly and is easy to iron. Mami silk scarves have an unparalleled softness and softness and are ideal for use in parties and gatherings due to their shine. Silk scarves, in addition to mami, are also available in the market in different types of twill or crooked and jacquard, which have a slight difference in the texture of the fabric.

For a closer look at this women's scarf, we invite you to watch the video above.


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