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Why should you exercise even when you don't feel like it?

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>exercise</b> <b>even</b> <b>when</b> <b>you</b> <b>don't</b> <b>feel</b> <b>like</b> it?

It has happened to all of us that sometimes we are tired and lack energy and we don't feel like exercising. Sometimes we do our sports session in these conditions and we think that we will not get any results from it. This lethargy makes us not feel refreshed, our heart rate does not increase, we do not sweat and our muscles do not relax.

It does not matter what the reason is; Sometimes you may not have eaten enough food, maybe you didn't sleep enough last night, maybe your mind is busy with something else, and maybe you went to a new exercise that is not suitable for you, in any case, it happens to you that you don't feel good about your exercise. And you don't feel it with all your heart.

Many think that it is better not to exercise in this situation. They believe that exercise should not be done when one is not in the mood. But experts believe otherwise!

In fact, some coaches and athletes believe that even this bad exercise can be beneficial for health. Although you should give yourself a rest when you are really tired and your body does not have the necessary ability, but when the problem is motivation and you think it is better not to exercise, you should put aside the excuses and continue to exercise with the same low energy.

If you are bored and unmotivated, try to stick to your exercise. Because it has many benefits for your health and fitness level. It may not be as beneficial as an energetic and vigorous exercise session, but it still has a great impact on your health and will surprise you.

In this article, we want to take a closer look at this and see why you should exercise. even when you don't feel like it. In the following, we examine the benefits of exercising in these conditions and also introduce tips to maintain motivation and exercise safely. So stay with us.

How should you keep your motivation for exercise?

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>exercise</b> <b>even</b> <b>when</b> <b>you</b> <b>don't</b> <b>feel</b> <b>like</b> it?

Although the benefits of exercise and physical activity are not hidden from anyone, still many people may not be in the mood to exercise and make many excuses. Many people sometimes do not enjoy the pain and fatigue after exercise, sweating, burning calories, eating healthy food, pushing their body, etc., and they see exercise as a difficult and annoying task. For this reason, they cannot exercise regularly and improve their health.

Perhaps the hardest thing is to take the first step. Many people lose all energy when they think about doing a full workout. you have to promise yourself that you only want to exercise for a few minutes to stay motivated. For example, you only need to get up and run for 5 minutes or do stretching exercises, Swedish swimming, butterfly, etc. Undoubtedly, 5 minutes is nothing special.

When you encourage yourself to perform these 5 minutes, you can give yourself a shake and get up. Most of the time, after these 5 minutes, you get enough energy and motivation and you want to exercise for a longer period of time. even if this does not happen and you settle for the same 5 minutes, it is still not without grace, because these 5 minutes are still exercise and will be better than inactivity.

Also, you did not feel like exercising anytime , sit down and think of a good memory or feeling while exercising. Find out what fun it is to exercise and why you do it. Think about the freshness after exercise, think about sweating and feeling lighter, think about your lightness and energy and... all these will help you have more enthusiasm for the next exercise session and count down the minutes for exercise and physical activity.

These good memories when exercising will lead you to see exercise in a better light and consider it a fun bell. For this you need to focus only on the positive aspects of the sport and not on the achievements and results. don't think about the results and progress of exercising, because this can make you obsessed and make you always push yourself to get a more positive result. This pressure and obsession does not allow you to enjoy exercising.

So, don't be hard on yourself and try to take the first step. Be sure that the motivation to exercise will come to you and you will do various exercises for a longer period of time.

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This exercise still has many health benefits

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>exercise</b> <b>even</b> <b>when</b> <b>you</b> <b>don't</b> <b>feel</b> <b>like</b> it?

The good news is that low-energy exercise isn't just a waste of time. But it can be as useful and efficient as the rest of your sports sessions. exercise is good for your health anyway, and even a few minutes of regular exercise is better than no exercise at all.

Whether you are motivated to exercise or not, sticking to your schedule can have a huge positive impact on your health. Get fit And face many results. From improving the body's immune system to reducing the possibility of diseases, any type of exercise in any condition can have many health benefits. Of course, remember that you should not exercise and push yourself when you are sick or injured. But if your problem is lack of time, fatigue, lethargy, etc., you should still exercise to benefit from the following benefits.

1. Makes you feel good and happy

Exercise is one of the best things you can do to feel good. even science has proven this, and according to research, people who exercise, no matter whether it is moderate or intense, can feel more refreshed and pleasant than those who do not exercise.

This People are also happier on days when they are more physically active than usual; Therefore, increasing the amount of exercise can increase this feeling of happiness. But if you exercise for a short time, you will still feel happy.

2. Reduces the risk of heart disease

With exercise, you can avoid taking various medications and reduce the risk of heart disease naturally. Research also shows that physical activity can have a greater effect than drug treatments. To benefit from this benefit, you can consult your doctor and prepare a proper exercise program according to your physical condition.

3. It teaches you to have a goal and achieve it

It doesn't matter what your goal is; Whether it's running 10km, breaking your deadlift record or increasing your cycling distance, setting fitness goals and working towards them can help you stay disciplined, focused and boost your confidence.

Being purposeful and setting your intention to exercise will not only help you to exercise and stick to the training program, but it will also lead you to become an organized and motivated person and strive to achieve your dreams in life.

4. Increases the quality of your sleep and rest

If you can't sleep well and you always spend the night tossing and turning, a little exercise can help you to have a better and more quality sleep. By improving the circadian rhythm, exercise can help you to be fresh and energetic during the day and make you sleepy at night. In addition, it leads to an increase in the quality of sleep, so that your fatigue is relieved and your body's health improves. Better sleep will also help to maintain the motivation to exercise in the rest of the days.

5. Strengthens the body's strength and flexibility Body weight can help strengthen muscle strength, increase muscle mass and bone strength. The importance of this issue increases with age, because over time the muscles begin to atrophy and the body's skeleton becomes weak. . In addition, they send more blood to your muscles, improve circulation and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. you can exercise with little motivation and increase the strength and flexibility of the body.

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6. Helps increase energy levels

When you're feeling tired, exercising is probably the last thing you want to do. But according to experts, exercise is exactly what you should be doing.

Researchers have found that low-intensity exercise, something like a light and simple walk, can reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. increase by 20 percent. Those who don't care about an intense training session due to fatigue or lack of time can do at least one light activity to relieve their fatigue in addition to exercising.

7. Increases self-confidence

If you don't feel good about yourself, exercise is the best way to solve this problem. Physical activity helps you to feel better about yourself and it doesn't matter what activity or sport you do and what level of fitness you have. miss out you just need to remember this benefit and increase your self-confidence by exercising and get more motivation to maintain your health.

8. It also strengthens memory

Regular exercise can help strengthen your memory. Research shows that aerobic sports such as running and swimming can increase the size of the hippocampus, which is the part responsible for memory and learning in the brain. This part of the brain is one of the first parts of the brain that is damaged in Alzheimer's disease. In addition to taking help from memory-enhancing foods, you can also make your memory stronger by exercising. Do it.

9. Reduces the risk of many diseases

From strengthening the immune system against possible cancers to reducing the risk of breast cancer, exercising even when you are tired and lack of energy is good for your health and protection. it helps. Theories show that exercise removes bacteria from the body and reduces stress hormones. These two factors can weaken the immune system and lead to disease.

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10. It also leads to increased longevity

There is no doubt that exercise is one of the best ways to increase health and longevity. Researches have shown that exercising with moderate to intense pressure for 30 minutes a day can be sufficient and appropriate to avoid mortality. Apart from this, you should definitely not go to the gym and waste your time and money. even jogging or walking at a high speed can be beneficial to improve the quality of life.

Exercise not only reduces your weight and makes you feel happy and refreshed, but it has been proven to reduce the risk of 13 types of cancer. and reduce dangerous diseases. Overall, all of the benefits of exercise help you stay healthy, get sick less, and live longer.

Keep these tips in mind when you're feeling tired

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> <b>you</b> <b>exercise</b> <b>even</b> <b>when</b> <b>you</b> <b>don't</b> <b>feel</b> <b>like</b> it?

You definitely know your body better than anyone else. If you are really tired and weak, some part of your body hurts and you have a special problem and injury, you should stop exercising for a while and give yourself a break. But if a voice in your mind says you shouldn't exercise and you don't feel like it, you should definitely get up and stop laziness. If you have little motivation, you should still exercise, even if only for a few minutes.

Fatigue undoubtedly affects the body's performance. you should not be hard on yourself for exercising in these conditions. It is better to do some exercise and keep your body active. It is not necessary to exercise like on happy and energetic days. This little and tired exercise is better than nothing and it still gives you the benefits of exercise.

On the days when you are low on energy and lethargic, it might be a good idea to change your exercise program and go for lower intensity sports. are going For example, if you do strength training during the rest of the day, when you are tired, you can get help from aerobics, stretching, yoga, swimming, etc. By doing this, you will still adhere to the exercise and at the same time put less pressure on the body.

Finally, remember to consult a doctor before exercising to make sure that your fatigue and lethargy are not due to illness or It is not a special problem.


Many problems may prevent you from exercising. Too much hot or cold weather, fatigue, feelings of depression and discomfort, anxiety, lack of energy, lack of sleep, etc. all destroy the feeling of exercising.

Maybe you think like many others in this It is better not to exercise and wait until you feel better. But this only increases the problems and obstacles on your way. In fact, you should get up and exercise in order to feel refreshed and energized, and to keep up with your exercise schedule. It is still useful and effective even when you are not in the mood. Keeping in mind the points we have reviewed, try to always stick to your exercise and leave the excuses aside. Be sure that when you get up, put on sports clothes and listen to some exciting music, your whole body will be filled with the feeling of exercising.

At the end, remember that if the main problem you are injured or overworked, you must rest and stop exercising for a while. you can also consult a doctor and see when it is better to resume your sports.

This article is only for education and information. Before using the recommendations of this article, be sure to consult a specialist doctor. For more information, read BingMag Disclaimer.

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