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Why should the feminist movement focus more on men's rights?

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> the <b>feminist</b> <b>movement</b> <b>focus</b> <b>more</b> on <b>men's</b> rights?

Feminism in its essential form is based on the belief that discrimination against women must be eliminated and given equal rights and opportunities for all. The two sexes are replaced. In fact, theoretically a feminist is someone who believes that. In practice, however, the defense of men's issues seems to be completely ignored by feminists because it does not benefit them, and the issue of equality between men and women becomes merely a defense of women's rights.

Of course, it is also important to note that just because a person has feminist ideas, it is not necessarily their job to spend their time actively advocating for gender equality. In fact, how people should act is an issue that is more in the realm of the study of moral philosophy than gender studies. And the "man", which is the fundamental goal of the feminist movement, includes the timely and appropriate defense of men's rights or not? The next question we have to address is whether it is fundamentally possible to integrate men's rights movements with the feminist movement. Finally, we have examined the advantages and disadvantages of addressing men's rights by women's rights movements. Join us.

The need for the feminist movement to address men's rights

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> the <b>feminist</b> <b>movement</b> <b>focus</b> <b>more</b> on <b>men's</b> rights?

One of the problems to keep in mind is that many of us are often concerned about several different areas of social injustice, so balancing the time we have with dealing with these different issues can be very challenging. p>

Ilan Musk, for example, may be a feminist, but in practice, focusing on building electric vehicles to combat climate change can be much more effective for her, and we as a egalitarian, vegetarian anarchist feminist. Against peaceful racism, which is also opposed to climate change, how should we divide our time between these issues?

Many may argue that everyone should focus their time and attention on topics of interest to them. has it. Feminists who are deeply concerned about women's issues should make it a higher priority than other issues, including men's issues. However, this approach seems to dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the actions of activists in various fields. Suppose a person may launch a social campaign after losing a family member to a shark attack. Launch to prevent similar deaths. However, due to the rarity of such events, their activity is likely to have very little effect, so some may conclude that time should not be spent on a campaign to prevent shark attacks.

Similarly, It does not seem that much interest in feminism and women's issues should cause you to spend all your time fighting for feminist issues and not paying any attention to other issues in society, including issues related to men. In fact, when we make decisions about how we behave and function, we must also consider the extent to which our actions will have an impact.

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Functions of the Feminism movement Addressing men's Rights

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> the <b>feminist</b> <b>movement</b> <b>focus</b> <b>more</b> on <b>men's</b> rights?

Considering feminism as a movement that focuses solely on women's rights is a simple and pervasive approach, but feminists' discussion of men's rights can be achieved by creating unity and balance between the sexes. Increase the male followers of this school and advance the goals of feminism on a broader scale.

Focusing more on men's rights can be an important first step in bridging the gap between the men's rights movement and feminism. Two movements that are generally considered to be in conflict with each other. For example, in the case of divorce and custody of children, in many European countries and the United States, the law may take a discriminatory approach to fathers, which the feminist movement can take an approach based on equal rights for men and women.>

But in such cases, she either defends women's rights or, at best, takes a neutral position. Since there are different degrees of radicalized behaviors and perspectives in the feminist movement, this form of consensus and egalitarianism can go a long way in reducing the gender gap and legitimizing feminist demands.

Equally understanding this It is also important to note that supporting some masculine movements can also benefit the feminist movement. In 1961, for example, the United States military and law enforcement filed a lawsuit alleging that mere male-only participation in the military structure and warfare violated the equal rights of men and women. Co-advocates of rights Men and feminist groups (such as the National Women's Organization) supported the lawsuit when it reached the United States Supreme Court.

It is considered feminist, but in cases where the goal of the male movement is equality and gender justice, advocating for men's rights actually provides an opportunity to increase the share of women in professions that have historically been dominated by men.>

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Existing views on the integration of feminism with the men's rights movement

focus of feminism on men's rights seems irrational to the majority of women's advocates, especially if this is the case. Our people see the men's rights movement as merely a purely misogynistic movement. In many cases, the lack of distinction between the status of men and women in society can not only strengthen the feminist movement, but also help its acceptance by its critics.

men's They existed long ago. Some followers of the feminist movement ridicule such organizations, arguing that their anti-feminist rhetoric harms women and that their actions are illegitimate. On the other hand, some argue that the inclusion of men's rights organizations in the structure of feminism could make the movement more inclusive and effective.

It is also true that men are strongly influenced by patriarchy. In fact, the traditional image of men as the breadwinner of the family, who has a large and gentle appearance and personality, creates many problems for them. Statistics show that the suicide rate among men is sadly three to four times higher than women, because unlike women, they often do not care much about their mental health.

Cases of domestic violence and rape It is not often reported against men either, because such events are a symbol of the loss of masculinity in the eyes of society and are considered a kind of humiliation for men. Even when such cases are reported, they are pursued and treated much less seriously than those of women.

These are all important issues that have created real victims, all of which are the product of harmful stereotypes from the system. They are patriarchal. But just because men are harmed by this system does not mean that the solution to dismantling it is to include masculine issues in the feminist movement.

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What do feminists think about this?

BingMag.com Why <b>should</b> the <b>feminist</b> <b>movement</b> <b>focus</b> <b>more</b> on <b>men's</b> rights?

In developed countries, many women still receive lower wages for the same job than men. Maternity leave and women's rights during this period are still debated in developed countries, and verbal harassment in the community and at work still harasses women.

Another debate concerns the goal of the feminist movement. Overcoming the patriarchal system and creating legal and visionary changes at the community level is certainly one of the most important strategic goals of feminism, but another vital goal of this movement is to provide a safe space for women to come together. In fact, many women who feel insecure in the presence of men take refuge in the feminist movement, and the entry of men into the movement undermines this important function of the important feminist movement. Sexual or domestic violence are the ones that the feminist movement must prioritize and protect.

Finally, patriarchy affects men and women, but To varying degrees. Although the inclusion of men's issues in the feminist movement solves many of the problems that need to be addressed and can increase the scope of support for the movement, it also has its own drawbacks that require us to be very careful. And decide on the basis of the cultural conditions of each region separately. is not. In fact, what the feminist movement is trying to fight is the patriarchal system that governs society; That is, the power structure that is responsible for creating the wrong expectations of men and women. They are women. But the important point here is that radical views, whether in defense of women's rights or in support of men, should not be They should be used as a basis for the big decisions of these justice movements and to eliminate the opportunity for convergence and unity between them.

Feminists were the first group to challenge the belief that men could not control their sexuality. They also challenged the stereotype of men being rational and insensitive, and worked hard to correct it. They also took significant steps to raise awareness and correct the view that men despise each other for their "feminine" characteristics and interests.

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