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Why replace punched curtains with old ones?

BingMag.com Why <b>replace</b> <b>punched</b> <b>curtains</b> with <b>old</b> ones?

Are you familiar with punch curtains? These types of curtains are among the latest decoration trends that fortunately can be easily purchased in the Iranian market. Punch curtains are a great choice if you want to create a cover for your home windows to both maintain your privacy and add to the beauty and attractiveness of your environment.

Punch curtains (Grommet Curtains), Types of curtains It is said that fabric panels are mounted on the curtain rod using loops that are installed at the top of the fabric. For simpler visualization, we must say that these are in fact an improved and much more elegant type of bathroom curtains that, due to their ease of use, have opened their way to the decoration of today's homes with a newer and more beautiful design. Follow us until the end of this article to know the opinion of interior design experts about the benefits of this type of curtains.

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Advantages of punch curtains

BingMag.com Why <b>replace</b> <b>punched</b> <b>curtains</b> with <b>old</b> ones?

One of the main advantages of punch curtains is ease of installation and Is used. The perforated loops on the fabric allow the curtains to slide easily along the curtain rod, allowing you to open or close the curtains quickly, without the hassle and without the need for clamps and rails.

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If you live somewhere for a short time or do not want to spend a lot of time and money to prepare a curtain, punch curtains are the best choice for They are because they are much easier to measure, sew and install than other types of curtains. For standard window sizes, ready-made curtains are available in the market, but if the dimensions of the window you are considering are not among these standard dimensions, there is no need to worry because special dimensions can be easily ordered.

BingMag.com Why <b>replace</b> <b>punched</b> <b>curtains</b> with <b>old</b> ones?

Apart from ease of installation and use, another advantage of this type of curtains is the very high variety of designs and colors. You can order a variety of styles and fabrics, even with a custom design, according to your taste, and your choice will no longer be limited to old lace fabrics and pleated curtains. Your hand will be free to choose the material and color of the punched parts on the fabric.

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Another advantage of punch curtains is that they do not cost less than other types, because it is usually recommended to choose thick and integrated fabrics for them, and you no longer need to provide two to three times the width of the fabric window to have classic and pleated curtains.

Tips to consider when buying a punch curtain

  • These types of curtains have different designs, accessories and fittings that you can expect depending on the location of the window, its dimensions, living conditions, Choose a cover for your window and, of course, the budget you have in mind, choose one of them.
  • Be very careful in choosing the curtain rod. In general, punch curtains have a much simpler appearance than other types, and the bar will be quite clear and visible. Therefore, spending money to buy a stylish and beautiful curtain rod will add to the charm of your room decoration.

BingMag.com Why <b>replace</b> <b>punched</b> <b>curtains</b> with <b>old</b> ones?

  • Buy the curtain rod after the fabric. If you prefer heavy and thick fabrics, get rods that fit the weight of the fabric. Do not choose thin and loose rods, even though they have a delicate and attractive appearance. If you live in a place with high humidity or you know that due to your living conditions you will have to wash the curtains quickly, it is better not to use metal punches as they will be more likely to rust and rot.
  • Durability and The lifespan of punch curtains depends mostly on the type of rings around the punches, so make sure of their high quality before buying. Poor metal rings will rot and plastic rings will break after a while if they are not of good quality.

BingMag.com Why <b>replace</b> <b>punched</b> <b>curtains</b> with <b>old</b> ones?

  • Punch curtains, unlike other types, do not have clamps, and therefore when you fold them on the sides, they will not look perfectly neat and uniform. If you are a person who pays too much attention to detail and symmetry of objects, this type of curtain may not be suitable for you, but if you can cope with this slight clutter, be sure that a punch curtain can give a modern and stylish look to your room. Become an attractive point of interior design.
  • If you expect a more orderly appearance of these curtains, you can tell the tailor to install hidden loops behind the curtain when ordering curtain sewing. Hidden loops are delicate tabs that are sewn from the fabric itself and mounted on a rod. These tabs are located at the back of the curtain between the punch rings, making the curtain look more elegant and stylish. These tabs are best used for curtains that do not open and close too much, because if opened and closed continuously, these fabric tabs that are placed directly on the bar will soon wear out.

How wide Choose the right curtain for the window?

Our recommended width for the punch curtain is one to two times the width of the window. For example, if the width of your window is 150 cm, the width of the right fabric is between 225 and 300 cm, which can be changed according to your taste, the material and dimensions of the curtain rod and the number of punch loops.

You can adjust this width. Order in one or two panels of fabric. Single-part panels will be larger and heavier, but their advantage over two-part panels is that they are integrated and because they do not have seams in the middle, they close well and close.

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Try not to make your work and living environment too crowded and prioritize simplicity and practicality of equipment. Crowded, multi-layered, pleated and colorful curtains are not suitable for decorating today's homes, and their extra decorations can disturb your sense of comfort. A simple punch curtain with soft colors, trendy cushions and small boards can give your room a very beautiful look. To have an attractive and eye-catching environment, you do not have to buy expensive and luxurious items, it is your taste that can create an attractive environment with the right choices.

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