Why do we use the phrase “I love you” a lot?

Almost everyone wants to hear these magic words. I love you makes people feel special, wanted and loved. But is it good to say "I love you" too much? Or what will happen when you use "I love you" too much in a relationship?

BingMag.com Why do we use the phrase “I love you” a lot?

Almost everyone wants to hear these magic words. I love you makes people feel special, wanted and loved. But is it good to say "I love you" too much? Or what will happen when you use "I love you" too much in a relationship?

People often use "I love you" in a relationship when they are interested in the person they are looking for and by saying it. They share their feelings with their partner. In fact, people expect that the other person will also show their interest by saying this.

Ideally, both partners, when they verbally express their love to each other, should There should be interest and feelings between them. But the story is not that simple. When you focus on the mental states of the speaker and the listener of those words, you realize that there can be other reasons behind it.

Is saying "I love you" so bad?

Almost the majority of people are aware of the fact that their feelings are constantly fluctuating and cannot always remain strong, like the waves of the ocean that are in turmoil. In fact, when you fall in love with someone, you may constantly feel the need to express your love to your partner and also expect your partner to reciprocate.

But you have to accept that with Considering that people's emotions are unstable, you can't always express them honestly. So, saying "I love you" too much, even if you mean it, can sometimes come across as insincere. Hence, your partner is forced to respond to you even when they don't feel like it. It doesn't mean he doesn't love you though, he just might not feel the love at the time that needs to be reciprocated. We have to accept that people's current state of mind is different.

Another problem with saying "I love you" too much is that it can quickly become a routine in people's lives, and when something becomes a routine, We take it for granted. Like when you buy a new phone, you value it a lot at first and you will be very careful that nothing happens to it. After a few months, you simply throw it around and it no longer holds the original value for you.

In psychology, this is called a habit, and it includes everything, including the words you like to hear. In fact, the more you have something, the less you value it, and on the other hand, the rarer something is, the more you will want to have it.

At the same time, you should not use these words so little. Express that your partner feels unloved or that you have doubts about the relationship. The best option is to choose a balance between saying it rarely and saying it too much.

Why does someone say "I love you" too much?

BingMag.com Why do we use the phrase “I love you” a lot?

But an important question is what makes someone keep saying I love you? Other than feeling the need to express it, the following possible reasons are among those that can be mentioned:

  • Seeking reassurance
  • Fear
  • Cheating

Seeking reassurance

People feel insecure in their relationships from time to time. They think to themselves that they are not worthy enough to be respected and loved, they don't believe that their partner wants them for themselves and not for an external issue (for example, material, etc.). Saying I love you too much can be a way to make sure their partner loves them back. In fact, people feel more secure in their relationship when they reciprocally receive the answer of this sentence from the person in front of them. I love you, it doesn't last long and they get up again to hear this magic sentence. It might not be a bad thing to emphasize here that sometimes in the lives of couples, there are troubles that make both parties anxious, and the phrase "I love you" is used in these cases to bring the partners closer together, and it is necessarily a sign of feeling. Insecurity is not sustainable.


Many of us have a fear of loss and this feeling is much more in relation to our life partner. Many times people use I love you to keep their partner. Also, your partner may have done something that made you jealous. Using I love you a lot in these situations is a way to draw them to you.

You must have seen many clingy couples at parties and around you who use I love you more. In fact, the fear of losing their life partner makes them more than this Kind of use too many sentences.

Perhaps it can be said that the component of "reassurance search" and "fear" are both underpinned by an inner need. Both of them refer to our anxieties and worries about our "inadequacy" and to make up for these two feelings, we go hand in hand with statements that take these painful feelings away from us.


People know how good it feels to hear this sentence. Therefore, it is possible that your partner will try to make you feel good by saying these words and ask for another chance because he has bad news for you or to reduce the guilt he carries.

Sometimes a partner You try to show yourself in a different way by using these sentences to hide other issues. So sometimes, there are other issues involved that you probably don't know about.

Final point

BingMag.com Why do we use the phrase “I love you” a lot?

Most people love free stuff, but they don't value it. Like when you paid for a book and bought it compared to when you just downloaded its PDF file from the internet. In fact, when you pay for something, you value it more. Likewise, saying "I love you" too much diminishes its value and loses its original power. To keep it magical, you need to make sure it's effective when you say it.

But what can be done? Is it reasonable to use these sentences sparingly?

A simple rule to remember is to say it when you feel like it. Since our emotions are changing 24 hours a day, this automatically ensures that you don't ignore it. It's more effective to say it when you're both emotionally charged, but it's not always easy to gauge your partner's emotional state. However, in order for these words to remain magical, you need to express them in an unexpected and creative way, and also try not to let the expression of your passion and feelings become a normal routine in life. Don't forget "I love you"!

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