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Why do we take Hafiz's fortune on Yalda night and read Shahnameh?

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> do we <b>take</b> <b>Hafiz's</b> <b>fortune</b> on <b>Yalda</b> <b>night</b> and <b>read</b> Shahnameh?

Yalda night is slowly coming. Yalda night is a night when family members, young and old, gather together and spend happy moments together. The biggest night of the year has its own customs. It is customary that on the night of Yalda, the eldest member of the family recites the Hafiz's fortune and reads the Shahnameh. Have you ever wondered what is the cause of this? Does this have a philosophy? In the article that we have prepared for you today in BingMag, we are going to examine the philosophy of Hafiz's fortune telling on Yalda night and also the reason for reading Shahnameh on the longest night of the year. Be with us until the end of this article. The other nights are about a minute longer, the grandfather would start reading the Shahnameh and fortune telling for the family members. Eating delicious and hearty snacks, meeting family members, reading Shahnameh and divination all make Yalda night a memorable night. You may think that fortune-telling and reading Hafez's poems are for families of poetry and literature, but you need to know that this is not for a specific segment of society. We can say that there is a book of Hafez in the house of almost all Iranians and people believe a lot in Hafez's divination. It is not unreasonable that the Iranians cast a spell on Hafez on the longest night of the year.

"He does, because he has an opinion on the Iranian people and the people." We can say that the secret of Hafez's divination and the reason Why his poems are very relevant to the subject is his opinion. The variety of themes and meanings of Hafez's poems is great. The theme is related to the world of poetry and the meaning is related to real life. Hafez has paid more attention to meaning than other poets. Among the important themes of Hafez's poems, we can mention love, windmill, mysticism, morality, admonition and indecisiveness, deprivation, determinism and submission to Reza, world discredit, trust and truthfulness.

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How to get Hafiz's fortune?

BingMag.com <b>Why</b> do we <b>take</b> <b>Hafiz's</b> <b>fortune</b> on <b>Yalda</b> <b>night</b> and <b>read</b> Shahnameh?

Now that you are familiar with the philosophy of Hafiz's Yalda night divination, it is time to learn how to practice divination as well. You can read fortune-telling for yourself or ask a family member who reads Hafez's poems well and can interpret them correctly. . After that, it is said to swear by Hafez Shirazi with phrases and usually with the words "O Hafez Shirazi, you are the Muharram of every secret; "I swear by God and the horns of the plants that you will reveal to me the future and whatever you see fit." Then close your eyes and accidentally open a page from Hafez's book of poems. It is customary to consider the right page of the book as a fortune and read it aloud.

What is the reason for reading Shahnameh on Yalda night?

One of the old and pleasant traditions of Iranians is reading Shahnameh. Especially on the night of Yalda.

Iranians consider Yalda night a good opportunity to meet each other and read Shahnameh to their children. Shahnameh is usually placed on the table of Haft-e-Sin next to a volume of the Holy Quran and Hafiz's book. The big family recites epic and joyful poems of Shahnameh aloud to create attractive and unforgettable moments for everyone. Some white-bearded people who have learned the stories of Shahnameh from their fathers or narrators, read them from memory to the audience.

Esfandiar and the battle of Rostam and Sohrab, also known as Sohrabokshi, have more fans. Some families do not read Shahnameh only on the night of Yalda and consider this night as the beginning of reading Shahnameh and winter nights. These people read stories from the Shahnameh on the night of Yalda, and on other cold winter nights, when family members get together again, they go on to read other stories from the Shahnameh.

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