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Why can't I find any friends ?!

BingMag.com Why <b>can't</b> I <b>find</b> <b>any</b> <b>friends</b> ?!

If you feel like you have no love or you are struggling with loneliness, you should know that you are not alone in this situation. As an adult, it may seem difficult or impossible to make new connections, but if you want, you can make new connections.

Read more from BingMag; We'll look at some of the possible reasons why people fail to make friends, and how not having friends negatively affects people's mental health, as well as practical tips on how to make new friends.

Reasons why Why we can not make friends

Jessica Ermilio, a clinical psychologist, says that many people feel they have no friends or that others do not understand them. There are many reasons why someone might have trouble making friends. These reasons are stated below.

1. Anxiety

A very common reason for this problem is that many people experience some degree of anxiety when meeting new people. This anxiety is caused by the fear of being rejected or judged by others.

For some people, these worries can impair their ability to communicate with the other person because they are focused and present in a conversation. It can be very challenging when we feel nervous or insecure. These unpleasant feelings may motivate us to avoid trying to make friends.

The next time you try to make friends, examine your thoughts and feelings to see if they are nervous, scared or not. Are you sure or not? Then ask yourself if these thoughts or feelings help or hinder your ability to make friends. Doing so may help you better understand why dating may be difficult for you.


Are there opportunities that you may miss or avoid because you want to escape the problems of dating? Often our avoidance of hard work can be involuntary.

The next time you turn down social media opportunities, ask yourself why you are doing it. Be aware of this decision and why. When you do not convince yourself to do this, it will definitely be difficult to find new friends.

3. High Expectations

People may put a lot of pressure on themselves to be popular and have many friends. It is not necessary to have a large number of friends. Sometimes, just one or two friends are needed to take full advantage of the deep benefits of deep friendships. Feel friends, stay away from yourself.

Not having a friend affects your mental health

BingMag.com Why <b>can't</b> I <b>find</b> <b>any</b> <b>friends</b> ?!

friends or weak, superficial friendships can damage your mental health.

The need for soothing and secure attachments from the start Birth begins. In childhood, the presence of parents in our lives usually meets this need by providing physical and emotional security. However, as we grow older, we will need more friendships or close relationships to meet these attachment needs.

Faced with it, it includes the following. Stress helps.


The feeling of togetherness and support that is often found in close friendships can help us cope better with any challenges we face. Let's get along. Conversely, the lack of adequate social support that may be felt by someone who does not have meaningful friendships reinforces loneliness and isolation. Mental health problems Loneliness and isolation are important risk factors for problems. Mental health is innumerable, because we are social beings who need close and meaningful connections with others.

Tips for Making New Friendships

And experience the feeling of belonging.

Look for environments where you feel comfortable

BingMag.com Why <b>can't</b> I <b>find</b> <b>any</b> <b>friends</b> ?!

It is important to try and find ways to help yourself feel comfortable and relaxed when finding a new friend. Doing so requires critical thinking about yourself and the type of environment in which you feel comfortable.

Are you a person who feels more comfortable with one-on-one interactions or in public? The answer to this question can help you Be in a better position to find the right environment to make new friends.

Similarly, think about what kind of activities or situations help you to be confident in yourself. For example, is there a particular sport, craft, or activity that you enjoy doing and builds a sense of self-worth? Is there a place you would like to be?

When dating, it is very common to feel nervous, so try ways to control your nerves with relief by relaxing techniques.

Get help from treatment

If you are trying to find a sense of belonging in friendships, see a therapist who can help you with your problems and work with you to overcome them. For example, there may be aspects of your past that affect your ability to communicate and, on the other hand, your vulnerability to new people in your life. In fact, treatment can provide support and guidance to help alleviate problems.

If you can not find a sense of belonging in your current relationship, allow yourself to look elsewhere. For example, books, movies, music, online forums, and the arts can also be ways to get to know and accept your personality and what you may encounter.


A friend can make you feel lonely and isolated and affect your mental health. But it is important to know that you are not alone; Many people feel they have no friends.

Finding the right friend requires you to step out of your comfort zone and connect with people. Although this may seem a bit scary, it does help to choose environments where you feel comfortable, as well as a slow start. When things seem scary or overwhelming to you, it can lead to more avoidance and potentially increased anxiety. By taking smaller steps toward your goal, you may feel more successful and motivated to move forward by making close connections. Doing so even with one or two people can help you feel belonging.

If you can not find friends or feel belonging in your relationship, see a therapist to help you. Help guide and help with the issues you are facing.

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