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Who is your missing half based on the MBTI test?

Have you ever wondered who the missing half of you and the person who completes your life could be? Certainly every human being has thought about this in his life. In fact, humans are always searching for their lost half; A person with whom they can experience a healthy and lasting romantic relationship.

Throughout human history, he has devised many answers and methods to solve this problem; From astrology and spells and measuring the conformity of the existential elements of people together to sand and astrolabe and examining the status of the stars of two people in relation to each other.

But the good news in this regard is that science also enters this field. By inventing some special tools for assessing people's psychology and discovering their personality traits, it can predict the future of a person's relationship with great accuracy and in a completely logical and rational way.

As you know, the MBTI test is one It is one of the most widely used personality tools in the world, which reveals a lot of information about different psychological dimensions of a person and provides some general rules about the compatibility of people, especially which of the personality types in this test with which one Other personality types are more compatible.

In fact, most MBTI test types are attracted to the people who are most different from them. Sometimes a person who can help strengthen your weaknesses is a great potential choice.

We evaluate interpersonal. In addition, we will examine the cognitive functions of the Myers-Briggs test and how they affect individuals' personalities and their compatibility with others. Join us.

Compatibility and its importance

BingMag.com Who is your missing half based on the MBTI test?

Many People are interested in knowing how different personality types get along. This is important because by better understanding the personalities of others, we can have a more meaningful relationship with our friends, family, and co-workers. It is important to be familiar with your personality type and that of the other person to prevent possible communication problems and to have a better understanding of each other's behaviors.

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4 Main Personality Areas of the MBTI Test

It is commonly said that people with different personality types are attracted to each other because they complement each other and point out each other's weaknesses. But some other researchers believe that people with similar personality traits get along better because they understand each other better.

In order to better understand which personality types Researchers have done some interesting studies, and in some cases they do not get along better. Many of these studies are based on the Myers-Briggs evaluation index, which is based on 16 personality types presented by Carl Jung. And the decision-making pattern is different. The four key areas that distinguish each person's personality from others include the following:



This indicator refers to our general orientation towards the world and how we recover our energy. People who are more extroverted draw energy from external stimuli, especially through socializing with others. In contrast, people who are introverted tend to the inner world and enjoy drowning in their own thoughts and feelings alone and gain energy.


This cognitive dimension Refers to how information is received and collected. People with high sensory abilities gather information through scattered details, tangible data, and available facts. They are pragmatic people who focus on the present. In contrast, people with high intuition focus on abstract information, meanings, probabilities, and a general understanding of phenomena. They are realistic people with imaginative minds.


This cognitive dimension determines how we make decisions. Thinking groups make decisions based on facts, logic, and evidence. In contrast, emotional people make decisions based on their values, feelings, and mental ideas. Judgment/Perception

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Research on compatibility between MBTI personality types

BingMag.com Who is your missing half based on the MBTI test?

Previous studies on couples' satisfaction have shown that couples who have more in common In the long run, they are more compatible with each other. This is because they can easily communicate with each other because of the same values and interests they have with each other. Even when they disagree, they can come to an understanding through effective dialogue and mutual understanding.

Thus, it can be said that although people with conflicting personality traits are seemingly more attracted to each other, But in practice, and in the long run, people with similar personality traits experience a better, less stressful relationship.

This certainly does not mean that one should be exactly the same as one's partner, even if they are similar. Two cognitive functions between couples are enough to prevent conflict and excessive conflict and to ensure a calm and low-stress relationship.

More serious conflicts between couples usually occur when one of them is extroverted and Another introvert. In addition, the sensory or intuitive nature of our perceptual pattern also plays a dominant role in absorbing and communicating properly with each other and has a similar communication style to others.

Other operators of the Myers-Briggs test, such as judgment/perception and Thinking/feeling also have an important effect on our life priorities and how we relate to others.

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Emotional adaptation between personality types MBTI test

BingMag.com Who is your missing half based on the MBTI test?

Undoubtedly, compatibility between two people can not be simply Measure the basis of matching personality traits. There are many other factors that are essential to building a successful emotional relationship or friendship, so shared interests, experiences, and values should be considered alongside personality traits.

In the table below, the most compatible personality types in The two tables are listed separately based on the introversion and extroversion of individuals. Compatible personality types Reason for compatibility ISTJ ENTP, ENFP Extroverted personalities and people with calm personality traits get along well with the relatively serious nature of the ISTJ type. INTJ ENTP, ENFP The calm nature of these two personality types allows them to cope well with the inherent independence of the INTJ personality type and also to support him in social situations. ISFJ ESFP, ESTP Features based on planning and organizing the ISFJ personality type Balances well with these extroverted personality types. INFJ ENFP, ENTP, INTJ, INFJ This personality type is compatible with a wide range of personality types because they are good and talented listeners. ISTP ESFJ, ESTJ People with the ISTP personality type live in the present, while extroverts enjoy programming. This creates a balanced relationship between them. ISFP ESTJ, ESFJ People with ISFP personality type benefit from the structure and order that people with ESTJ or ESFJ personality types can bring to life. INFP ENFJ, ENTJ People with the INFP personality type are driven by their emotions so these extroverted types can intuitively understand them well. INTP ENTJ, ENFJ People with the INTP personality type need space, and these two extroverted personality types know very well when to step back and give space to such a person.

Compatibility table of extroverts with others

Personality type Compatible personality types Reason for compatibility > ESTP ISTJ, ISFJ People with the ESTP personality type can help introverts enjoy new experiences with them. At the same time, both personality types are not affected by their emotions. ESFP ISTJ, ISFJ People with ESFP personality type Consider the introversion of ISTJ and ISFP personality types as a challenge and try to create a fun and companion-based relationship with them. ENFP INFJ, INFJ These introverts can balance ENFP personality type impulsive behaviors. ENTP INTJ, INFJ Both the ENTP personality type and the two introvert types that are compatible with it are very interested in science and knowledge. ESTJ ISTP, ISFP These personality types are not overly emotional, but ESTJ's tendency towards structure balances the disorder of these two introverted types. ESFJ ISFP, ISTP People with the ESFJ personality type who are influenced by their emotions need the logic of people with the ISFP or ISTP personality type to balance their lives. ENFJ INFP, INTP People with the ENFJ personality type and these two introverted personality types are exactly the same intuitive, so they can easily meet each other's needs in a relationship. ENTJ INTP, INFP People with the ENTJ personality type are not interested in discussing emotional issues, and these two introverted personality types understand this well.
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Some important points about compatibility between personality types

BingMag.com Who is your missing half based on the MBTI test?

1. Some personality types are more likely to experience a good and lasting relationship when paired with similar personality types. According to research, people with judgmental and sensory personality types (ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJESFJ) are satisfied with their relationship in 79% of cases when they associate with personality types ending in (SJ). .

2. The same is true for people with emotional and intuitive personality types (INFJ, INFP, ENFP, ENFJ). In other words, if these people communicate with each other, the average satisfaction rate of the relationship is reported to be 73%. These people are naturally emotional people and spend their time cultivating their relationships.

3. Conversely, some personality types often interact when they interact with similar types. They are not compatible. Personality types based on sensory, intellectual, and perceptual traits reported only 33% of their level of relationship satisfaction when interacting with individuals with similar personality traits. However, these personality types usually emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy relationships, and if they do not get along with each other, they separate in a healthy and logical way.

4. Couples who have emotional tendencies In common, they are more likely to be compatible.

5. In most cases, establishing a relationship between an introvert and an extrovert works best.

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Working compatibility between personality types

BingMag.com Who is your missing half based on the MBTI test?

Studies have shown that the following personality types often work well together in the workplace to get things done:/p>

1. The ISTJ and ESTP personality types usually work well together. This is because ISTJ is an organized, realistic, and problem-solving personality, and alongside ESTP , an analytical, social, and energetic personality, is an ideal working couple. They create. In short, people with the personality type ISTJ usually work in the background to form the basis of the work, and people with the personality type ESTP also work to develop the market and sell products. They work.

2. People with INTP and INTJ personality types enjoy conceptual and abstract work. If you work in technical fields such as architecture or engineering, you may find many of these personalities among your colleagues. People with these two personality types are both very logical, but their innate curiosity drives innovative dimensions of work, and INTJ implements those ideas with its decisive nature and executive power.

3. People with ENFP and INFJ personality types often form a good work team. Because ENFPs are creative people, they usually have good communication skills. People with the INFJ personality type, on the other hand, have the ability to understand the emotions and feelings of others well and are sensitive to the wants and needs of others. Together, they create a meaningful and creative work environment. They are logicians who specialize in various sciences and technologies. These people get along well with the ESTP brigade, which specializes in solving various problems and is very interested in order and organization.

5 . ISFP People are compassionate, adaptable, and kind people who get along well with ESFP people who are very energetic, excited, and play-minded, and a team. They create good. Together, they can create works that grab the attention of others. They also have great problem-solving ability and can work well with people with the ENFJ personality type who pay close attention to the emotional aspects of the job. They form a great and energetic team that can communicate their ideas well to others.

7. ISFJ personality people And they are organized, and their presence is often beneficial to others. They can work well with people with the INFP personality type who have good communication skills and creativity.

8. Personality type strong ESFJ are social people who instinctively care about the wants and needs of others. They can work well with people with the ESTJ personality type, who have a rational thought pattern and are considered innate leaders.

If you have not taken this test before, click You can take the MBTI test online at the following link:

Doing the Myers Briggs (MBTI) Personality Test This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the Digitica Magazine Disclaimer .

Source: PsychReel , NCC Resources , Well + Good , Business 2 Community

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