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What should Yalda's dinner table have? (With decorating method)

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>should</b> <b>Yalda's</b> <b>dinner</b> <b>table</b> <b>have?</b> <b>(With</b> <b>decorating</b> method)

Many Iranians celebrate Yalda night, which is the last day of autumn and the longest night of the year. In the old days, family members would gather around a chair, grandfather would read the Shahnameh, and they would spend all their happy moments together. There is no news of a chair these days; However, you can still celebrate Yalda night as before. The first question that arises in this regard is What should be on the Yalda night table. In this article, we will answer this question from BingMag Meg, and in addition, we will provide you with the method of decorating some of the dishes used in this tablecloth to make an attractive tablecloth. Stay with us until the end of the article.

1. The Holy Quran and the Divan of Hafez and Saadi

The Holy Quran and the Divan of Hafez and Saadi are an inseparable part of the Yalda night table. Usually, Divan Hafez and Saadi are placed at the top of the table next to a volume of the Holy Quran. At the Yalda night celebration, the eldest member of the Hafez family usually opens the divan and sings lyric poems aloud to everyone. In addition, on the night of Yalda, narrations from Saadi's Divan are recited and family members enjoy listening to these narrations.

2. Mirrors and candlesticks

Mirrors and candlesticks are also important items on the Yalda night table. People make their table prosper by placing mirrors and candlesticks on the Yalda night table. The use of mirrors and candlesticks on special tablecloths is one of the Iranian customs and Iranians, in addition to the Yalda night tablecloth, also use the mentioned tools on the seventh tablecloth.

3. Pomegranate and watermelon

Various fruits are placed on the Yalda night table, among which pomegranate and watermelon are the most important. It has long been a tradition to cut watermelon and place it along with pomegranate seeds on this table. Iranians consider watermelon as a sign of goodness for the beginning of winter. The presence of watermelon on the Yalda dinner table is very important. Another important fruit on Yalda night is pomegranate, which can be boldly said that on Yalda night, you do not see any table without pomegranate. If you want to decorate a pomegranate in a special way, you do not need to grind it. As we have said, pomegranate and watermelon are not the only fruits that are used on Yalda night. Among the other famous fruits on Yalda night, we can mention persimmons, oranges and tangerines. . Then, with a sharp knife, cut the pomegranate peel into a flower and cut it in half without crushing the pomegranate seeds and place it in an attractive round tray or dish.

decorating method Watermelon

There are several ways to decorate a watermelon. You can cut the watermelon skin in width or zigzag and cut the watermelon into rounds with an ice cream spoon or cut it into small squares. Keep doing this until only the watermelon skin remains. Then dip a plastic fork into each piece of watermelon and insert them regularly into the watermelon skin. You can cut the watermelon into a basket. In addition, you can halve the skin of the watermelon and then divide it into four equal parts. Then cut the watermelon into thin triangles.

4. Nuts and seeds

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>should</b> <b>Yalda's</b> <b>dinner</b> <b>table</b> <b>have?</b> <b>(With</b> <b>decorating</b> method)

Do not neglect to put nuts on the Yalda night table. Of course, these days, due to rising prices, it has become difficult to use nuts on the Yalda night table; However, if you wish, you can put pistachios, groundnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, raisins, dried berries, chickpeas, cashews, pumpkin seeds, Japanese seeds, etc. at Yalda's table or dinner table. In addition, you can use dried fruits, which are not only nutritious and delicious, but also make your table more attractive.

How to decorate nuts

You can not decorate nuts in a special way . So you have to put it in an attractive container. You can serve the nuts in a spiral and snail camping dish. If you are looking to use traditional utensils, you can put the nuts in a bronze dish.

5. Sweets

The presence of sweets in special ceremonies and feasts is a must. You can prepare your favorite pastry from outside and serve family members with it. Also, if you have enough time, you can make attractive and delicious sweets at home and excite your guests with them. You can learn how to make Yalda sweets and cakes by searching the internet. These colorful sweets can double the charm of your table.

6. Basluq and Dessert

Many Iranians put Basluq and various desserts on their table, thus increasing the sweetness of Yalda night. In addition, you can search the Internet to learn how to make desserts for Yalda night, and by using them, in addition to doubling the charm of the Yalda night table, you can also excite family members.

You can put Baslooq in a dis roulette and decorate it with coconut powder and walnut powder. These are the only things you can do to decorate your style. They create. An important point to pay attention to tonight is setting the Yalda night table. Guests will see your taste when they see this tablecloth, so you should decorate it in the most beautiful and attractive way possible. In this article that we have prepared for you today at BingMag, we have introduced the things that you should put on the Yalda night table. Among the inseparable components of Yalda night, we can mention the Holy Quran and the book of Hafiz, sweets, nuts, fruits such as watermelon, pomegranate and persimmon, and candlesticks and mirrors. In addition, we taught you how to decorate some snacks. We hope this year's Yalda night is full of good and happy moments for you and your family.

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