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What is your mental age? Ask about colors

Surely you have met people who can understand things more than their real age or you know old people who are still as happy and full of passion as a teenager. These show the difference between a certified age and a mental age.

Psychological counselors can help you calculate your mental age accurately, but do not worry, there are free ways to understand this age. Color testing is one of the methods you can use to find your mental age range. By understanding this number, you can find out if you are younger than your ID card age or older. Of course, the distance between the age of the birth certificate and the mental age does not mean that it is worse or better than the others. You can get excited and enjoy life with even the smallest things. If the result shows a higher numerical test, it means your experience and wisdom. You have progressed wisely in your life and you have valuable experiences that can make you a trusted and reliable friend. If both numbers are close to each other, it shows that you have been able to balance your intellect and feelings and enjoy every moment of your life while gaining experience. So you are that happy and energetic friend who stands by his friends in difficult and happy days and supports them.

Now that you are more familiar with mental or intellectual age, watch the video and ask questions at the same time. Test answer. Then calculate your score and see what number you get. If you need to think while doing the test, be sure to keep the video to find the answer you want with patience. If you are a party goer and have a party, we suggest you do this test with your guests. We promise you will experience a few hours of fun and laughter.

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