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What is personal style and how do we find our personal style?

BingMag.com What is personal style and how do we find our personal style?

You do not have to follow the latest fashion trends to look attractive, but you can define your personal style and adhere to this style. Be. Of course, having a personal style does not mean moving away from the trends of the fashion world, but when you define your personal style for yourself, you can find the part of the trends that are compatible with your mood and style and dress accordingly. But how do you find your personal style? By knowing your moods, lifestyle, body physique and tastes, you can set principles for your dress and find your personal style. In this article, we will guide you to find and know your personal style. Join us at Digistyle Magazine.

What is personal style?

If we want to define personal style in general, personal style and style is a unique way for everyone to express themselves. It uses its spirits and temperaments. Both in the fashion world and in the various arts of the week, people choose ways to express what they have in mind. Personal style does not end with your appearance and clothes. Personal style encompasses all aspects of your life; For example, what kind of music do you listen to, what food do you like, what books do you prefer to read, and many other things.

In the world of fashion, personal style refers to the way you dress; What colors you choose, what accessories you use, and what kind of items you put together.

By these definitions, there is a personal style to the number of people on the planet. Even with the apparent similarities in the way they dress, each person still has many differences in the details of their dress and behavior, and this is the concept of personal style.

Personal style is a vast and very broad concept. A person may be very fashionable but does not follow fashion trends, but has his own aesthetic principles. In fact, when you define your personal style for yourself, you set principles for your dress based on your taste and mood that make you feel good.

How do we find our personal style?

BingMag.com What is personal style and how do we find our personal style?

Finding a personal style is not something that can be done overnight, but there are strategies Which helps you determine your personal style and know what kind of clothes are right for you. In the following, we will review these strategies together.

1. Check your wardrobe

Go to your wardrobe and find the clothes you are most interested in; Clothes that make you feel better when you wear them. Take these items out of your closet, check their specifications and see what these items have in common. Think about why these items make you feel good.

2. Check which fashion trends inspire you

When you want to be inspired by different fashion trends and styles, start with family and friends whose style you admire. Spend time on social media and see how friends and celebrities dress; From casual gowns such as short tops and long-sleeved boots to formal suits and ball gowns.

There are many blogs full of fashion tips and inspiration on social media. Find some fashion bloggers whose style you like and look in your archive for your favorite clothes and items.

If there is a celebrity or influencer whose style you like, try that person's stylist Find celebrities too and seek inspiration from these stylists. Fashion magazines are another great resource. Learn about different types of styles and identify the ones that best suit your moods and tastes.

The most important and popular styles in the fashion world can be very inspiring to you; Boho style, minimal style, vintage style, monochrome style, gothic style and many other styles. Get to know these styles and see what styles you associate with and get inspired by by examining their principles.

3. Create a fashion image collection

Create a folder for collecting fashion images on your mobile phone or laptop. In this folder, collect all the images that inspire you. Pinterest is a great example for you. In this social network, you can find the styles and items that you like and that inspire you and store them. Inspired by images that make you feel good, it makes it easier to find your personal style. For example, if the combination of guipure tops and jeans is pleasant for you, you can consider the guipure top and jeans as one of your favorite sets.

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4. Make a capsule cupboard and add your personal signature to it

BingMag.com What is personal style and how do we find our personal style?

Capsule cupboards allow you to Personal Style Gather a collection of the most used items for yourself and create attractive and lovable sets. After adding the most used items and classic and neutral colors in your capsule closet, add some special and unique items to your closet. These unique items can be your signature.

This signature can include a particular type of clothing, a color, or an accessory that you always use. For example, the signature of Caroline Isa style is a red lipstick and the signature style of Anna Wintour is a special sunglasses. You can also choose an accessory such as necklace, bracelet, watch, glove and as a signature and always use it. So that everyone can learn your style with it.

5. Know the shape of your body and limbs

BingMag.com What is personal style and how do we find our personal style?

Some people take risks in choosing clothes and are in favor of freedom and lawlessness are. For these people, parameters such as height, weight and restrictions are not considered; In fact, they wear whatever they like.

But in general, paying attention to body shape and considering the overall body makes it easier for you to choose a personal style.

In front of the mirror Stand or take pictures of yourself from different angles. This will help you to see your body from the front and around well and you can choose the right style for your body. For example, if you have well-trained and beautiful hands, you can wear clothes that show your beautiful hands. Some pants are more suitable for tall people than short people, or three-quarter sleeve blouses are not suitable for people with short sleeves. Paying attention to these tips will help you find the items that best fit your body.

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6. Pay attention to the color of your skin and hair

BingMag.com What is personal style and how do we find our personal style?

skin color in choosing clothes, very It is important. Is your skin green, light or wheaten? What is the color of your clothes to create a personal style? Learn about complementary and contrasting colors by studying colors and know what color combination makes your style beautiful and attractive.

7. Get to Know Your Mood, Mood and Lifestyle

Your mood and mood are very influential in the personal style and principles you create for yourself. For example, if you are a conservative, you will not feel good about choosing bold colors or items that do not suit your tradition. Even if these types of items become trendy, you still do not feel good with these clothes according to your mood. While a bold and reckless person may easily choose bold colors and glamorous items and not consider age restrictions.

See what factors are most important to you in dressing based on your mood. Is? That you are always happy and lively or that others recognize you as a formal and regular person? Is comfort more important to you or do you always look stylish? Which activities are most enjoyable for you? Going to a fancy restaurant or spending the night in a family caf with your friends?

So the limits and features of your personal style depend on your mood. Remember that the ultimate goal of choosing a personal style is to feel satisfied. Set your personal style so that you always feel good about yourself.

8. Consider your social and professional status

Social and professional status and status have a direct impact on your style; You may have a special and bold spirit and like crowded and bold styles, but your workplace has a formal atmosphere. In this case, the style you choose to go to work should be different from your everyday style.

In addition, job and social status can have a direct impact on your personality, attitude and lifestyle and make you So that you always behave appropriately for your social situation.

Last word

In this article, we tried to present the best strategies for determining personal style. As mentioned earlier, choosing a personal style is not something that can be done overnight, but these strategies, along with self-awareness and creativity, will help you determine your personal style more easily.

To be able to determine your personal style, after reviewing the points and steps mentioned, list your favorite sets, items and colors, and by reviewing this list and reviewing your wardrobe, determine the items you need so that you can create attractive sets for yourself. And make the most of your personal style according to your mood, position and physique.

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