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What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

BingMag.com What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

Does your home phone ring immediately whenever you are in a hurry to leave the house? Or when you are in the middle of typing a very important work project and you have not saved the content for 20 minutes, suddenly your computer hangs? Or, for example, when you have an important meeting in the office of the head of the office on the 11th floor and you are late, what happens when you press the elevator button?

Imagine that you are standing in a line and standing next to you. It moves faster, as soon as it moves to another queue (in order to move faster) that queue stops moving and your previous queue starts moving forward. Another example is that the day you wash your car, it rains exactly the same day.

In fact, sometimes things in life do not go according to our plan. Murphy's law has a key statement about such cases: "Anything that may lead to a problem will lead to a problem at the worst possible time" (unless precautionary measures are already in place to prevent the problem).

The truth is that there is no scientific argument behind Murphy's Law, but in practice it has helped people reduce their mistakes and problems and caused countless human accidents worldwide. Has prevented, especially in the aviation and aircraft manufacturing industries. But the application of Murphy's Law is not limited to the construction of airplanes and spaceships, and can have useful applications in all aspects of our lives.

For example, all psychologists emphasize that the feeling of lack of control is the main factor in the occurrence It is a feeling of stress. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by events like the ones listed above and this will increase your stress level, here's another article from BingMag Meg, a different solution that can help you regain control. Situations help: In fact, there is a theory that predicts these types of events and when they occur. The theory is called "Murphy's Law".

Why is this law called Murphy's Law?

BingMag.com What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

The question that usually arises for everyone about this law is who is Murphy? The person named after the law is Capt. Edward Murphy Jr. He was an engineer working on the MX981 project, or pilot simulation of the maximum negative acceleration tolerated by pilots, for the United States Air Force.

The purpose of this experiment was to measure the strength of human resistance to forces. Negative gravity was at super-accelerations. It is said that one day in 1949, Murphy blamed the technician who did this after noticing that a current converter was improperly wired in the systems associated with the experiments, telling him that "any factor If there is a possibility of disruption in my project, it will definitely cause disruption. "Now check all the wiring one by one according to this rule and let me know the result." He kept notes of military projects in it. After Murphy argued with his technician, he added a paragraph to the rules of his notebook, calling it "Murphy's Law." He said that in fact, maintaining the safety and health of the pilots participating in this difficult and dangerous test was achieved only because of the commitment of all employees to the "Murphy's Law" and their strong desire to comply with it in all aspects of the project.

From this point of view, the industrial companies active in the field of aerospace added this law to their executive procedures in all sectors. It was then that the law appeared in various news and magazines and several books and became popular among all.

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Who first wrote Murphy's Law?

BingMag.com What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

Some people think this They believe that the concept of Murphy's Law is nothing new. The "law of profit", which is much older than Murphy's law, expresses exactly the same concept. Murphy's Law is common in the United States and Profit Law in Ireland. But there is no record of when the law of profit was written.

In addition, there are several other laws similar to Murphy's Law that were enacted long ago. Nineteenth-century mathematician Augustus de Morgan wrote a phrase similar to Murphy's Law in 1866 in his notes. Alfred Holt wrote a phrase similar to Murphy's Law in a 1877 report to a community of engineers. John Sack wrote similar sentences in his book Mountain Engineering in 1952.

In fact, they all used a single concept (to refer to different activities): Given that any problem is possible In the process of doing work, do your job well and carefully. The truth is that there is no way to prove who first used the concept.

However, none of these concepts are as enjoyable as Murphy's Law of Popularity and humor. They do not.

Murphy's Law was first made public by Dr. John Paul Stopp at a press conference mentioned above. In 1952, Murphy's Law was described in detail in a book by Anne Rowe, in which the author considered it the fourth law of thermodynamics (there are actually only three laws of thermodynamics).

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How to Interpret and Apply Murphy's Law

BingMag.com What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

If you want to use Murphy's Law seriously, you can use it to check your work mistakes so you can reduce costs, delays Reduce time and avoid accidents and other unforeseen events. Check for errors and corrections. Whenever you have doubts about something happening, remember that it does happen. This is a positive way to apply Murphy's Law to our daily lives, and many people do it without even knowing it.

Murphy's Law can be used to avoid mistakes and problems, but this It is not an absolute fact. For example, if you are building a device that you intend to sell, according to Murphy's Law, each part of it will eventually fail at some point, and to continue the operation of the device, you must replace each part before it breaks.>

This is theoretically true, but in practice many people get rid of it when the cost of repairing it is higher than the purchase price of a new device. This means that not all parts break down before disposing of the entire machine.

So the problem is that anything that can cause a problem does not necessarily cause a problem (such as healthy parts of a scrap machine). Murphy's Law is used to enhance the quality of work, but obviously this law is not an absolute scientific fact.

If you want to use Murphy's Law as a topic for conversation with your friends (or even as a joke You can mention that no one can exceed this rule. If you are driving your car and you plan to do something at the next red light (such as searching for a better song), all the lights in front of you will probably be green.

But sometimes it does not work the other way around. If you are in a hurry and want all the lights to be green, pretending that you want to do something in the next red light does not necessarily make the headlights green for you. In fact, there are many things that can backfire, so sometimes it is impossible to predict which one might cause the problem.

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Murphy's Law and Psychology

BingMag.com What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

Unfortunately, many People tend to take Murphy's Law joke seriously (when people use it for bad luck) and believe that bad things often happen over and over again. Some people even believe that this law is closely related to psychology and seek to find reasons why people pay more attention to their bad luck than good luck.

Some of these reasons are in fact They are very interesting. For example, when something goes according to plan, we do not pay attention to the good fortune we had because the result is exactly what we expected. But when something goes wrong, we look for reasons why the result is different from our expectations. So this phenomenon can explain why some people believe that we deal with bad luck more than luck (which of course is not true).

Some people have even created a law contrary to Murphy's Law to show They are opposed to this negative view of chance. This law is called "Yeprom" (which is written in reverse Murphy) and says: If something can work properly, it must work properly. There is no practical application to this new law, but it can be interpreted as a sign of protest or opposition to Murphy's Law.

Despite the fact that the relationship between Murphy's Law and psychology can be very interesting, But this is actually a big misunderstanding. If you look at the background of this law, you will find that Murphy's Law makes us pay more attention to our work and do it with better quality.

This is the only concept that exists in relation to Murphy's Law. This law has nothing to do with luck and psychology. When Murphy's Law is applied to the issue of chance, it is actually a joke that wants to make us laugh and has nothing to do with serious aspects of life.

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Murphy's Law and Entropy

BingMag.com What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

In the second law of thermodynamics, the principle Entropy states that all systems gradually become chaotic (disorder). This could be related to Murphy's Law in some way, because it also states that all systems eventually fail. So Murphy's law is similar to entropy, although they do not express a concept. Entropy states that order is constantly disappearing, and Murphy's Law indicates that a problem will occur. Murphy's Law and Mathematics Mathematical formulas represent different dimensions of our world. They relate different ideas and, through mathematical laws, represent the numerical relationships governing laws, theories, and concepts, usually in the world of science (physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc.). The purpose of these formulas is to explain these relationships, describe the logic behind the phenomenon under study, and predict the numerical outcome of specific situations. Many times you understand a scientific phenomenon better because of what the mathematical formula shows.

Murphy's Law uses a confusing term, "law." This principle is not really a law, it is just a proverb and it can be used in different situations, but a formula or mathematical law can explain a phenomenon in all possible situations.

Some People have really tried to turn this law into a proven formula. For example, Joel Paul, a life engineer, has developed a formula that predicts results under certain conditions described by Murphy's Law.

Some reject these theories, saying that there is no connection. There is no difference between mathematics and Murphy's Law. However, if you can successfully represent reality mathematically in certain cases and can successfully predict the outcome of a given situation, there is no reason to reject Murphy's formula.

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Murphy's Law as a Social Phenomenon

BingMag.com What is Murphy's Law? Everything you need to know about preventing the unexpected

Despite the serious nature of this formula when it was first developed by a military in a high-risk environment, as well as the benefits of using it to improve the quality of work, Murphy's Law has become a very popular joke in many cultures around the world. Has been. However, the general concept of this law has many applications in all areas of human life.

Some examples of Murphy's laws in various fields:

  • It moves faster.
  • Repairing anything is longer and more expensive than you expect.
  • If the rug is expensive, the bread from which you spread the jam will fall on the rug.
  • Nothing is as easy as it seems.
  • If there is a visiting delegation in the classroom, there will be a catastrophe in the classroom.
  • When you are doing the hardest work, others create the most interruptions in your work.
  • Each solution creates new problems.
  • You only lose the tool you lost. You will find an alternative by buying.
  • If the problem seems too simple, you have overlooked something.
  • If you think everything is better than it seems, This is probably the case.
  • The best designs are always lost in the customer consultation process.
  • If it rains Bard, the weather is cold, or both, the bus arrives late.
  • There is always another problem.
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Source: My Real Ireland , Mind Tools

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