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What is life like without "privacy"?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is <b>life</b> <b>like</b> <b>without</b> 'privacy'?

Privacy is one of those things that you do not realize until you miss it. Privacy is probably important because at this particular juncture in history, man sees it more than ever as an integral part of life and one of his fundamental rights.

However, privacy is largely It's an obvious, non-functional element, but it's a key element in life that is not given the attention it deserves.

Have you ever imagined living without privacy? This means that everyone knows everything about each other and you can not do anything that is hidden from their eyes. What if people could watch your every move online or have access to all the information about you? You will surely feel that these people have infiltrated your life and privacy. It goes without saying that this experience certainly does not make anyone feel comfortable.

The emergence of big data in particular has posed serious and worrying threats to individuals' privacy. Despite the vast amount of information that is increasingly being collected on various topics. You need to think about where this data is stored and how secure it is.

Think about all the data available from companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Microsoft. In fact, anything you can imagine about anyone can be found in this information. These large companies follow a large part of people's lives, especially their online activities.

Using the data collected by each of these companies alone, you can probably get a very clear picture of the character and inner workings of the part. Reach most of the people of the world.

In the continuation of this article from BingMag, we will examine the different dimensions of privacy and its role in daily life. Then we look at privacy strategies. Be with us.

without privacy, we lose the ability to shape our identity

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is <b>life</b> <b>like</b> <b>without</b> 'privacy'?

Growth and shape Giving personal identity is a process of trying to cross boundaries and finding a point of personal comfort in life, a point that tells us who we are. The process of shaping personal identity requires the ability to express private matters to others without fear of disclosure. To find out if others are comfortable with our thoughts and insights, and to see how those around us react to our behavior.

The existence of this private boundary ultimately determines our ability to shape our identity. In the absence of this ability, What is formed is just a gray mass identical to others with no element of individuality.

This is true not only of humans, but of more than 250 other species. Is; Children imitate their parents 'behavior until adolescence, then rebel and behave almost in the opposite way to their parents' behavior (adolescence), then discover their individuality and their identity is formed somewhere between the two.

This is a process that requires privacy more than anything else: privacy for parents, privacy for peers, and privacy for the community so that they can experience and discover everything.


What is common about this process is that when we discover things about ourselves, we do not tell them all at once to the whole world, but only to our close and trusted friends, and if we do not find a trustworthy person. When we share our revelations with him, we do not say anything to anyone at all, instead we hide that part of ourselves and never let it be a part of who we are.

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is <b>life</b> <b>like</b> <b>without</b> 'privacy'?

If you share these personal issues with our peers, after receiving initial approval or acceptance by a friend circle Gradually, we learn to share those issues with more people and, in the meantime, re-evaluate our trust in our friends and relatives. Their physiology is not the same. Maybe 20 years ago this could have been raised with just a few trusted friends. But today, expressing this issue in society is not only ugly, but there are many government support structures for such people and it is less included in the privacy of individuals.

However, this issue is an integral part of identity Is a person who can not exist and express himself without privacy. So it is privacy that makes all these subtle differences between a person's personality and identity This can be seen more clearly in military training centers and in novels such as 1984; An environment without privacy whose main purpose can be to unify all the people in that environment, that is, people who behave in the same way and all walk in the same straight lines. The same can be seen in totalitarian states like North Korea.

If you do not have privacy, you lose all your rights. In fact, you lose the ability to be yourself and to shape your identity.

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BingMag.com <b>What</b> is <b>life</b> <b>like</b> <b>without</b> 'privacy'?

The truth is that technology invades privacy Has destroyed. Everything that is currently shared on the Internet will be archived somewhere, whether publicly or privately, for future review.

Every piece of data you enter about yourself in an online form is sold to hundreds of third parties. It becomes. Any photos you have ever shared or any other type of data exchanged on the Internet between you and others are archived and referenced. In such a situation, your only solution to your privacy may be to disconnect from the Internet altogether.

In fact, we live in a world where no one else can make private mistakes. But accepting this fact and coming to terms with it in reality is another matter. Privacy is not a trivial matter. Privacy is a fundamental right that is essential to human dignity and is essentially essential to the preservation of democratic societies.

Privacy gives us the opportunity and freedom to express our thoughts and feelings Share with others. In fact, the existence of privacy is essential for the formation of opposing views or different opinions and the creation of individual identity.

It is also important to understand that privacy is a normative right. In the sense that privacy is not an absolute right, but a right that is governed by the norms of society, and it is possible that its definition and boundaries vary from one culture to another.

Privacy in In fact, it is one of the basic tenets of human rights, because it underlies human dignity and other basic rights, such as the right to freedom of expression and free association.

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Privacy Attack

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is <b>life</b> <b>like</b> <b>without</b> 'privacy'?

As teenagers, we may have thought that invasion of privacy occurs when our parents want to know too much about our personal lives. But today, this is the way parents secretly monitor their children's social media profiles to find out how they are doing.

Hence, this is why many children prefer They do not associate with their parents on social networks. Obviously, the technologies we use today offer us more options for invading privacy.

In a broad sense, invasion of privacy involves any kind of intrusion into a person's life that has no legitimate reason. . The attacker is also legally entitled to sue for infringement of their privacy breaches.

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Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take to ensure the privacy of your privacy. Here are some of them:
  • Assess whether the people who have access to your information are trustworthy and can protect your privacy.
  • Hide your passwords in a safe place and do not share them with others. Also have a unique password for each of your accounts.

Final Tip

If your privacy is compromised, you should seek help from clients See competent. In Iran, these legal authorities include the FATA police, the intelligence police, and the judiciary.

In addition to respecting their own privacy, everyone must respect the privacy of others. This is true at the individual and work level, as well as in all aspects of life. Respect it and do not take it for granted, it is impossible without the privacy of human intellectual life.

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