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What is a jacket and how can you have a more stylish style with it?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is a <b>jacket</b> and <b>how</b> <b>can</b> <b>you</b> <b>have</b> a <b>more</b> <b>stylish</b> <b>style</b> with it?

Posht (coat pocket handkerchief) is one of the accessories that men use with a formal suit. If you don't know how to use this accessory, stay with Digistyle and read more about the pocket, how to choose and how to use it.

What is a coat pocket handkerchief?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is a <b>jacket</b> and <b>how</b> <b>can</b> <b>you</b> <b>have</b> a <b>more</b> <b>stylish</b> <b>style</b> with it?

The coat pocket handkerchief is a square piece of cloth that is folded in different ways and placed inside the breast pocket of a man's coat. The jacket is more decorative and usually chosen with completely different colors from the suit.

Maybe you have been asked What is the use of the jacket? Is it used at all? The answer is negative. A pocket should not be confused with a regular pocket handkerchief.

So why should we put an unused handkerchief in an unused coat pocket? The answer is: fashion.

You can have a more formal and stylish look with a jacket, and its use is only decorative.

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The difference between pocket handkerchief and ordinary pocket handkerchief

At first glance, Posht is not much different from a normal pocket handkerchief and in fact it can be considered as the remnant of the generation. Pocket handkerchiefs are known.

In the past, people realized that the handkerchiefs they put in their pants pockets are in contact with coins, bills and keys and they get dirty quickly. Finally, they came to the conclusion that the breast pocket may be a more hygienic alternative to storing tissues. It didn't take long for the beautiful color or the shiny effect of these handkerchiefs, which were sometimes made of silk, to be noticed and the pocket handkerchief was born as a decorative accessory. The following items are different:

1. Application

As mentioned above, these two napkins have completely different uses. Of course, it may be confusing for you because in many fashion magazines, these two names, Pocket Squares and Handkerchiefs, are used interchangeably.

But coat pocket handkerchiefs are just for decoration It is not for colds! In fact, the pocket handkerchief is for use, and the pocket that is placed inside the breast pocket is for display. With a coat, you can show your creativity, look more stylish and add an attractive and different color to your style.

2. Size

In general, the pad is smaller than a normal handkerchief. Regular handkerchiefs are placed in the large pockets of the pants, while the pocket square must be folded and sized to fit in the small pocket on the breast of the jacket. If you use a large handkerchief for this, they will be very bulky after folding instead of looking delicate and elegant.

3. Material of fabric

Pockets are produced with various fabrics, including linen and silk. The fabric of these napkins is usually such that it does not absorb moisture because they are not supposed to be used at all; But ordinary handkerchiefs are usually made of cotton to absorb more moisture and are suitable for tasks such as wiping sweat.

Pockets are made of fabrics that have a more beautiful appearance, and linen or cotton handkerchiefs should be more durable. to maintain their appearance with multiple washings.

How to use the pocket?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is a <b>jacket</b> and <b>how</b> <b>can</b> <b>you</b> <b>have</b> a <b>more</b> <b>stylish</b> <b>style</b> with it?

If you use this accessory correctly, it can become one of the most beautiful accessories you wear with a coat. Jackets are produced with different designs and colors and can turn the most monotonous and boring formal and work styles into a stylish and attractive style. Also, this accessory can draw the audience's attention to the person's face. In fact, it has a function similar to a tie.

Remember these points when using a pocket square:

1. Choose the right color

The jacket should not be exactly the same color and the same type of tie. These two accessories, if they have the same color, will give a dull look to your style. Instead, the jacket should complement your overall style. For example, look for a secondary color in your shirt and choose a jacket that is the same color as the second color of the shirt.

Choose a jacket made of fabrics such as silk that are a little shiny and look a little matte like a suit. add shine.

2. Do not overdo it with its design and color

Pockets usually have very attractive and varied designs. Some of the pocket designs are very busy and colorful. When choosing a jacket for a suit, you should not overdo its design and color. If your suit is striped, you should not use jackets that are colorful. Leave colorful jackets for jackets that are simple and monochromatic.

3. When in doubt, choose a white jacket

White is a classic color for jackets. This color is suitable with almost any coat and any tie. you just have to pay attention to What you wear you must be clean and fold it correctly. If you didn't know What color and design to choose for the jacket, choosing white color is the easiest choice.

4. Don't spend too much

Spending too much on handbags is a waste of money. Any square handkerchief can make a great pocket square. you can even make the poshat yourself at home with scraps of fabric you have at home or old clothes. Don't spend money on buying expensive wallets unless you are really interested in this accessory and don't have financial problems.

5. Be creative

The main feature of the wallet is that you can show your creativity with it. Choosing strange designs and colors for neckerchiefs and ties may not be the right thing to do, but you can be creative for the pocket square.

You can show this creativity in choosing the design and color and even folding the pocket square. you can find many ideas for folding a pocket on the internet. But there is no special rule and rule for folding a jacket that you have to follow. Be creative in folding the jacket and fold it in your own style. Even the way of folding the envelope can become your personal signature.

6. Choose according to the season

One of the things you can consider when choosing a pocket is the season. In winter and autumn, use jackets that are lighter and made of silk. In spring and summer, use linen and linen jackets.

7. Don't use a duplicate design

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a jacket design and color is that they usually match it with a bow tie, a tie, the main color of the shirt, or the color of the jacket. This is wrong. The jacket should not have a design and color similar to other parts of your style.

To choose the color and design, you can be inspired by the color of other parts of your style, but you should not choose a color similar to it. For example, if you are wearing a plaid shirt whose main color is dark red and the color of its lines is yellow, you can choose the color of the jacket from the yellow color family.

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When should we use Posht?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> is a <b>jacket</b> and <b>how</b> <b>can</b> <b>you</b> <b>have</b> a <b>more</b> <b>stylish</b> <b>style</b> with it?

In the following situations, you can use Posht Use:

  • When you want your style to be more suitable for a party. In parties that are a bit informal, you can use a variety of jackets even for a single coat. These parties are a good opportunity to try out special designs and creative ways of folding.
  • When you want to make your single jacket or suit look more formal, use ties and pocket squares. Pocket handkerchief is usually suitable with all types of ties. But you should not mix it together. If you want your tie to draw attention, don't use a pocket square.
  • When you don't want to wear a tie, use a pocket square. In fact, a jacket can do the same job as a tie. If you use a model that is delicate and silky, your style will look more expensive.

Source: Masterclass

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