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What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others

BingMag.com What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others

Pygmalion Effect is a condition in which a person's performance is influenced by the expectations of others. In other words, a higher level of expectations of others from man leads to his better performance. However, the Pygmalion effect also specifically addresses how our expectations of others affect the way we treat them, and that this in turn can help improve one's performance.

For example, a schoolteacher expects one of his or her students to perform well on exams. These expectations affect his treatment of that student because of the Pygmalion effect. He may spend more time explaining a topic to that particular student, or he may give him more corrective feedback if he gives a wrong answer.

Instead, the teacher's feedback on the answers. Misrepresentations made by other students who are not expected to do so may be far less common. Naturally, in this case, it is expected that this group of students will not understand the solution to the problems and the correct answer. As a result, students with higher expectations become more important to the teacher and receive better educational services.

Key Points

  • Our expectations can affect the way we treat others, which in turn can affect their expectations of themselves.
  • Low expectations of some people can mean that our treatment of others They are different from people from whom we have higher expectations.
  • Low-level expectations create a negative environment that leads to lower performance. While high-level expectations create a positive and encouraging environment that leads to higher individual performance. We deal with different aspects of life. Undoubtedly, familiarity with the principle of psychology and its application, not only affects the performance and behavior of those around us, but also regulates our own actions and behavior and creates a sense of self-fulfillment on both sides of the relationship. Join us.

    History of the Pygmalion effect

    BingMag.com What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others

    Pygmalion effect by Robert Rosenthal was discovered in 1964 during one of his studies. Rosenthal named the discovery in memory of the Greek mythological statue of Pygmalion. The gods gave her life to marry. In fact, it was the sculptor's expectation from the statue of the woman that brought him to life, a story that is consistent with Pygmalion. In fact, the theme of this myth is that our expectations have the power to change reality. The impact of our expectations of others can change for the better or for the worse. Rosenthal argued that such expectations could lead to self-sufficient predictions that negative expectations would lead to negative performance and that these negative expectations would be reinforced by the negative attitudes of others. Rosenthal tested himself in an elementary school. Done in California. Each student had to take a mock intelligence test. After the exam, the test scores were not announced to the teachers, but the names of each of the children who were described as "school talent" were announced.

    After the school year, the children were asked to return to school. Take the test. Although there was a significant increase in subjects, all students scored higher. "Brilliant school talents" also had the highest achievement among other students, while first and second grade students showed the highest statistical progress in their grades.

    This study finally concluded. Expectations are an influential factor in students' academic performance, especially young students and children. Rosenthal believed that even subtle factors such as a teacher's mood or attitude could affect students. Became a group of students. In this experiment, this was manifested through factors such as greater attention and deeper feedback. "It works self-sufficiency," he described.

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    How does the Pygmalion effect work?

    BingMag.com What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others

    According to Rosenthal, the Pygmalion effect acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy that has a circular function:

  • People's beliefs and expectations affect their behavior toward others. li>
  • These behaviors affect the beliefs and expectations that others have of themselves.
  • These beliefs then affect the performance of others.
  • The initial beliefs and expectations of others are confirmed.
  • Then everything goes back to the first stage, where the behaviors are reinforced.

    Examples of the Pygmalion effect

    The Pygmalion effect comes from the Pygmalion story. For example, in the Greek play "Pygmalion", the sculptor made a statue of his ideal woman. His belief was so real that he even kissed her once and it is said that it was because he came to life and they lived together for the rest of their lives.

    Another real example can be seen in Ice Ball . For example, the baseball coach hires two new players, Ryan and Sam. Ryan's coaching resembles one of the old iceball legends of the 1980s. So, subconsciously, the coach expects a lot from him.

    In contrast, Sam is a skinny guy who does not seem to have much baseball ability. That's why the coach has low expectations of him.

    Over time, the coach spends most of his time practicing and helping Ryan, while Sam usually sits on the corner. Ryan is constantly praised, while Sam is ignored. Ryan seems to be the "team champion".

    As the season begins, Ryan, confident, plays his first home game and wins the team. In contrast, Sam, who was full of fear and distrust, immediately left baseball and left the team.

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    How can we use the effect of Pygmalion in our lives?

    BingMag.com What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others

    Pygmalion is beyond the classroom and school environment. This principle is widely used today in the world of business and in the field of management and leadership. That is why the Pygmalion effect is an important part of the business culture of the modern world and maximizes employee efficiency.

    Awareness of expectations

    The Pygmalion effect is the state by which our expectations of others affect our behavior toward them. If we acknowledge and accept the existence of this principle, we can consciously regulate our thoughts and behavior.

    It is important to recognize our different expectations in a timely manner. If we do, only knowing our expectations can help us avoid negative actions and behaviors. So instead of identifying weaknesses in others, we can examine their positives and potentials.

    In this case, we can recognize that our expectations lead to negative actions or behaviors. For example, we might shout at someone we have little expectation of. In such examples, it is important to accept our own misconceptions about others and try to avoid repeating them.

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    2. Identifying Positive Traits

    BingMag.com What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others

    Sometimes our expectations of others may be low and there is no way to There is no solution to this problem. Whether the other party is a colleague or a friend or any other person. At times, the other person may seem completely helpless. This is why it is difficult to expect too much from them, which in turn can affect our behavior and performance.

    If we can identify some of their positive traits and identify them Let him warn us, we may be able to raise the level of expectations from them. These, in turn, can lead others to progress and develop their potential.


    When we reach our goals, we feel successful. Employees can also grow by feeling empowered to achieve ambitious goals. If employees are challenged in the right way, they can exceed your expectations.

    If we set tasks for employees that we believe are beyond our expectations and encourage them to do so. Do it, they will do their best to meet your expectations. When the level of expectations of human beings rises, we often do our best to achieve them.

    4. Using Positive Language Patterns

    BingMag.com What is the effect of Pygmalion? When our expectations affect the performance of others

    Do you believe that someone is capable of doing something or not? Humiliating him does not help you or himself. Saying things like "I'm not sure you can do this" or "Can you do this?" Can be considered negative. Such statements emphasize mistrust and low expectations.

    By praising others and identifying their strengths, we can create positive expectations of them. This, in turn, can affect our own behavior. By focusing on their positive characteristics, the level of expectations also increases.

    5. Provide feedback

    Your opponent, whether a student, employee, or anyone else, is important to provide executive feedback in your communication process. One of the drawbacks of the Pygmalion effect is the lack of attention and effort on the part of those with low expectations. As a result, we may not give them any feedback because we believe it is "of no use", or that "they can do nothing".

    In such cases, instead of giving feedback on the benefits. Or think not to, it is better to at least try this. Instead of just waiting for our expectations to come true, give the person a chance to progress and prove that you are wrong about his or her abilities.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about the Pygmalion Effect 7.jpg ">

    In this section, frequently asked questions about the Pygmalion effect are given along with their answers.

    Is the Pygmalion effect real?

    Apart from Rosenthal's 1964 study, there have been many other studies on the subject, the vast majority of which have shown that this phenomenon is true. The basis of this psychological principle is self-actualization. When we have certain expectations of a person, we tend to reinforce them with our actions, consciously or unconsciously.

    What is the role of the Pygmalion effect in education?

    On issues Educationally, the Pygmalion effect occurs when teachers treat students differently because of their different expectations of students. For example, students with lower expectations may receive less attention or less accurate feedback. Therefore, when a student gives a wrong answer to a question, the teacher may not give him or her an accurate explanation of the correct answer. However, students with higher expectations may receive more accurate feedback from the teacher.

    Why is the Pygmalion effect so important?

    Pygmalion effect is important because it can affect Influence our actions and behavior and create a cycle of self-sufficiency. In order to get the most out of others, it is important to know how our beliefs can affect our actions and behavior. By understanding such things, we can help the growth and prosperity of people from whom we have low expectations, or at least not hinder their progress.

    This is for education and information only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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