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What is the difference between principles and values?

BingMag.com What is the difference between principles and values?

What is the difference between principles and values? We may all come across these two words many times a day, but there are many who do not know the meaning and use of each and how the two differ.

The values and principles of both for our understanding They are very important for human behavior and evaluating its consequences. Although the two are often confused, they are not really the same concepts.

Where do you think the two terms come from? And what is the difference between them? The answer to this question can bring deep peace and harmony to your life and minimize your internal and external conflicts.

In the continuation of this article from BingMag, we will first describe these two terms. And then we look at their differences. Finally, we will discuss the role and application of each of these concepts in everyday life. Join us.

What are the principles?

BingMag.com What is the difference between principles and values?

Usually you are everywhere You see the word "guide" after the word principles, but what is the reason for this? Principles do guide your behavior, but only if your inner values are in line with the principles that guide your behavior.

Here are some things to keep in mind about principles. Know:

  • They do not change over time.
  • They do not conform to the values that are important to you.
  • They are independent of religions and systems Are individual beliefs.

What is value?

BingMag.com What is the difference between principles and values?

Simply put, your values are your "whys". Reasons why you should do what you do and think in a special way that is unique to you. Values are actually part of your inner guidance system.

According to science, values are mental processes that include both your cognitive and logical domains as well as your emotional domain; That is, both your thoughts and your feelings.

In fact, the criterion for the effectiveness and efficiency of values is that they can be implemented in practice. It is not enough to say that your values include honesty, courage, and perseverance, but that your actions show otherwise.

What else do you need to know about values?

  • They are personal and subjective criteria.
  • They can change over time.
  • Their correct evaluation depends on their alignment with the principles.

The behavioral habits and actions you take speak more about your values than anything else, and their verbal expression is usually not a valid criterion for measuring one's values.

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7 main differences between principles and values

BingMag.com What is the difference between principles and values?

The various comparisons made between values and principles often provide confusing explanations that make them look more alike than different.

The following seven differences can give you a mental breakdown. These two concepts help.

1. Values govern your behavior, but principles govern the consequences

Your personal values guide your behavior and determine your choices. Older, internalized values generally affect you more than what you admire but have not yet internalized in yourself.

On the other hand, principles are more about the consequences of your actions; From condemnation and admiration to punishment and reward.

The farther away your values and their behaviors from public and social principles are, the more likely you are to be judged or even punished for them.

2. Values are like maps, but principles like territory

values help you navigate the land where you live and work. But principles are an inherent part of the land itself; That is, your whole world and many of the laws that govern it. In fact, you have no role in creating or protecting them, and if your values do not conform to those principles, your plans and guidance systems will run into trouble.

Values are mental and emotional concepts, but principles are objective and real concepts.

BingMag.com What is the difference between principles and values?

Your values depend on choices What you have done in your life, as well as your personal preferences and what you have learned from others.

But principles are independent of experience and mental preferences. These things, which are based on universal facts or truths, are completely objective and undeniable.

Whatever beliefs you have and whatever you do, the principles are always the same.

4. Values are personal concepts but the principles are universal rules

Your values belong to you. Once you have identified the values that are valuable to you, you have in fact defined personal rules and frameworks for yourself based on your own tastes and feelings. Your values are what you want to be in your personality. But it should be noted that these values are different and variable for each person and there are not necessarily two people with a single value framework. They do not, but they affect all three.

The more individual values in a society conform to universal principles, the more cohesive that society is and the more dynamic the individual and social support structures are. .

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5. Values are internal concepts but the principles of external concepts

BingMag.com What is the difference between principles and values?

values are formed within the individual and The title is fixed as part of your internal navigation system. In fact, your frame of mind exists only within you.

Someone else may have some of the same values as you, but his or her unique value frame and that person's value prioritization may be in line with your value system. It will be very different.

Principles are external rules for you and for everyone in general. They are outside your mind and heart, and your will has no effect on them.

Values are chosen by the person but not the principles of choice

You choose your values in your life or imitate and accept them under the influence of another person. While you can, over time, abandon some of your old values in favor of newly learned ones.

But principles are not selectable, they have always existed for all human beings, regardless of your will and understanding. You can only choose values that conform to them, but you cannot set or choose principles yourself.

In fact, you can choose values that conform to universal principles in peace with these principles of life. do. The main function of values is to bring you to this compliance and integration with global principles.

7. Values can have a devastating effect, but the principles are not. And they are not wrong. Your values govern your actions, even if your actions further lead to harm.

Values that do not conform to universal principles such as justice, equality, and altruism (ie, concern for the well-being of others) often prevail. They are toxic and have destructive effects.

On the other hand, principles cannot be destructive. It is a deviation or disregard for those principles that often creates the problems we face. Examples of Principles Recognizing universal principles and knowing that they are unchangeable Are not enough. However, if one does not know what they are, one cannot align one's values with them.

But a few examples of principles:

  • Justice:
  • Equality: Every human being has the same rights as other human beings and should These rights should be protected and everyone should have equal access to the resources and services they need.
  • Society: Each of us is responsible for the impact of our behavior and speech on We are other people in society.

Consequences of Violation of Principles:

  • The natural consequence of dishonesty is the loss of the trust of others.
  • Illegal Behaviors include Arrest, Conviction, and Imprisonment.
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    If you are unsure about your personal values, you can do two things to identify them:

    1. Think of values that are repulsive and disgusting to you when you see them in someone else: The exact opposite of these values are probably the ones you like.

    For example, if one of your values is honesty, it is harder for you to tolerate someone who lies, especially when they blame others for protecting themselves.

    2. Examine the things you have done in life that have made you proud: Think about your best moments and the things you have done despite the challenges you have faced. You will find your values in those actions as well as in the habits that matter to you.

    For example, if you take pride in how you treat a bully at work and because of his or her behavior You are questionable, no doubt courage and frankness are among your moral values.

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    Final Point

    Now that you have learned the differences between the two, you can ask anyone who asks, "What is the difference between personal values and principles?" Give a convincing answer.

    If you are unsure about your personal values, this post can help you discover them and find out where they came from.

    Which Did you consciously choose one of these values? And which ones have you modeled on the behavior of people you trust and admire? Also, how much have these values served you and the people you love?

    Finally, personal values help you experience personal growth and development as long as you conform to universal principles./p> This article is for educational and informational purposes only. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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