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What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

Myers Briggs (MBTI) Personality Test (MBTI) is a self-reported psychological test that examines people based on how they perceive the world and the pattern of their decisions. Most categorize 16 different personality types.

Many psychologists and human resources professionals today use this test to determine the appropriate occupations for individuals based on their personality type. Annually, about 24 million people in the United States alone use the test.

Large companies such as General Motors and Google have also announced that the test will be used to measure the fit between a candidate's personality and a specific role. The person you intend to work in, they use.

Familiarity with your personality type and personality traits can help you choose the jobs that best fit your personality. In fact, identifying the ideal career path based on the Myers Briggs personality test can save you a lot of time and energy. We then examine the most appropriate occupations for each personality type based on the proportion of the individual's psychological characteristics to the characteristics of each occupation. Join us.

What is the Myers Briggs (MBTI) Personality Test?

BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

The Personality Questionnaire (MBTI) is a questionnaire that shows people's strengths, weaknesses, and different attitudes about how they perceive the world, as well as their decision-making patterns. This personality tool was invented during World War II by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers, a mother and daughter of a psychologist who wanted to help American women find jobs that fit their personality. The MBTI test, based on the analysis of a person's psychological tendencies, classifies him into one of 16 different personality types, and this result can be used to identify a person's ideal career.
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What are the 16 different personality types Myers Briggs (MBTI)? Each is accompanied by a name:

  • Personality Type (ISTJ) or Inspector
  • Personality Type (ISFJ) or Defender
  • INFJ Personality Type) Or sponsor
  • personality type (INTJ) or architect
  • personality type (ISTP) or master
  • personality type (ISFP) or adventurer
  • Personality Type (INFP) or Mediator
  • Personality Type (INTP) or Thinker
  • Personality Type (ESTP) or Entrepreneur
  • Personality Type (ESFP) or Executor
  • Personality Type (ENFP) or Fighter
  • Personality Type (ENTP) or Controversial
  • Personality Type (ESTJ) or Manager
  • Personality (ESFJ) or Ambassador
  • Personality Type (ENFJ) or Champion
  • Person Type ENTJ or Commander

    Jobs Suitable for Each Personality Type

    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

    The following are the personality traits of each personality type with occupations appropriate to each personality type based on the appropriateness of the individual's psychological characteristics and the characteristics required for that job:

    Personality type (ISTJ) or inspector

    Introverted - Sensory - Logical - Judgmental

    People with this personality type generally look serious and formal human beings. They are usually very interested in traditions and believe in values such as respect, hard work and acceptance of social responsibility. They are usually conservative, calm, quiet but persistent. In the workplace, they are known for their responsibility and reliability. These people grow rapidly in an organized workplace, preferring to have clear rules for doing all their work tasks. They are very interested in analytical and critical thinking and are very interested in details.

    People with this personality type are rational people and do not like impulsive decisions. These people are great options for employee jobs because, as mentioned, they are reliable, goal-oriented and insightful. They also have great respect for authority and administrative hierarchy and expect their work to give them a sense of security and stability.

    Strengths: Committed, conservative in financial matters, critical

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    If you are an ISTJ, the following jobs can be the right career options for you. Be:

    • Dentist
    • Accountant
    • Supply Chain Manager
    • Business Analyst
    • Military Jobs
    • Legal Advisor
    • Medical
    • Inspection (of any kind)
    • Financial Management
    • Data Analysis

    Personality Type (INFJ) or Supporter

    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

    Introverted - Intuitive - Emotional - Judging

    These people are usually idealistic people They have a deep view of the world. They usually do not look at any phenomenon superficially or accept things as they are. They are often full of different ideas and creative imagination. When it comes to jobs, they love calm, stress-free work environments and are known as deep thinkers who welcome work challenges. They are empathetic and compassionate and try to be helpful to others.

    In fact, this personality type is very rare and only 1% of the world's population is dominated by this personality type. These people care a lot about others, but despite their strong imagination, they are not a dreamer. With their practical actions, they try to make the world a better place.

    The most famous people with the INFJ personality type are Dr. Martin Luther King, Theresa's mother, Nelson Mandela, and Daniel DeLouis.

    Strengths: Accurate, decisive, focused, sensitive, good-natured

    Weaknesses: Excessive, excessive thinking and imagination, conflicts Internal

    If you are an INFJ, the following jobs may be suitable career options for you:

    • Advisor
    • Author
    • Scientist
    • Librarian
    • Psychologist
    • Advisor
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Writing/Editing
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Special Education

    Personality Type (INTJ) or Architect

    Introverted - Intuitive - Rational - Judicial

    People in this group are usually calm and protective people who enjoy being alone. Associating with others often drains their energy, and as a result they need to be alone and recharged to recharge themselves. They are interested in different ideas and theories and like to understand the mechanism of everything. They are very good at planning and formulating strategy and do not like uncertainty. This group also has a great talent for recognizing the connection between different problems, which increases their problem-solving ability. They are also very good at both intuitive and practical thinking.

    In fact, these people are very creative, but they are more focused on the details and usually like to work alone. They are always trying to improve the systems, processes and everything else they find in their careers.

    The most famous people with INTJ personality types are Hillary Clinton, Ilan Moss, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking.

    Strengths: Confident, not good, sociable, smart

    Weaknesses: Rich, Insensitive, unfeeling

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    If you are an INTJ, the following jobs can be good career options for You are:

    • musician
    • editor of publications
    • photographer
    • financial advisor
    • marketing manager
    • Teacher
    • Physiotherapist
    • Project Management
    • System Engineering
    • System Analysis
    • Engineering Software

    Personality Type (INFP) or Mediator

    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

    Introverted - Intuitive - Emotional - Perceptual

    People with INFP personality type are usually quiet and prefer to talk about themselves. Do not love. They enjoy spending time alone and in quiet places. These people love to analyze signs and symptoms and enjoy getting lost in their fantasies and dreams. In professional settings, INFPs seek to learn new things and change the world. While they usually inspire others to do projects, they are often challenged to maintain their excitement and motivation in the long run.

    These people are also very smart and open-minded. They are, but they hate school and even hate the idea of doing routine things for a long time. This is why routine issues are not answered for these people and they always have problems with routine behaviors such as waking up on time or going to work on time.

    The most famous people with the INFP personality type are princesses. Diana, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and William Shakespeare. Strengths: Motivated, flexible, loyal, high understanding, sociable

    Strengths Weaknesses: Emotional, overly critical, shy, endless internal conflicts

    If you are an INFP, the following jobs can be good career options for you:

    • Copier
    • Human Resource Management
    • Physiotherapist
    • Mental Health Specialist
    • Artist
    • Photographer
    • Writing
    • Musician
    • Visual Arts
    • Massage Therapy
    • Social Worker
    • Museum Management
    • Speech and language pathology
    • Fashion designer
    • Graphic design

    Personality type (ESFJ) or ambassador

    Extroverted - Sensory - Emotional - Judicial

    People with ESFJ personality type are very social They are eager to always interact with others and make people happy. They are usually the center of attention throughout their lives and enjoy organizing social events for their friends and family. Since these people are always looking for cooperation and coordination in their workplace, they are generally looking for jobs that allow them to exercise social order. They are usually sensitive to the needs of others and are adept at reading social cues.

    They are also very loyal and disciplined and avoid conflicts with others at all costs. Another good trait of these people is that they never run away from their work duties.

    The most famous people with ESFJ personality type are Elton John, Bill Clinton, Steve Harvey, Taylor Swift, Danny Glover and Monica In Friends.

    Strengths: Friendly behavior, good financial management, hardworking, interested in traditions

    Weaknesses: Upset with change, abusive, self-sacrificing, with internal conflicts

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    The following jobs may be suitable for you:

    • Office Manager
    • Technical Support Specialist
    • Museum Supervisor
    • Psychologist
    • Medical Researcher
    • Social Event Planning
    • Nursing
    • Lawyer
    • Admissions Officer
    • Hospitality

    Personality Type (ENFP) or Fighter

    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?


    Extroverted - Intuitive - Emotional - Perceptual

    People with this type of personality have a lot of behavior They are individualistic. These people are always trying to create the look they want, their individual ways, their individual actions, and their own habits and ideas. They do not want anyone to force them to live in a closed environment. They have a strong intuitive nature and like to be with others and interact with others. They have a very high level of understanding and often act on their emotions. They are often drawn to more routine work environments. They are motivated more by the goals they pursue than by simply looking for money to do their work.

    These people have a free spirit that makes them attractive, independent and energetic. They also enjoy interacting with others and exploring new ideas, which is reflected in all aspects of their lives. They also often have difficulty choosing a career path because they find everything interesting.

    The most famous people with the ENFP personality type are Quentin Tarantino, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Allen. DeGeneres and Will Smith.

    Strengths: Loving, frank, fun, inspiring, loyal, high understanding


    strong> easily bored, sensitive, internal conflicts, unrealistic

    If you are an ENFP, the following jobs can be good job options for you:

    • Reporter or news anchor
    • Editor
    • Musician
    • Production Manager
    • Elementary Teacher
    • Life Skills Instructor
    • Social Worker
    • Sales Management
    • Real Estate Advisor
    • Customer Affairs
    • Film Directing
    • Screenwriting li>
    • Marketing

    Personality Type (ISTP) or Dominant

    Introverted - Sensory - Logical - Perceptual

    People with ISTP Personality Type They are generally mysterious people who usually behave logically and rationally But at the same time, they can be spontaneous and enthusiastic. Their personality traits are not easily recognizable and their reactions are difficult to predict. They are often unpredictable and spontaneous, but they hide these traits from others. In their field of work, they have excellent performance in troubleshooting and solving problems. They are normally quiet and protective, but cooperate well with others when necessary. Many people with the ISTP personality type prefer analytical or technical work and find solutions quickly in case of problems.

    This group is also very creative people who have an individualistic mindset and to achieve goals. They do not hesitate to do anything.

    The most famous people with the ISTP personality type are Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee, Tom Cruise and Aria Stark from Game of Thrones.

    Strengths: Confident, good listener, optimistic, realistic, respectful

    Weaknesses: Closed-minded, talkative, insensitive, short-sighted p>

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    If you are an ISTP, the following jobs can be good career options for you:

    • Technical Technician
    • Construction Work
    • Engineer
    • Forensic Medicine
    • Inspector/Detective
    • Mechanics
    • Sports/Athletics
    • Information Organizations
    • Food

    Personality Type (ENFJ) or Champion

    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

    Extroverted - Intuitive - Emotional - Judicial

    People with ENFJ personality type focus mainly on other human beings. They are extroverts, idealists, with a principled and moral framework. They know how to communicate with others and rely on their intuitions and feelings. However, they live more in their imaginations than in the real world. People with this personality type are natural and very motivated leaders, but they still pay a lot of attention to the needs of those around them. They generally feel compelled to make the world a better place.

    These people also like to help others and be the center of attention. They have great ideas and a strong value system and are not afraid to defend their values and beliefs. People in this group can achieve meaningful goals with their creative energy and while collaborating with others.

    The most famous people with ENFJ personality type are Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lawrence and Maya Angelou.


    Strengths: Loving, sincere, compassionate, humorous, inspiring, loyal, high comprehension

    Weaknesses: Closed minded , Controller, Critic, Sensitive, Extremely Internal Conflict

    If you are an ENFJ, the following jobs may be suitable career options for you:

    • Consultant
    • Sales Manager
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Art Director
    • Public Relations Manager
    • Teaching
    • Political Jobs
    • Life Skills Trainer
    • Motivational Speaker

    Personality Type (ESTP) or Entrepreneur

    Extraverted - Sensory - Logical - Perceptual

    People with the ESTP personality type have a strong need for social interaction, logical processing of their thoughts, the ability to express their feelings and emotions, and freedom. This group are also thoughtful and rational people and make decisions based on available data and patterns. They are naturally always looking for new opportunities and are eager to pursue their careers, which often leads them to success and better job opportunities. They have the ability to cope with various challenges, but the normal routine quickly becomes boring for them.

    These people are extremely energetic and goal-oriented and draw energy and morale from their short-term achievements. They love action and daily planning. This group is the most common personality type and these people can easily communicate and interact with others.

    The most famous people with ESTP personality type are Donald Trump, Madonna, Eddie Murphy, Jack Nicholson and Samuel Al Jackson.

    Strengths: Attractive, intelligent, confident, enthusiastic, generous, popular, sentimental, humorous

    Strengths Weaknesses: They get tired easily, are hypersensitive, uncommitted, overly generous, risky, short-sighted, have internal conflicts

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    If you are an ESTP, the following jobs may be suitable career options for you:

    • Firefighter
    • Paramedician
    • Art Director
    • Project Manager
    • Construction Manager
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Management Jobs
    • Political Jobs
    • Real Estate Advisor
    • Actor
    • Receptionist
    • Reporting Officer
    • Human Resources

    Personality Type (ESFP) or Executor

    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

    Extroverted - Sensory - Emotional - Perceptual

    People with ESFP personality type generally enjoy being the center of attention of others and love to interact and share What they have learned is with others. They are well-mannered, generous, friendly, lively and entertaining. In addition, they are very compassionate and care about the well-being of others in every situation. Although these people enjoy being the center of attention of others, they enjoy any job that is exciting and has a variety of dimensions.

    These people are the soul and heart of any party and social event. . 100 . .

    ESFP .



    ESFP :


    ESTJ . . . . .

    . . .

    ESTP .

    • 21



    ESTJ :


    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

    ENTJ . . . . . .

    . . .

    ENTJ .



    ENTJ :


    INTP . . . . INTP . .

    . .

    INTP .



    • 12

    INTP :


    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

    ISFJ . . . . .

    . .

    ISFJ .



    ISFJ :


    ENTP . . . . .

    . . .

    ENTP .



    • 20

    ENTP :


    BingMag.com What is the best job for your personality type in the MBTI (Myers Briggs) test?

    ISFP . . . . . .

    . . .

    ISFP .



    ISFP :

    MBTI :

    (MBTI) . Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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