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What does mental health have to do with the health and beauty of facial and body skin?

BingMag.com What does mental health have to do with the health and beauty of facial and body skin?

There were many days when Rick Fried, PhD in Medicine and Philosophy, talked about the relationship between mental health problems and their direct impact on facial and body skin health. Who did not understand this connection. Rick began with a simple example. "Do you know what diminishes the enthusiasm of life?" He said. What makes you feel depressed and unwilling to move? Scientifically, when the speed of blood circulation in the body is low, the desire of people to do exciting things decreases, which we call "feeling of depression".

Now you know what makes the skin of the face clear and The body becomes and what methods are used today to regenerate and rejuvenate it? It is true; Methods that can increase blood circulation under the skin of the face and make it clear. You see, the connection between the two is unknown at first glance, but with a simple example, we all easily understood this connection. "

Let us speak for you; So join us.

Does depression cause skin disease or skin disease causes depression?

BingMag.com What does mental health have to do with the health and beauty of facial and body skin?

Psychodermatology; As a result of the collaboration of psychologists and dermatologists

After the above cases, ie skin diseases caused by mental problems, psychologists and dermatologists decided to create a field combining these two sciences: psychodermatology (Psychodermatology) which is a combination of Psychology and dermatology. This field is mainly composed of dermatologists and psychiatrists who take courses in psychology, dermatology and beauty at the university. Dr. Christina J., a professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, became interested in psychodermatology when she developed alopecia areata and found that depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues were among the participants in a related webchat. They talked about "alopecia areata", it is very common. He believed that the skin is the most important part of our body that can be affected by psychological factors, but few psychologists are studying in this area.

Gorbatenko-Ruth believes that three categories of diseases There are some that can only be treated with the help of psychologists and dermatologists, so traditional procedures will not work for them:

  • The first category of skin problems is affected by stress or other emotional states./li>
  • The second category of psychological problems caused by skin disorders is confusing.
  • The third category of psychiatric disorders that manifest themselves through the skin, such as delusional parasites.

He says the skills of psychologists are very useful in solving skin problems. For this reason, the lack of a psychologist in solving these problems should be covered by training and creating combined disciplines.

Rick Farid addresses another aspect of this issue. He believes that skin and mental problems are not a reciprocal relationship, but rather a completely circular one. Simply put, depression causes acne and eczema, and the presence of acne and eczema exacerbates psychological problems. Therefore, according to Farid, facial and body skin health can be achieved through exercises such as meditation, hypnosis, participation in support and speaking groups, biofeedback, cognitive-behavioral therapy and other forms of psychotherapy.

Maintaining a skin routine will lead to peace of mind

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A daily skin cleanser, a night mask, or even a little moisturizer can maintain the appearance of your skin and also have positive effects on your mental health./p>

What you need is a regular schedule that you are committed to. Simply put, committing to and following a routine that keeps your facial and body skin healthy, and ultimately the same skin-caressing routine that the skin does, will bring you peace of mind. Dermatologist Erum Ilyas believes that skin care is the first step in self-care. "Our skin works like a car check light," he says. Any problem that occurs in the internal organs of the body manifests itself in our appearance and immediately shows itself in the skin of the face and body. For example, many of the skin blemishes that we try to get rid of with a variety of sunscreens are due to liver problems that we have. So as long as our skin is good and healthy, we can conclude that other parts of our body are doing their job properly. As a result, take seriously all the symptoms that appear on your skin. Remind yourself

According to research published in June 2018, regular and frequent schedules always create a great sense of inner peace for people. It does not matter if these regular programs are serious issues and business meetings or brushing and following a few small hygiene principles such as bagging in the bathroom. Any commitment to the program can create a sense of self-satisfaction in you. In other words, routines make you feel good and can act as a calming force.

  • You relax from doing something for yourself

It may have happened to you that at certain times of the day, negative thoughts enter your brain and cause you annoyance. You can take care of your skin, teeth and hair to get rid of these negative thoughts. Based on the results of a questionnaire given to several patients with anxiety and stress, physicians found that patients experience the most anxiety and stress 30 minutes before bedtime. That means exactly the time they can devote to doing skin routines.

When you are doing activities such as washing, cleansing and moisturizing your face, you can let go of all the annoying thoughts and focus on what you are doing. Please focus. By engaging yourself in a variety of activities, such as skin routines, walking with friends, and cooking for even a few minutes, you can help your brain break away from spiraling mental patterns. In fact, you save yourself from rumination, and this action reduces depression in an instant.

  • Regularly caressing the skin releases a type of secretion into your brain that creates Improves your mood

Create a routine that makes you feel good and use products that you enjoy the smell and texture of. For example, you can use a regular cotton swab to clean your skin or a device that massages your face at the same time. It is better to choose a skin massage. Because the deep feeling of softness you get after a massage is so much more than just cleansing your skin.

Turn what you do for the health of your face and body into a night's event. Light a few candles and do your skin routine with a gentle melody. Do not forget the front of the brain, the forehead. This part of the brain is the part that creates a sense of happiness. Try to strengthen the feeling of happiness and joy by massaging your forehead. In fact, physical relaxation sends a message to your brain that it is time to relax and relieve stress, war, or escape.

  • Turn it into a family process, it strengthens your sense of friendship

In general, spending time with loved ones and looking at it as a hobby and activity is fun. Ward can create a very high level of family happiness. This brings family members closer together and can create a meaningful level of family bonding. Created to talk to you, you teach your children to love themselves and value themselves. You can even help your depressed children with this process. These are all points that you can not teach your children with any sentences. Because they see and learn.

  • Taking care of your skin is a kind act that sends a powerful message: "I am valuable."

Right now, the world is a stressful place. Most people watch TV late at night and then fall asleep while checking their social networks. All you have to do is take 10 minutes before bed and take care of yourself. This causes you to subconsciously send the message to your brain that you are a valuable person. Remember that it is you who create a sense of worth by your actions and behavior, and what others think of you is a reflection of how you treat yourself.

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Why is the health of facial and body skin so important?

BingMag.com What does mental health have to do with the health and beauty of facial and body skin?

This question has a general answer:" The health of the skin of the face and body gives all men and women, regardless of their age, high self-confidence. " Our skin is the largest organ of our body that shows beauty at first sight. Despite the fact that we have all experienced fluctuations in the appearance of the skin and are fully aware of our skin problems in certain periods, we always do our best to hide these skin problems. For example, near the time of menstruation, acne develops on the skin of our face, or during pregnancy, it may cover brown spots all over our face; Even though we know these things are not permanent, we go in front of the mirror every day and overthrow ourselves. Because we all know that the first thing others see of us is the skin on our face.

A completely true story

It is evidence.

This sentence is written by Dr. Hafez; Someone who has been suffering from severe panic attacks for years and has not been able to reduce his nervous attacks even with psychotherapy. "When I accepted skin care as a form of self-care, I initially thought the positive trend was due to the quality of the products I use, but gradually I realized that my skin health was a constant time spent," she says. I do. Taking the time to take care of my skin has given me the opportunity to experience concentration and the ability to understand my emotions. As a result, not only can mental health give you healthy skin, but skin care to keep your face and body healthy will give you a sense of worth and boost your self-confidence.

This is just an aspect It has education and information. Be sure to consult a specialist before using the recommendations in this article. For more information, read the BingMag Meg Disclaimer .

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