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What clothes should we pair the coat with?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>clothes</b> <b>should</b> we <b>pair</b> the <b>coat</b> with?

Katie's coat is one type of coat that gives a more formal look to your style. There are many ways to match a coat with other clothes. You can have different styles for different occasions by changing the clothes that you wear with the Cathy Manto.

What is the Cathy Manto?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>clothes</b> <b>should</b> we <b>pair</b> the <b>coat</b> with?

As the name suggests, Manto Kati is a combination of coat and manto. The collar and sleeves of this coat model are designed similar to a coat, and they are usually sewn from fabrics that give the coat a more formal and elegant look.

How to wear a coat coat with jeans?

The most important outfit that we always choose to wear with a coat is jeans. But apart from the coat and jeans, What other clothes can we add to our style to have a more elegant look?

1. Under the Manto

The first step, to have a beautiful style with the Manto Kathy, is to choose the clothes to wear under the Manto. Depending on the occasion you are attending, you can wear t-shirts, button-downs, turtlenecks, hoodies, and even sweaters. One thing you should consider is that you should always try to choose neutral colors for your underwear. It is better that the undercoat is the simplest and most minimal possible and does not have too many graphic designs.

2. Manto Kati

Manto Kati should be chosen according to the weather, the situation in which you are going to be present and other elements of your style. In spring and summer, use light and cool coats with bright colors. In the fall and winter seasons, use darker colors and buy coats that have a stronger texture.

If the other parts of your style have neutral colors and no special pattern, you can choose a coat with different designs and even Wear special colors. In general, it is better to consider a color palette for your appearance and choose different parts of your style according to it.

3. Jeans

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>clothes</b> <b>should</b> we <b>pair</b> the <b>coat</b> with?

If you want to wear a coat with jeans, don't choose baggy pants. Instead of baggy pants, try to use straight, mom style, and even tight pants. If you choose lighter colors, you can wear this style for informal occasions. Darker colors for pants, especially if it's black or very dark blue, are suitable for more formal situations.

4. Shoes

To have a semi-formal and attractive style, complete your look with a pair of leather shoes. You can also choose leather boots in cold seasons. If you want to have a more casual and informal style, a pair of jeans can be suitable for this style.

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4 ideas to have an attractive style with a coat and jeans

1. Monochrome look

You can have a monochromatic look with a coat. Monochrome style is suitable for formal occasions. Wear a black coat with black jeans and a black turtleneck T-shirt or blouse.

2. Instant and Effortless Style

For an instant style that works for most occasions, wear a brown coat with an olive turtleneck blouse. This style is completed by wearing jeans with darker colors.

3. Informal style for the weekend

You can have an informal style with a coat by wearing sneakers and pants that are tighter. You can also use a white t-shirt under the coat. There are different types of sneakers. Some of their types are simpler and you can easily match them with clothes such as coats and coats. Very sporty models are not suitable to wear with a coat.

4. Formal and informal style

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>clothes</b> <b>should</b> we <b>pair</b> the <b>coat</b> with?

For occasions when you don't know What to wear and whether your look should be formal or informal It is better to be moderate. You can use a coat with a buttoned blouse and complete this style with jeans in dark colors. Leather shoes are usually suitable for different situations.

Formal and informal styles with a jacket coat without jeans

Wearing a coat jacket with jeans is just one of the hundreds of styles that you can wear with Have a coat. Manto Kati has the ability to pair it with all kinds of pants and other clothes and have a stylish and beautiful style. Read on for some ideas for wearing a coat.

With leggings and a long jacket

This style is suitable for the cold seasons of the year. You can wear a coat over a long jacket. This style is completed with leggings. Instead of leggings, you can use absorbent pants.

over a saree dress

Another way to wear a coat, especially if the coat is relatively short, is to wear It is a saree dress. A coat jacket worn with a plain and plain saree can make you look taller.

Wearing with fabric or linen pants

A coat coat is semi-formal, so you can wear anything other than pants. Denim, wear it with fabric pants and linen too. But in general, it is better not to wear a coat with baggy pants; Especially if you are short. This will make your body look wider and your height shorter.

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Size of coat How to choose?

BingMag.com <b>What</b> <b>clothes</b> <b>should</b> we <b>pair</b> the <b>coat</b> with?

One of the concerns we have when buying a coat is the size How to choose it to have a more stylish style. A coat is one of those clothes that if it is not your exact size, it will create a messy look. Pay attention to these points when buying coats and jackets.

Coat head

When you wear a coat or coat, the seam of the shoulder and the connection point of the sleeve to the coat should be exactly where it is. that your shoulder ends and its bending down and the hand begins. If the shoulder line is ahead or behind this curve, the coat is not your size.

Chest and waist circumference

When buying a coat, make sure that the chest and waist circumference are exactly the same when you close the buttons. Be the size of your body. If it is too loose, the dress will not sit nicely on the body, and if it is tighter, you will feel stretched in areas such as the chest. The joints of the fingers should be placed. If it is longer than this, it is not suitable for you.


Choosing the height of the coat and coat depends on your taste. But if you want to look taller, it's better to choose coats that end right in the center of the thigh. The more part of the leg is visible, the taller you will be seen.

Choosing the right model for Katie's coat

Choosing the model of Katie's coat largely depends on your personal taste. That is, in the first stage, you should consider your personal interest and desires. Based on your interest, choose the design and role of the coat model. In the next step, you can choose the model of the mantle and its design according to your body shape so that you have a more attractive look. . This feature of mantles makes your shoulders look much wider.

If you have narrow and small shoulders, mantles that have a strong structure, are sewn with stiff fabrics, and even have shoulder pads, can make your shoulders appear smaller. Show wider and create a balance in the shape of the body.

If you are short, you should choose a coat model according to your height. Oversized and very long coats are not suitable for short people. Choose shorter models for short heights. Of course, if you like, you can wear an oversize coat, but to compensate, it is better to go overboard in choosing its size, and secondly, wear it with high heels to make you taller.

Source: Masterclass

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