What are the harms of oud and what effect does burning it have on health?

Oud is a fragrant substance that has been used since ancient times and today people buy and burn it to change the atmosphere of their home. Ouds are well known and many people use them. For this reason, many people may have the question of what are the harms of incense and what effect does the smoke from burning incense have on health. Can oud be good for health? Is its smoke like cigarette smoke and does it lead to cancer?

BingMag.com What are the harms of oud and what effect does burning it have on health?

Oud is a fragrant substance that has been used since ancient times and today people buy and burn it to change the atmosphere of their home. Ouds are well known and many people use them. For this reason, many people may have the question of what are the harms of incense and what effect does the smoke from burning incense have on health. Can oud be good for health? Is its smoke like cigarette smoke and does it lead to cancer?

In this article, we want to look for answers to these questions. In the following, we will take a look at oud, the types of oud, as well as how to use it, then we will go to its benefits and harms. So stay with us to see how burning oud affects your physical and mental health.

  • What is oud?
  • What materials are oud made of? ?
  • How should you use incense?
  • Is burning incense good for health?
  • 8 benefits and uses of burning incense
  • What are the harms of oud?
  • The harms of oud and cancer
  • The harms of oud and asthma
  • The harms of oud and inflammation
  • The harms of oud for body metabolism
  • Harms of oud for heart health

What is oud?

BingMag.com What are the harms of oud and what effect does burning it have on health?

Oud is a substance that is burned to produce a pleasant and aromatic scent. There are many types of this device, and the most popular one is usually a thin stick covered with a black substance that emits a pleasant smell and smoke when burned. Ancient countries were used. Even today, people use incense sticks for various reasons, including scenting the home environment, meditating, exercising, etc. Apart from this, some people go to all kinds of incense to perform religious acts or even to ward off negative energy and ward off demons and demonic spirits. /li>

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What materials are incense made of?

Oud is usually made of an aromatic substance. It is made to be placed in a special way on another material, which is usually wood. Burning wood causes this aromatic substance to burn and fills the space with fragrant smoke. Of course, charcoal or wood powder may be used in some ouds.

The aromatic materials used to make ouds are usually herbal and can include various types of gums, tree bark, seeds, plant roots, and different types of flowers.

Nowadays, ouds have a very high variety and depending on the country and region of manufacture and what company makes it, you can come across different scents and types of ouds. These ouds can have different scents such as cinnamon, frankincense, musk, patchouli, sandalwood, rainforest, chocolate, vanilla, etc., and attract every person with every taste.

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How should you use Oud?

BingMag.com What are the harms of oud and what effect does burning it have on health?

There are different types of Oud, including:

  • Spiral Oud
  • Conical Oud
  • Powder Oud
  • Branch Oud

To use incense, you must first light it slowly with fire. You can use a match or a lighter for this. Once the tip of the incense is lit and burning, you slowly extinguish the flame and allow air to enter and burn. You can also blow it a little so that it burns better. Now the incense is ready and smoking.

The time for complete burning of the incense can be different depending on the model and the manufacturer. For example, branched incense may require 50 to 90 minutes to fully burn. When the aromatic material is completely burned, the oud will extinguish itself and only a small piece of wood will remain.

To use ouds, it is better to use all kinds of incense sticks, bases and containers suitable for ouds. This work not only helps more security and fire prevention, but also collects the ashes of the incense sticks and does not let them spread around the house and pollute the environment.

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Is burning incense good for health?

Few studies have been done on the positive health effects of incense. Some of them show that using oud can be relaxing and therefore reduce depression, anxiety and stress. It can also have an anti-inflammatory effect and help reduce inflammations in the body.

Apart from this, there are other informations that report the positive effect of Oud on health and claim that the use of Oud is very useful and efficient. Is. We have listed these possible benefits below.

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8 benefits and uses of burning incense

BingMag.com What are the harms of oud and what effect does burning it have on health?

1. Decrease Stress and anxiety

Recurring helps you to relax your body, reduce internal body activity and heart rate, and feel more relaxed. The pleasant smell of Oud allows your mind to not worry about anything and cope better with stressful situations. Among the types of oud, sandalwood oud can be a good choice to reduce stress and anxiety.

In addition, lavender and rosemary ouds are also suitable options. But the important thing is to use your favorite scents and see what scent gives you more peace.

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2. Suitable for meditation and meditation

Many believe that the smell of incense makes you focus more, think more deeply, connect with your inner world and pay more attention to your mind. For this reason, most people use all kinds of incense during meditation and religious ceremonies to turn their surroundings into a completely spiritual and spiritual atmosphere. It makes you have a deeper mental connection and prepare your spirit for meditation.

3. Increasing creativity

According to the two previous benefits and the good smell of oud, you can open your mind and let new and innovative ideas enter it by using this substance.

Fragrant and invigorating scents make you relax and have more energy and you can think better. This also removes obstacles from your way so that you can better find solutions and do your various tasks. Many people may use oud while painting, writing, playing music, etc. Increase your creativity. You too can do this and make your mind more creative!

4. Suitable for doing yoga exercises

You must have a suitable, clean and fragrant space to perform yoga exercises. Dimming the ambient light, listening to music, and using scented items such as incense and scented candles will help you exercise better and relax. This will also increase your energy and motivation to do better exercises and get much better results.

Pleasant aroma has a great effect on the body's nervous system. That's why you should always keep your home and sports area clean and use different fragrances. By using a good scent, you can also reduce distractions and be completely focused on your exercise. This issue is very important to get results from exercise.

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5. Helping to sleep better

This benefit is not surprising. When you are more relaxed, feel refreshed, have a freer and deeper mind, get rid of stress and anxiety and... you can definitely sleep better. and chamomile are very suitable for improving sleep. You can light an oud 15 to 20 minutes before going to sleep and let its fragrant smell and smoke fill the bedroom space and help you fall into a deep and better sleep. Leave a suitable place so that it does not lead to fire and more serious problems while you are sleeping.

6. Improves mood and reduces pain

The smell of incense, especially rose incense, can increase serotonin levels in the brain, leading to more release of this hormone. Serotonin plays a role in most human behavioral processes; From your emotions, to digestion and motor skills, serotonin is one of the most important chemicals that affects many aspects of your life and how your body functions. Increasing the level of this hormone in the body is considered as one of the natural treatments for depression that improves your overall mood.

This hormone can improve mood, enhance memory, digestive function and process. regulate digestion, reduce pain and make you resistant to it, heal body wounds and generally increase your energy and vitality.

The drug increases serotonin levels and improves your mood. Therefore, you can feel better and also reduce your pains.

7. Air purification

Some incense may have disinfectant and antibacterial properties and purify the air in your room and home. Apart from cleaning the air, this substance leads to the elimination of bad odors and makes the atmosphere of the house completely fragrant and fresh. Ouds that have the scent of citrus or cedar are considered the best option for cleaning the air in the home.

These incenses make the home environment fresh and refreshing. Their effect is usually stable and you can clean and freshen the air in your home for at least 24 hours by using only one oud. The elimination of bad odors and bacteria also makes you less sick and keeps you healthy.

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8. Oud instead of a clock!

This is a very interesting application. Ouds usually have a certain duration to burn. Some may take half an hour, some an hour and some 90 minutes. If you know how much time your relapse needs to burn completely, you can use it as a clock and get busy with your various tasks.

It can feel like an hourglass. Studying, painting or writing using this trick can be very attractive and creative. Instead of looking at the clock on the wall or table, your mobile phone or laptop and facing various distractions, you can use an incense burner and do your work while it burns.

Even ancient people did this and used oud to determine the duration of their work. It feels very good and makes you stay away from technology for a while and has a positive effect on your health. Does it have any harm?

BingMag.com What are the harms of oud and what effect does burning it have on health?

Despite the benefits of using oud, some studies report the harm of oud they give. Incense and its smoke contain various substances, including carbon monoxide gas. Various studies that have focused on the harms of oud have linked the use of oud to the following risks. It concluded that this is associated with an increased risk of squamous cell lung cancer.

  • A 2009 study focused on Omani children and showed that oud smoke leads to wheezing in children with asthma. Of course, oud smoke was not associated with the possibility of developing asthma. That is, oud cannot cause asthma, but it can lead to asthma attacks in people with it.
  • A study in 2015 showed that the components in oud smoke were toxic to cultured cells, although this toxicity was less. It was from cigarette smoke. The researchers only used smoke from four sticks of oud and a single cigarette for this study.
  • A 2017 study focused on Chinese adults and found that burning oud could play a role in increasing the risk of high blood pressure.
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    Harms of relapse and cancer

    Relapse contains a mixture of natural and unnatural substances. There are those that produce small and inhalable particles. Researchers claim that these particles are carcinogenic.

    The study we mentioned also showed that the use of Oud will increase the probability of developing malignant cancers of the upper respiratory tract and lungs. Another study has shown that inhaling oud smoke can sometimes be more carcinogenic than smoking. Of course, this research was done only on animal cells and in laboratory conditions.

    In general, researchers believe that there are many chemical and toxic substances in oud smoke. Inhaling a large amount of these substances can affect the health of the lungs and respiratory system and lead to the formation of cancer.

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    Harms of Oud and Asthma

    Particles in the smoke of Ouds are not only associated with cancer, but also stimulants and lead to They irritate the respiratory system. For this reason, those who suffer from asthma may be irritated by breathing incense smoke and experience asthma attacks.

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    Harms of oud and inflammation

    Some studies also show that the smoke of ouds can lead to inflammation in the body. A special study showed that this inflammation can form in the lungs and liver and endanger the health of the body. Of course, this was a small and limited study that was conducted on animals.

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    The harms of oud for body metabolism

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    Harms of oud for heart health

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    Despite all these researches and As for the health risks of relapse, you should be aware that these trials have been limited and that not all of their reports can be trusted. For example, A study claiming that incense smoke is more carcinogenic than cigarettes was conducted by researchers who worked for a cigarette manufacturing company. Therefore, we cannot fully believe their words!

    Another point is that incense smoke is spread in the house and unlike cigarettes, it does not enter the lungs directly. It means you don't smoke oud like a cigarette. Many researches forgot this point and considered inhaling cigarettes and oud in the same way.

    The final point is that the effect of oud smoke has only been associated with the severity of some diseases. That is, if you don't suffer from these diseases, you probably won't have any problem using oud.

    Taking all of this into consideration, we realize that the harms of oud are not that serious for healthy people, and sick people are better off with consult a specialist doctor and be exposed to incense smoke as little as possible. Of course, it is better for healthy people not to be exposed to incense smoke for long periods of time and not to overdo their use.

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    Speech End

    Ouds have existed since ancient times and were used in religious ceremonies and rituals of ancient countries. Even today, people use all kinds of ouds for various reasons, including making the home environment fragrant, meditating and exercising, etc.

    Few studies have been done about oud. Despite this, some researchers claim that this substance can have health benefits and help improve mood and reduce depression and stress. Others believe that the smoke from oud is harmful and can lead to cancer.

    In any case, more research is needed to know whether oud is really dangerous or not. The best thing you can do is cut back on using incense and use it occasionally to freshen up your home. It is also better to use oud bases and jaoudis to reduce the possibility of fire. Apart from these, remember not to inhale the incense smoke directly. You can also use other air fresheners such as essential oils, scented candles, and natural home air fresheners to reduce your exposure to smoke.

    Using incense and other air fresheners can relax you and help you sleep better. Sleep and exercise. Therefore, if you pay attention to the safety tips and do not overdo it, all kinds of relapses will have a great positive impact on your health and lifestyle. So, keep in mind the points we mentioned, use oud and be sure to go for high-quality and fragrant oud.

    This article is only for education and information. Before using the recommendations of this article, be sure to consult a specialist doctor. For more information, read BingMag Disclaimer.

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